Sabrina Duncan Character Bio

Sabrina Duncan SABRINA DUNCAN (The Smart One)
Portrayed by Kate Jackson, 1976 – 1978

Essential Sabrina Episodes:
Dancing in the Dark
• Angels in Chains
• To Kill an Angel
• Hours of Desperation
Angels on a String
• Angels in Vegas


It is revealed in the first season that Sabrina is an army brat and grew up with a General for a father. It’s implied that she lived abroad during her youth, yet no mention of her mother is ever made.

Sometime after college, Sabrina attended and graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy, where she became friends with Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett. During this time, she also met and married Bill Duncan, a fellow police officer, however the couple divorced due to Sabrina’s refusal to choose a safer career path. She then got a job offer from Charles Townsend to work for his detective agency and became not only the first Angel hired but also the un-official team leader. Sabrina served admirably for three years as one of Charlie’s most capable and resourceful Angels.

After her third year, the audience is casually told that Bri fell in love, married and became pregnant, never to be heard of again. 

Sabrina Duncan’s intelligence and resourcefulness made her a natural leader for her fellow Angels and arguably the most effective and capable team leader the Townsend Agency ever had. Sabrina was loyal and protective of her fellow Angels and sensitive and sympathetic to her clients. She did have a bit of a temper and tended to get angry with suspects (see Little Angels of the Night, Angel Blues, Teen Angels.) Sabrina’s quirkiness and versatility made her one of Charlie’s greatest assets. 

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Sabrina tended to use her brains even when using her brawn. She was the Angel most likely to sock a bad guy in the face, double up some combo punches, or use whatever props she had handy to win a fight (see Angels On Vacation, Mother Angel.) Sabrina’s resourcefulness and bravery did not mask the fact that she worked extremely hard when defending herself. Where Jill or Kelly seemed to at times effortlessly win fights, Sabrina worked for her ass kicking points. 

Did we mention how smart and resourceful Bri was? To be fair, Sabrina had to work side by side with Jill and Kelly who in another life could have been shampoo models. Her hair looked healthy and often cute, but never came close to stealing the spotlight from any other Angels.


Sabrina has somewhat unfairly been labeled the fashion victim Angel or the tomboy Angel, but she’s perhaps a hero to those who prefer comfy, practical turtlenecks and jeans over gowns and bikinis. Truth be told, when Sabrina did attempt to go the high fashion route she seemed uncomfortable and out of character. While her co-workers pulled off haute couture with drop dead gorgeous results, making them seem elite and sometimes unapproachably intimidating beauties, Sabrina dressed up and behaved the most like someone you might actually know.

Yes, amazingly enough, Sabrina looked as good as possible driving a 1976 orange Pinto hatchback. She drove the hell out that car and looked much more natural and capable in it than Julie or Tiffany ever did. 

Sabrina was smart, quick witted, clever and bi….lingual (sorry). Sabrina’s brains were one of her best assets and she could outwit bad guy and bad girl alike with a snarky smile and comment while playing a mean game of scrabble with Bosley.

Next to Kelly, Sabrina Duncan seemed to be the most skilled with a firearm. Quick to shoot a bad guy’s gun out of his hand, or in the leg if necessary, when Bri whipped out her revolver from the back of her pants you knew she was NOT playing with these fools…

Sabrina tended to be drawn to prolific but age-inappropiate men (Angels on a String, Angels in Vegas), bad guys (Angel in Love) and older pornographers (Lady Killer). Her healthiest and most age-appropriate relationships were with a Gypsy James Darren (Circus of Terror) and a rival football coach (Angels in the Backfield … again, sorry, couldn’t resist.) 



Vehicular and Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Master of Disguse

Power Drinker
• Bar Commander (Ability to conduct entire cases from behind the office bar)


  • Heather

    Sabrina… Words cannot express. In plain english, she was the best. By far. Funny, snarky (but not annoying), caring (but not overly…Kelly, Kris), not dumb (mmm-hmm), down to earth, interesting, surprising…and beautiful. Definitely the sexiest. she had the most going on, she was the most versatile, and Kate Jackson was the best actress (The others basically only had one or two acts. But they did those admirably!) I love Sabrina Duncan. She was perfect.

  • Gmfd76

    Sabrina was the perfect leader. ‘Nuff said :)

  • Suzy Su

    i’m in love with this woman + she was super hot in satans school for girls. i was born tooo late…

  • detectiverookieangel

    Sabrina Duncan, the BEST Angel of al time!! In some ways, I am like Bri, or so I’ve been told. I must say, I agree. Not only do I love Bri, but I love Kate as well!!