"The ambiance is equestrian, the route is circular, and the mood is festive." Bosley suddenly flees paperwork and predictability to hang around the Santa Monica Pier with his new lady friend, phoning the office regularly to give the Angels clues about his location. Good thing they eventually figure it out and come to the rescue, since this lady wants him dead.


  • "The Sandcastle Murders", Season 2
  • "Angels in Waiting", Season 3
  • "Angels on Skates", Season 4
  • "Dancin' Angels", Season 4



At first glance it seems the only differences are some new buildings and the giant ferris wheel. Actually, there's much more of a difference down there: a third of the pier was destroyed by severe weather in 1983, and later rebuilt. See video of the pier in 1973.

The iconic Santa Monica Pier is one of the most famous locations in Southern California - a recreational escape with glorious views of the Pacific Oceans and tons of fun things to see and do, the pier has also starred in countless films and television productions through the years.

Originally opened in 1909 to meet the city's sanitation needs, Santa Monica Pier quickly became a hot spot for local businesspeople who realized it was a terrific location to push their wares. Within a few short years, plans were developed for an amusement pier and a grand carousel which began spinning in 1916. In the years since, the amusements have expanded to their current size.

The Angels made multiple visits to the famously historical merry-go-round, which is still operating, so you can visit, too. But rides ain't free - bring a dollar (closed Tuesday and Wednesday in the winter). And if you see a corpse riding the horse next to you, just ignore it...

Much of Angels in Waiting was shot here along the pier, in restaurants up top, and in the surf beneath the pier where the final takedown occurs. To find this spot, just do as you see the Angels do! Take the stairs down to the beach and follow along the pier until you hit the ocean - the support structure amidst the surf will be just to your left.


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Santa Monica Pier [View the Pier's Official Website]
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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