That one where Kris got hit by a car, lost her mind, went wandering around on the beach, gave her gun to a hobo, beat up some hooligans, and got her memory back in time for the office wrap up. Later, it became more recognizable as the fictional Diablo Island where the girls were stranded and hunted as game.


  • The Sandcastle Murders, Season 2
  • Angel On My Mind, Season 3
  • Angel Hunt, Season 4


Kris's entire amnesia wander route was in a very small space on Zuma Beach which ended up at Point Dume. If you look at the varying size of Point Dume in the background of the beach scenes, you'll see that Kris fails to cover much ground in her entire day of wandering - probably because she keeps getting closer and farther and closer again.

One thing that's strange, though, are all the boulders upshore next to the cliff in this episode - the ones Kris hides behind and jumps from. They aren't there in the previous episode, or the next episode, and they aren't there now. This show seems way too lazy to bring in fake rocks just to make Kris's game of cat and mouse more interesting. So why were they there only temporarily?

This same spot also plays much of Diablo Island from Angel Hunt; at the end when Kelly tries to get a glimpse of Charlie with her binoculars, they're all standing on top of Point Dume. Being fictional, Diablo Island is portrayed by other locations as well - Malibu Creek Park appears to play most or all of the inland jungle, and some far shots of the island are actually Monuriki Island in Fiji.

Point Dume State Preserve is an extremely popular beach destination in Malibu, and aside from its rep as having some of the cleanest water in Los Angeles County, excellent surfing conditions and gorgeous views, it also provides a great vantage point from which to watch California grey whales doing their thing.

Zuma Beach is also a designated emergency evacuation center used during natural emergency conditions such as the common mudslides, earthquakes and fires that plague the area. With its flat terrain, open parking lot, miles of pristine sand, and xeriscape landscaping, Zuma Beach serves as an optimal first response open air shelter - it is even host to a dedicated helicopter landing area for medical emergency airlifts to local trauma centers.

It seems like every TV show, commercial and movie in the world films here, (it might be faster to list things not filmed here) perhaps the most famous example being the chilling Statue of Liberty scene in Planet of the Apes which took place on the same spot in the sand where the bad guy's boat drops off the Angels in Angel Hunt. The Baywatch crew, and even Charlie's new Angels visited this spot when on their stakeout where they first met Madison Lee, making it one of the most Angel-visited places with a total score of 8 Angels and 2 Bosleys.

(If you're remembering To Kill an Angel when Jill predicts that Skip and the surfer girl have gone to Zuma Beach, it isn't actually Zuma Beach they go to - it's a different spot in Malibu, right in front of Kris's house.)


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Zuma Beach & Point Dume

Malibu, CA

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