Angel in Hiding

New Angel Julie is introduced when she becomes a suspect in an investigation involving drugs, prostitution and murder.

To See an Angel Die

Kris is kidnapped in Hawaii by a deranged family seeking revenge for her arrest of their wife/mother.

Angels of the Deep

Armed with bikinis and scuba gear, the Angels dive deep to investigate sunken treasure, er, drugs.

Island Angels

Julie’s enlisted to help foil a terrorist assassination plot against a US diplomat visiting the Hawaiian Islands.

Waikiki Angels

Undercover as lifeguards, the girls go after dune buggy enthusiasts who are terrorizing the beach scene. Kidnapping ensues.

Hula Angels

Undercover as a dancer, Julie is kidnapped and jailed in a go-go cage along with a nightclub owner.

Moonshinin’ Angels

The Angels and Bosley bust into the moonshine business in this dull knockoff of a Hatfield / McCoy family feud.

He Married an Angel

No, he doesn’t marry one of them. Kris poses as a con artist to trap a conniving player involved with the Mafia.

Taxi Angels

The girls drive taxis, serve as car hops and more in this un-exciting adventure involving “accidents” at a cab company.

Angel on the Line

Kelly is chosen as a target during a murder investigation at a seedy singles club. This one has a creepy twist . . .

Chorus Line Angels

When the cast and crew of a cheap Broadway-wannabe review start disappearing, the Angels get on stage to uncover the plot. Yawn.

Stuntwomen Angels

The Angels learn to be stuntwomen at a movie studio to discover a ‘Phantom Archer’ who is sabotaging movie stunts.

Attack Angels

Julie is inadvertently hypnotized and used as a remote-control assassin.

Angel on a Roll

Kris seduces a thief / computer programmer who is using his technical genius to rob ATMs.

Mr. Galaxy

Why would someone hire three women to protect a gigantic body builder in a muscle competition?

Let Our Angel Live

When Kelly is shot in the head by a suspect, the rest of the team gather at the hospital to pray and reminisce. SERIES FINALE.