Tiffany Welles Character Bio

Tiffany Welles TIFFANY WELLES (The Classy One)
Portrayed by Shelley Hack, 1979 – 1980

Essential Tiffany Episodes:
Angels on Campus
Of Ghosts and Angels
Angels Go Truckin’
Angel Hunt
Nips and Tucks
• One Love … Two Angels
Homes $weet Homes


It is explained in her debut that Tiffany is the daughter of Inspector Welles, an old friend of Charlie’s and a Boston Police inspector. Tiff appears for the first time with no fanfare and introduces herself to a very under whelmed Kris and Kelly at the beginning of Season 4’s Love Boat Angels and doesn’t really say much more to her co-workers until ten episodes later.

Everything we know of Tiffany’s past is through what Charlie tells us and it’s not until almost halfway through the season that we learn Tiffany was a brilliant Kappa Psi Beta Kappa in college, has a strong psychic ability and has a knack for building self-esteem in burn victims. Up until episode 10 of Season 4, all we really know about Tiffany is that she likes to wear her collar turned up and be the Angel least involved in a case. 

Tiffany was saddled with the titles “Smart Angel” and “Classy Angel” but a better description might have been the “Low Key Angel”. Tiffany didn’t tend to speak unless she had something valuable to say which led to her taking a back seat to her more outspoken and experienced co-workers.

Tiffany was extremely open minded and optimistic, dabbling in the supernatural (Of Ghosts and Angels) and trying to build a plastic surgery patient’s self esteem (Nips and Tucks) and genuinely wanting to learn to surf (Angel Hunt).

At first somewhat shy and awkward, Tiff was occasionally prone to speaking out of turn (Fallen Angel), offending her teammates or seemingly being unable to help out in a fight (Angel Hunt, Angels at the Altar) but as time went on, she became increasingly competent (Angels On Campus, Nips and Tucks, Of Ghosts and Angels) and even acted as the backbone of the team when Kris and Kelly were fighting over a man (One Love … Two Angels).

Tiffany was never seen again after that case which seems unfair since she was the only Angel behaving professionally during the entire ordeal; in the end of her season, she proved to be a strong, kind and resourceful teammate.

Charlies Angels Trivia STANDARD ANGEL TRAITS 

Of the six Angels, Tiffany was not the Angel known for her ass kicking skills. In her earlier adventures more often than not, Tiff tended to get knocked down while her teammates chased the bad guys. As time went on, she proved she knew how to handle herself in a fight. She is one of the few Angels to take down multiple bad guys at once (Angels On Campus) – her signature move being a kick to the chin (Angels Go Truckin’, Angels On Campus). Tiffany was the only Angel to never use the Angel Chop. It’s never made clear if she didn’t know how to do the Townsend Agency’s signature karate move or if the elite Bostonian was simply too sophisticated and to engage in such activity. 

Like most other things about her, Tiffany’s hair improved as the year went on. During her first few episodes she tended to have poofy, frizzy hair, thus giving her a relatively low average hair score. 

Tiffany knew how to wear clothes with her WASPY self and was the first Angel to usher in the 1980’s through fashion.

Tiffany rarely ever seemed to use the Pinto to its full potential nor did she seem to enjoy its charming absurdity. 

Tiff could actually be rated higher than Sabrina, “The Smart One”, because unlike Bri, Tiffany was less likely to let her emotions distract her from doing her job and never in any of her adventures did she do something foolish because she liked a guy.

Not sure how ‘deadly’ her aim was, but she hit what she shot and managed to make some fairly impressive shots (Love Boat Angels, Angels on The Street, Catch a Falling Angel). Tiffany seemed less interested in wounding or killing bad guys and more concerned with stopping their escape and running the insurance premiums up on their vehicles. See? Smart.

Probably the most professional of all six Angels, Tiffany wasn’t having it from any man while on the job. Hear that, Kris?

Tiff tends to either over explain things (see her answering machine riff in Avenging Angel) or under explain (“punt” was her single spoken contribution to Love Boat Angels); she can also disappear into the background if her hair is not conditioned properly. 


• Markswoman (Tire Specialist)
• Answering Machine Etiquette Authority
• Baker
• Exotic Wildlife Specialist
• Sensitive Low-Range Psychic
• Camouflage Artist (Blends into the background in her first 8 cases)
• Center Silhouette Placeholder (Provides a body to hold the logo’s walkie-talkie)


Let’s get right to the point. Shelley Hack was robbed.

Tiffany Welles could have been a perfectly fine replacement for the departing Sabrina Duncan but producers ignored her character until almost ten episodes into Season 4. Tiffany truly is the Rodney Dangerfield of all Angels, taking the blame for the show’s decline in ratings and popularity when one of the main reasons for the ratings dive was an 8-year-old Gary Coleman starring over on NBC. Season 4 Charlie’s Angels was not going to stand a chance up against Different Strokes premiere season and the show needed a scapegoat, which is how the “Shelley Hack can’t act” thing started.

It is the Townsend Agency’s opinion that lovely Shelley can indeed act and if she’d been given the proper attention and respect from producers, her character definitely could have lasted long past a single season.

> Read an article about Shelley Hack’s dismissal from Charlie’s Angels 


  • Anthonydeutsch

    I always wondered something, the executive producers seemed to be so afraid that the series couldn’t continue on if there was no original angels because jacklyn was letting it be known that she too wanted out, cheryl and shelley could have carried the show with a new replacement if handled properly, what makes me think this is that another executive producer named Dick Wolf basically made a career out of doing the replacement thing every season in his series called Law and Order and he also was very successful at creating spin off series which still run today, why couldn’t spelling, cramer, goldberg done the same thing with charlies angels? it’s interesting and thats the proof that it can be done.just wondering if this series really had to end the way it did.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Tiff really didn’t speak out of turn in fallen angels, she was right, jill was hiding something and Tiff also displayed a trait here throughout her tenure and that was she was professional and always honest and doing her job, and isn’t that what good detectives are suppossed to do? In almost every episode she comes up with some kind of plan or figures out what is going on, with figuring out what went on at the mari-time yard where the assasin returned the boat and drove off in the brown sedan and a cab took the other two assasins to the wilshire hotel where they and the prince were staying, she was one smart observant cookie and never let any personell feelings get in her way or cloud her judgement and never assumed anything, she learned that from her daddy. And kelley was suppossed to be the street smart one? What a laugh that one is.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Tiffany always showed us she was the smart one, she played a game of rope a dope with Lakso for a whole season out smarting and out foxing him at just about every turn, no matter how hard he tried to bury her and demean her she always managed to get into the act and the scene, beating him at every turn which must have frosted his cookies to no end, study the episodes closely and you could see it happening, she was funny along with being a serious detective with a deadly kill shot to boot.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    to Gmfd76, that is correct and along those veins she was also comedic in three for the money, crawling around stuffing potatoes up dexters tailpipes, she was gifted and extremely versatile actress that didn’t have to take a back seat to any actress in the looks dept. also, apparantly most of the fans that purchased season four dvd set or u-tube viewers agree also as today she is the most popular angel and still growing daily, she was just ahead of her time and had the mis-fortune to be saddled with a horrible writer/producer that did her no justice.

  • Gmfd76

    I agree that Shelley Hack was robbed. It’s easiest to see in hindsight by watching her performance in the stage play/HBO special “Vanities.” She’s a very gifted comedic actress, and the episode “Home $weet Homes” displays her quirkiness as an off-kilter document collector. I think if the’d let her be quirky she would have found her niche.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Today is a glorious day in caharlies angels history and lore, for today after approx. fift years character and actress Shelley Hack and her portrayal of Tiffany Welles has gained the profile ,love, and admiration of a fanbase that has also grown in taste and fairness, and maturity, today she has tied another beloved angel Jacklyn Smith (kelley garrett) as the most popular charlies angel, an accomplishment that I hope some of us fans can convey this to her and make her feel good, cause the way things ended who would have thought.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Today is a glorious day in charlies angels history, for today is the day that Tiffany Welles has finally gained the profile she should had recieved almost fifty years ago, today the fanbase, in the on going poll on this site has voted her tied with Jacklyn Smith(kelley garrett) as most popular angel, this is a testament as to how we as fans have changed and also matured by showing our love and appreciation for a job well done and cut way to short.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Has anyone noticed the polls that Anna and Holly run on this site? Is it possible that Shelley might emerge as the most popular angel? Wouldn’t that be something if that happened? I would love to e-mail her if it happened and let her know how times and people change, I also believe that this great site is a big part of her popularity. I know that the positive and sensible, honest things our angels anna and holly said is what attracted me to come here and i am sure that i am not the only one now if we can get the forum up so we can all discuss and relive our youth that would be great making new friends from all over the world. Tiffany Welles you rock and we love you.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Has anyone noticed the polls that Anna and Holly run on this site? Is it possible that Shelley might emerge as the most popular angel? Wouldn’t that be something if that happened? I would love to e-mail her if it happened and let her know how times and people change, I also believe that this great site is a big part of her popularity. I know that the positive and sensible, honest things our anges anna and holly said is what attracted me to come here and i am sure that i am not the only one now if we can get the forum up so we can all discuss and relive our youth that would be great making new friends from all over the world. Tiffany Welles you rock and we love you.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Aaron Spelling, director Allen Baron, and clothing designer Nolan Miller are sitting in a projection room playing this taped commercial over and over stopping it along the way picking out nuances and commenting about this actress and what she is doing and how she is doing it. Through Aaron’s eyes he is seeing a classy, elegant, naturally beautiful, vibrant modern young woman who is living life on her terms by working hard by day and partying hard by night and nobody is going to tell her she can’t or it is un-acceptable for a lady.From her very entrance by pulling up in her very classic roll royce, two squirts later, confidently striding into a classy swank night club on Madison 5th ave, to flipping her hat to the check in man and signing the register(her name is CHARLIE)(talk about taylor made), to meeting her date in the center of the dance floor, being twirled around by him all the while being seranaded by great muscian Bobby Short singing a jingle about this modern fabulous girl and her perfume, she appears to know everyone there and they all know her. she literally lights up the whole night club. proceeds to sit down at a table with her date and flicks her head in order to get her hair out of her eyes. The three guys (spelling, baron, and miller) were totally enamored and captivated by her she did and had more fun in thirty seconds than most women have in their life, she accomplished total attention in a classy non sexist, and non threatning way. What was really mind blowing was she accomplished all of this and SHE NEVER SPOKE A SINGLE WORD.unbelievable, this woman would change how women would think and, act forever, and the way they are percieved for ever, a true trend setter ahead of her time.This model actress’s name was Shelley Hack and through Spellings eyes he envisioned a young classy,elegant Katheryn Hepburn in baggy pants and oxfords. In his eyes character Tiffany Welles was born.He wanted her as his new 5th angel and set out to find and contact her agent for a screen test, The rest i history and how he could allow it to get so far out of hand and destructful is mind boggling

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I refered to season 4 as s/g, and Ed Lakso’s season of hate,as i previously said he didn;t know why or what she did to warrant this nasty, rude and crude treatment. Time has shown that Cheryl Ladd had great empithy for poor Shelley and explained ome of this hit to her, also helping her undertand that it wasn’t her fault which in turn helped Shelley’s self esteem and and level of acceptance and to hang in there. These pricks whole intention was to create a low q (likeabilty) rating which was not hard to do because rabid Kate fans were furious with Kates departure and no matter who would replace her that person would not be accepted no matter what. THE END OF THIS SEASON OF HATE AND TORTURE IS COMING TO AN END FOR SHELLEY HACK.This will show all you angel fans just what pricks s/g, lakso were and how they chose to handle this dismisal. There would be no private one on one like you would expect. Again put yourself in Shelly’s shoes, the date is Feb. 14,1980 (valentines day, of all days). S/G Productions threw a valentines day party for the entire cast and crew and they alo decided on this day to send out telegrams to all the cast and crew inviting them back for next season (Shelley hads stabilized the ratings #17 so abc decided to ok another season). Now imagine this social gathering where everyone is mingling and talking to each other naturally in the topic of conversation (did you get your telegram from s/g inviting you back for next season?). This was the main topic among everyone there,EVERYONE RECIEVED THIS CRUDE FORM OF INVITE EXCEPT SHELLEY HACK), and everyone there new it, o they all had to be very careful not to slip up infront of shelley. This is how cruel they were to here, they actually kept it ecret from her and let her party the night away with these very friends if you want to call them that.They made an ass out of her and embaressed her beyond belief.She would only find out about it the next day when some reporter told her publicist who inturn told her.S/G didn’t even have the decency to call her agent and tell him, they let her find out by the tabloids.ABC was said to be very unhappy with the way s/g handled thi and thought it was premature, because they had to film the lat episode(one love two angels) which shelley was very involved in and abc thought the working conditions would be jut awful if not impossible. But Shelley being as classy and professional as she was and trained to be surprised them by working it to the end giving it her asbolute best. Abc would not confirm the rumors of Shelley’ firing for two weeks ome say to allow her to save face and other say to get the very last out of her, by the way she was outstanding in thi final episode.Abc was surprised by this professionalism and alo doubted Shelley at being the fault for all thi and really new it was Lakso who they would fire the last season because it was his fault for the demise of charlie angels. In fact ABC felt bad about what happened to poor Shelley and tried to make it up tp her whenever a new erie wa being planned and required a female lead,such as JACK AND MIKE/CUTTER TO HOUTON.) Like I said before walk in her shoes before you decide to bash her and you will see she had to overcome odds that mot people couldn’t and wouldn’t, especially considering she didn’t need the money at all.She wanted to put as much distance she could between herself and this UNPROFESSIONAL SEASON OF HATE. he refued all and any guest appearances reunions talk show appearances tabloid interviews, ect ect, ect.Just get asfar away from thee low life a poible. what a girl, you get 5 stars in my book Miss Shelley Hack and your Tiffany Welles character will be remembered for ever in charlie angel history.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    What really made this o bad and mean pirited was the fact this girl initially had no idea why the head writer and producer hated her and for what reaons? he didn’t know him or anyone on that set. Now I’m ure we all at ome point in our career have changed job for one reason or another and I’m also ure we have had at least one of thee job that didn’t work out and we and probably the company realized that and that it was time to move on. In thi case Shelley wasn’t afforded that opportunity, by that time everyone knew that /g would ue you and block and try to ruin your career if you left or didn’t play ball their way,witne what they didi and tried to do to Farrah and Kate, they could and would get ugly. Poor helley had to endure all thi and try to salvage a career that they and Ed Lako certaintly tried their damdest to detroy. I’m ure helley would have had no problem leaving if they would have let her out in a legal and professional manner, but they wouldn’t and wouldn’t. Instead they chose to literally torture her with all the lie, rumor and naty goip they could pread via the gossip tabloids, They would end her home in tear everyday and he would go to bed crying herself to leep not really knowing why at first. But he was very bright and oon figured ome of this out and he alo was proud young woman that financially wa very well off from her modeling career which he till had 2 yr left, he didn’t put all her eggs in the angel basket but intead juggled two career at the same time not burning any bridges,but rather honoring all her commitments and maintaing her dignity,profesionalim, and self esteem. Told you she was smart and classy.Now I ak you if you have ever experienced a bad working condition to take a moment and reflect and walk in Miss Shelley Hacks shoes, he could have aid FU at any time because he wa a millionairess. All I can say is what a girl.Think about human feelings and what she felt and how she handeld it with no support group to turn to being in a strange land. I’m sure her father would have been on the next plain out to LA if he weres still alive and pick up his daughter,to all old detractors think about her feeling before you bah her becaue he certainly could haves sunk the show that year by walking out, as it i now clear she was one if not the high light of that season of hate and it sank big time when she finally did leave. I guess that’s why I ‘ll always have a oft pot and love and appreciation in my heart for Tiffany Welles.

  • andrew peter dawson

    you know charlie’s somewhere out there, and when you think you found him. all you’ll find is a smoking cigar in the ashtray. x

  • Ekteran

    I agree she was never given a chance, thus the show flopped with the last Angel!