Angels in Vegas

This 2-Part adventure takes the team to Las Vegas, where Sabrina falls in love with Dean Martin, Kris performs on stage, and Kelly gets a gig in a can-can.

Angel Come Home

An engaged Jill brings home her handsome fiance to meet the girls amidst a controversy about race car tamperings.

Angel on High

Kelly flies high with a new romance as the Angels search for their client’s potential heir at a Reno air show.

Angels in Springtime

The Angels go undercover at a lesbian spa to find a killer and a missing manuscript.

Winning is for Losers

Kris’ old friend (Jamie Lee Curtis) is threatened in a golf tournament, which somehow leads to Kris wrestling an alligator.

Haunted Angels

Sabrina pretends to be a psychic, and Kris her handler, as the girls try to find out whether their killer is really a ghost.

Pom Pom Angels

A weird religious sect kidnaps Kris and threatens to cut off her hair. Why the pom poms? Watch and find out!

Angels Ahoy

The Angels crack an international criminal smuggling operation by dressing up at a costume party at sea.

Mother Angel

Jill gets stuck babysitting for a precocious and troublesome tween; a double kidnapping follows.

Angel On My Mind

The Angels – and a killer – search for an amnesic Kris, who’s wandering the beach alone after being hit by a car.

Angels in the Stretch

Sabrina gets a job at the horsetrack as an exercise boy to help foil a bait- and- switch race horse scam.

Angels on Vacation

Kris’ aunt and uncle’s whole retirement village is behind held hostage by bad guys. Angels to the rescue!

Counterfeit Angels

3 criminal lookalikes are impersonating the Angels – and the real ones must rush to clear their own names!

Disco Angels

If you can believe it, dancing is the solution to yet another mystery of lookalike murders.

Terror on Skis

This 2-parter brings the Angels to the icy slopes of Vail, Colorado, to help bodyguard Dennis Cole or something.

Angel in a Box

The original Angels unite to solve Kris’ kidnapping – but she’s only bait for the real target: Jill!

Teen Angels

The Angels masquerade as students and faculty at stuck-up all girls’ school to bust up a drug and mean girls racket.

Marathon Angels

Kelly and Kris sneak into a pointless marathon to find out who kidnapped two girls for their prize money. Yawn.

Angels in Waiting

Bored Bosley runs away from the office but ends up in real trouble, bringing the girls rushing out after him.

Rosemary, for Remembrance

Kris is a dead-ringer for a beautiful socialite murdered in the 20’s – things get dangerous when her aged widower starts to lose track of reality.

Angels Remembered

The Angels sit around the office reminiscing about their years together. Clip show alert.