The Farrah Phenomenon

I remember it well. I remember clipping out photos of Farrah from Star magazine before I bought the poster. I actually bought the famous poster the same time I bought Jaclyn and Kate's poster at a souvenir shop on the seawall in Galveston, Texas. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing Farrah. Her t-shirts were sold everywhere, including 7-Eleven, which is where I bought my first Farrah T-shirt. It was a beautiful pose from Logan's Run, in which Farrah was starring the same year Charlie's Angels premiered.

farrah-fawcett-posterThe stars were truly aligned when the Farrah phenomenon began. Farrah was the breakout star of Charlie's Angels, she had a best-selling poster, and she had a movie on the big screen - the perfect trifecta. Plus it was the year of the bicentennial and Farrah's poster was as American as apple pie. I was totally obsessed with her. I drove my mom nuts with my Farrah obsession and I had her posters all over my wall, including the ceiling. Friends and family would come over and just be amazed at my collection of photos and posters. I remember seeing the Super Farrah poster for the first time at a friend's house and was just amazed at how big and beautiful it was, I couldn't wait to add it to my collection.

Farrah came in everything from T-shirts, posters, dolls, notebooks, poster pen sets, bean bag chairs, doll heads, beach towels, Halloween costumes, paper dolls and then shampoo. She was magic and beautiful. Her hair and smile were stunning but Farrah also had beautiful green eyes and chiseled features. One of her childhood friends said it was like someone sculpted her. She was popular in school and voted "most beautiful" not just once, but every year in high school and then even in her college years.

When it was rumored that Farrah was going to leave Charlie's Angels I was very disappointed because that meant I wasn't going to be able to see my favorite Angel every week. Magazines were pleading for Farrah not to go, but go she did. There have been many reasons given for her departure, one being that she wanted to be a movie star, which I personally don't believe to be true. Farrah was happy doing commercials and playing tennis before Charlie's Angels and though it may have been a thought, I don't think it was the main reason. I believe Lee Majors played a big role in persuading her not to return to the series, probably for selfish reasons.


Townsend Agency original article by Kenny November 3, 2010


Farrah also had a good point about merchandising: she wanted 10 percent of Charlie's Angels merchandising profits. The producers said no. You see many interviews with Leonard Goldberg saying he doesn't know why she left, or she wanted to be a movie star, but I don't buy it. Farrah knew there was money to be made from her image having the best selling poster. She wanted 10 percent, but the highest they would go was 5.

farrah-fawcett-super-posterAt any rate, she did leave and there was a backlash, but she never left the public eye, she had a movie out every year and even though they weren't successful, it kept her in the news. She also continued to put out posters, posed for Playboy for the first time and her shampoo line was released in 1978 - Farrah was busy.

After the dust settled with the lawsuit and Farrah returned to Charlie's Angels, I was ecstatic. I remember being disappointed she wasn't in the opening credits for her return visits. Remember when Batgirl would go by when she guest starred on Batman? I wanted something like that! I also remember thinking that her six episodes meant six per season, not a total of six, still it was great seeing her as an Angel again. I totally lost interest in Charlie's Angels' fifth season and don't remember many episodes from then.

Farrah went on to star in "The Cannonball Run" but the movie that made the powers that be take notice of her acting for the first time was "Murder In Texas". We all know that Farrah went on to star in many films that finally made her a critically acclaimed actress, and that included multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Farrah won the People's Choice Award for Charlie's Angels and was nominated for a Golden Globe as well that same year.

Still, after all her accomplishments, my favorite role Farrah played was that of Jill Munroe, and the memories of the Farrah phenomenon are joyous ones for me. To me Farrah Fawcett was the most beautiful woman in the world and still is. Her death is still hard to believe but I will treasure the moments captured of Farrah on film forever. This site is a way to keep Farrah's memory alive and for that I am thankful. Remember her smiling.