"The Classy One" Portrayed by Shelley Hack Years Active: 1979 – 1980


• Angels on Campus • Of Ghosts and Angels • Angels Go Truckin’ • Angel Hunt • Nips and Tucks • One Love … Two Angels

BACKSTORY It is explained in her debut that Tiffany is the daughter of Inspector Welles, an old friend of Charlie’s and a Boston Police inspector. Tiff appears for the first time with no fanfare and introduces herself to a very under whelmed Kris and Kelly at the beginning of Season 4’s Love Boat Angels and doesn’t really say much more to her co-workers until ten episodes later.

Everything we know of Tiffany’s past is through Charlie's single aforementioned line of dialogue, and it’s not until almost halfway through the season that we learn Tiffany was a brilliant Kappa Psi Beta Kappa in college, has a strong psychic ability and has a knack for building self-esteem in burn victims. Up until episode 10 of Season 4, all we really know about Tiffany is that she likes to wear her collar turned up and be the Angel least involved in a case.






Tiffany was saddled with the titles “Smart Angel” and “Classy Angel” but a better description might have been the “Low Key Angel”. Tiffany didn’t tend to speak unless she had something valuable to say which led to her taking a back seat to her more outspoken and experienced co-workers.

Tiffany was extremely open minded and optimistic, dabbling in the supernatural (Of Ghosts and Angels) and trying to build a plastic surgery patient’s self esteem (Nips and Tucks) and genuinely wanting to learn to surf (Angel Hunt) and skate (Angels On Skates) like a Californian.

At first somewhat shy and awkward, Tiff was occasionally prone to speaking out of turn (Fallen Angel), offending her teammates or seemingly being unable to help out in a fight (Angel Hunt, Angels at the Altar) but as time went on, she became increasingly competent (Angels On Campus, Nips and Tucks, Of Ghosts and Angels) and even acted as the backbone of the team when Kris and Kelly were busy fighting over a man (One Love … Two Angels).

Tiffany was never seen again after that case which seems unfair since she was the only Angel behaving professionally during the entire ordeal; at the end of her season, she proved to be a strong, kind and resourceful teammate. Her disappearance is explained simply, "Tiffany's decided to stay back East," at the start of the next season's first episode.



Of the six Angels, Tiffany was not the Angel known for her ass kicking skills. In her earlier adventures more often than not, Tiff tended to get knocked down while her teammates chased the bad guys. As time went on, she proved she knew how to handle herself in a fight. She is one of the few Angels to take down multiple bad guys at once (Angels On Campus) – her signature move being a high kick to the chin (Angels Go Truckin’, Angels On Campus). Tiffany was the only Angel to never use the Angel Chop. It’s never made clear if she didn’t know how to do the Townsend Agency’s signature karate move or if the elite Bostonian was simply too sophisticated and to engage in such activity.

More info on Tiff's fighting ability


Like most other things about her, Tiffany’s hair improved as the year went on. During her first few episodes she tended to have poofy, frizzy hair, thus giving her a relatively low average hair score.


Tiff could actually be rated higher than Sabrina, “The Smart One”, because unlike Bri, Tiffany was less likely to let her emotions distract her from doing her job and never in any of her adventures did she do something foolish because she liked a guy.


Not sure how ‘deadly’ her aim was, but she hit what she shot and managed to make some fairly impressive shots (Love Boat Angels, Angels on The Street, Catch a Falling Angel). Tiffany seemed less interested in wounding or killing bad guys and more concerned with stopping their escape and running the insurance premiums up on their vehicles. See? Smart.


Tiffany rarely ever seemed to use the Pinto to its full potential nor did she seem to enjoy its charming absurdity.


Tiffany knew how to wear clothes with her WASPY self and was the first Angel to usher in the 1980’s through fashion.


The most professional of all six Angels, or perhaps registering on the asexual spectrum, Tiff wasn’t having it from any man while on the job. Hear that, Kris?


Tiff tends to either over explain things (see her answering machine riff in Avenging Angel) or under explain (“punt” was her single spoken contribution to Love Boat Angels); she can also disappear into the background if her hair is not conditioned properly.


• Markswoman (Tire Specialist) • Answering Machine Etiquette Authority • Baker • Exotic Wildlife Specialist • Sensitive Low-Range Psychic • Camouflage Artist (Blends into the background) • Center Silhouette Placeholder (Provides a body to hold the logo’s walkie-talkie)

shelley-hack-charlies-angelsLet’s get right to the point. Shelley Hack was robbed.

Tiffany Welles could have been a perfectly fine replacement for the departing Sabrina Duncan but producers did nothing to integrate her into the team, flat-out ignoring her character for half a season. Truly the Rodney Dangerfield of Angels, Tiff often got left on the sidelines and took the blame for the show’s decline in ratings and popularity when one of the main reasons for the ratings dive was an 8-year-old Gary Coleman starring over on NBC. Season 4 of Charlie’s Angels was not going to stand a chance up against Different Strokes premiere season and the show needed a scapegoat, which is how the “Shelley Hack can’t act” thing started.

It is the Townsend Agency’s opinion that lovely Shelley can indeed act and if she’d been given the proper attention and respect from producers, her character definitely could have lasted past a single season.