With the Love Boat safely docked in the harbor, the Angels go ashore to St. Thomas to investigate Dick Sargent's major art theft case.


  • "Love Boat Angels", Season 4


A small island in the midst of the vast Caribbean Sea, St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, a territory of the United States since 1917. St. Thomas abounds in lush greenery, gorgeous harbors and Caribbean views. The Angels' Love Boat docked here and off the team went into the tropics! Here are just a few spots seen in this 2-part episode:

Market Square, Charlotte Amalie (Capital City)
Now a popular fruit and vegetable market where locals buy and sell their fresh produce, St. Thomas' historical Market Square was once a slave trading market in the 19th century. Though the Angels do not visit here, a brief shot of it appears in this episode's opening credits.

Main Street, Charlotte Amalie
Kris and Paul Hollister (Bert Convy) speed around the tourist sections of downtown Charlotte Amalie, including one of the city's most popular areas, Main Street, which features dozens of touristy hot spots, stores, boutiques and curiosities. We see them make a turn at the corner of Main Street onto Raadetes Gade.

Virgin Isle Hotel (Defunct)
Once a grandiose hotel in lush St. Thomas, the largest resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Virgin Isle Hotel was the island's first major tourist resort, and in its hey day from 1950-1960, was one of the places to stay when visiting the islands.

Bosley, the Angels and bad/good guy Bert Convy were booked into the Virgin Isle during their 1979 adventure in St. Thomas - although only the hotel's exterior was filmed for establishing shots in Love Boat Angels. Located just 10 minutes' drive from the Islands' capital city, Charlotte Amalie, the hotel was near enough to the ocean to be in peril during storms. Sadly, it seems that's exactly what happened.

In 1989, the Virgin Isles was severely damaged by the violently destructive hurricane Hugo, evidently rendering the once-grand hotel beyond any hope of repair. It sat destroyed and vacant, eventually becoming a crime-ridden hotspot for vandals, vagrants and drug dealers. In the following years, there were a few unsucessful attempts at renovating the area - the latest information we could gather was that the property is already, or may be turned into a low-income housing zone. On Google Earth, it looks like the bulk of the building still exists, though.


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St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

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