Kelly-lookalike Dana Cameron's last home and final showering place . . . crazy Paula tossing her shirt sleeve off the side of the building . . . the apartment of the too-mature little girl Jill babysits . . . a shootout point for Bri . . .


  • Lady Killer, Season 1
  • Night of the Strangler, Season 1
  • Angel Blues, Season 2
  • Mother Angel, Season 3


Built in 1967, The Shores Apartments (formerly known as the Santa Monica Shores) are still thriving in a premium area with gorgeous views of the Pacific. Located just a quick drive down the coast from Santa Monica Pier and positioned near the seaside in the general vicinity where the girls did some rollerskating tricks in Season 4's Angels on Skates, and just a few blocks further south, the infamous Paradise Massage Parlor.

Both Shores Towers saw some good Angel action though the years - most famously, the North Tower played home to Kelly-lookalike-and-soon-to-be-strangled model, Dana Cameron, featured in the opening scene of Night of the Strangler when a wigged Jaclyn Smith dashes into the Tower's front lobby.

Later in Season 1, the demented lady killer Paula had Jill sedated in her South Tower digs several floors up, and interestingly, the production crew actually filmed on one of the apartment's balconies in the scene where Bri and Kelly have to restrain Paula from hurling herself over the edge. Take a peek at the surrounding city out the balcony in this scene and you'll notice a few area landmark buildings along 2nd and Hill Street which look basically the same today.

While the South Tower's entrance parking lot was the setting for Sabrina's duck-and-roll shootout with the bad guys in Angel Blues, it was the North Tower that served as the apartment front that was home to the precocious little girl in Mother Angel, seen extensively when Kris and Jill stop by to investigate and end up loitering in the parking lot out front.


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2700 Neilson Way
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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