The Truth About Turtlenecks

As soon as you saw the word "turtleneck" in the title, you were already thinking about Kate Jackson, right?

It doesn't escape the notice of even casual fans that Sabrina wore more than a few turtlenecks; even Jaclyn Smith has commented on this at reunions. But, since we're here for the hard-hitting questions, we've investigated the situation to determine whether there is actual fact behind all the jokes being poked at Sabrina: Did she really wear the most turtlenecks?

Of course she did, don't be stupid. However, we counted all the times that other Angels wore turtlenecks too, and the statistics may surprise you. Despite the show's reputation as the scandalously risqué T&A skin-fest, Charlie's Angels attire is way more often "corporate wintertime" than "beach party". Considering their warm Los Angeles climate, it seems that the girls went out of their way to overdress with lots of jumpsuits, pantsuits, business suits, multiple layers, and our favorite: turtlenecks. The grand total? 171. 


Townsend Agency original article by Anna May 13, 2010
Sabrina: 103 turtlenecks

Sabrina wins no matter which way you stack it; she's single-neckedly responsible for 60% of turtlenecks on the show. A count of 103 turtlenecks over the 69 episodes Sabrina appeared in gives her an average of 1.5 turtlenecks per episode, the highest of any Angel. She wore the most turtlenecks in all 3 of her years on the job.

Kelly: 41 turtlenecks

Heir to the turtlethrone is Kelly with a hearty 24% share. Spread over all 109 episodes, this is an average of .4 turtlenecks per episode– far less than Sabrina, but still easily 2nd place. She came in 2nd place as far as total turtlenecks for every single season.

Jill: 8 turtlenecks

Jill wore only 1 of these turtlenecks after leaving the Agency, her final tally accounts for 4.6% of turtlenecks on the show. With 29 episodes, she’s actually in 3rd place as far as averages, with .29 turtlenecks apiece.

Tiffany: 6 turtlenecks

For some reason it’s hard to imagine Tiffany in a turtleneck, yet she wore the most of anyone in Season 4, and 3.5% of the show’s supply. Over 24 episodes, she averaged .25 turtlenecks per episode: 4th place.

Kris: 16 turtlenecks

Kris wore a healthy 9% of the show’s turtlenecks. Over her 86 episodes, this comes out to only .18 turtlenecks each – putting her in 5th place in terms of frequency. Kris wore the most turtlenecks of Season 5, a landslide victory of 2 to Kelly’s 1.

Julie: 0 turtlenecks

Not surprisingly, Julie is the only Angel who never wore a turtleneck.

How We Counted Note that we have tallied instances of any Angel wearing any turtleneck; not a count of individual turtlenecks. For example, if someone wore a turtleneck, changed into something else, then put the same turtleneck back on, that is counted as 2. Turtlenecks seen in flashbacks were not counted. Turtleneck dresses were tallied along with sweaters. NOT counted were scarves, cravats, big puffy ties, or other such oddities covering the neck but not attached to a full garment.

Some controversy arose regarding a few garments that blurred the lines between turtlenecks and cowl necks. In instances of turtle/cowl uncertainty, garments were counted if they provided full or near-full neck coverage.


Our assumption was that there would be the most turtlenecks in the third season, since less and less effort tended to be made in the fashion department, especially by one certain Angel. However, the truth is that the turtlenecks started strong (very strong) and steadily decreased over the years:

Season 1: 70 Season 2: 50 Season 3: 36 Season 4: 10 Season 5: 4  Episodes where all Angels wore turtlenecks: 4 Pilot, Magic Fire, Angels in the Backfield, Terror on Skis • Most turtlenecks worn in a season: 42 Sabrina, Season 1

 Most turtlenecks worn in a single episode: 9 Terror on Skis; 3 each for Sabrina, Kelly, and Kris

 Most turtlenecks worn in a single episode by a single Angel: 7 Sabrina in Dancing in the Dark • Episodes where Sabrina didn't wear the most: 10 (of 69) • Turtleneck-free episodes: 42 (of 109 total) • Longest turtleneck streak: 11 episodes Angels in the Wings - Mother Goose is Running For His Life (at least one turtleneck in each)