The iconic office building seen multiple times in nearly every episode. It's only not seen in the Pilot, and the 5th season Hawaii episodes.


Despite its bottom windows being expanded, red awnings added, shutters removed, and the tree that's grown taller than the building, the Townsend Agency is still the most recognizable Charlie's Angels filming location in our guide. UPDATE: As of 2011, the front door has been painted black. 

Originally built in 1951, this brickfront two-story office boutique has always housed two tenants during its many decades of business - which leads us to this question: If Townsend Investigations was stationed upstairs - who used to occupy the downstairs? As of this writing, the lower floor is a Miele appliance showroom open to the public, while the upper floor is the headquarters of David Shapira & Associates, a well-known theatrical talent agency for actors and writers.

Curiously, on the show, the number on the door reads 189, but the real address of this location is 193. In December, 2009, the 4,000 square-foot property sold for $3.6 million dollars to a new owner.

193 S. Robertson was replicated (and blown up) in the 2000 Charlie's Angels feature film. Though it gets the look of the Townsend Agency across, the iconic white door shape is a bit different in the facade created for the movie, and we're not sure whether this was a deliberate update or good-but-not-great effort.


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193 North Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2103

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