Good morning, Angels, and welcome to our new office!

Firstly, we apologize for mysteriously disappearing. Life happened. You know.. standard stuff. Got marooned on an island and hunted... hit by a car, had amnesia and spent a few years in the drunk tank (pro tip: always have more than one contact for undercover prison missions). Kind of a dull story, really. But anyway, at long last, the Townsend Agency is back in business!

All the stuff you remember, like our original episode reviews and articles, are still here (with a fresh coat of paint). Take a look around, and don't forget to vote/and or share your thoughts as you browse!

We've also got two brand new things for you: we've reviewed the Charlie's Angels pilot episode in honor of its originally airing 40 years ago today, plus we've got Angels Eternal, the first in a new article series from Greg that will look at the Angels' impact on fans across the nation and through the ages.

Our renovation is still in progress, so please pardon our construction dust as we finish sorting things out. (If you see anything weird, just ignore it like Tiffany at a birthday party - we're working on it.) Although we aren't promising any particular schedule, we have plenty more new content in the works and will be as active here and on our Facebook page as we have time to be.

Thanks for hanging in there during the downtime, and we look forward to continuing our methodical overanalysis of all things Angel. - Anna