Q&A with Actor Nicholas Beauvy

Nicholas Beauvy, Guest Star in Season 2's Musical "Angels in the Wings"

Guest-star in one of the Angels' few musical endeavors, actor Nicolas Beauvy played the emotional son of the two featured stage and screen stars, Gene Barry and Shani Wallis. Previous to his Angelic work in 1977, Beauvy appeared on many hit television series of the time including Bonanza, The Virginian, and Quincy M.E. and had a few big screen appearances - playing King Arthur as a youth in Camelot, and even starring alongside John Wayne in The Cowboys.

Townsend Agency: How did you initially get involved in acting?

Nicolas Beauvy: I was discovered by Norma Shearer in 1964 at the Beverly Hills Hotel swimming pool. I was there because my father was the hotel's assistant general manager.

TA: You had a number of parts in films and television shows through the '60s and 70's - which was your particular favorite?

NB: My favorite role was as Four Eyes in the movie "The Cowboys" co-starring John Wayne.

TA: How did you get this part on Charlie's Angels?

NB: I knew the director, I believe his name was Dennis Donnelly. Donnelly and I had just finished shooting a movie called "The Toolbox Murders".

TA: Was there an audition process you went through? If so, what was that like?

NB: I had two interviews, then read some lines....I ended up beating out Vince Van Patten for the role.

TA: Had you ever watched the show? Were you a fan of any of the girls on the show?

NB: Yes, I loved the show. I was a fan of all the Angels.

TA: Can you estimate about how long you worked on the Angels production? A few days? Long hours?

NB: I worked for a week, had some short days, and some long days.

TA: Were all of your scenes shot on the Fox studio lot?

NB: Yes, I believe they were...

TA: Do you recall where hair and makeup was done on the lot? A certain building, or right on the set in the sound stage?

NB: Hair and makeup was done in a trailer outside the sound stage on the lot.

TA: Were you on hand for any of the scenes filmed that didn't include you? A few staged musical numbers were shot for this episode, including a song and light dance routine with Gene Barry (who played your dad) and Cheryl Ladd, as well as two entire numbers performed by Shani Wallis (who played your mom).

NB: I happened to be around when Gene Barry and Cheryl Ladd did their skit.

TA: Do you have any specific memories of seeing or working with the actresses? You had two scenes with Kate Jackson, and one scene which featured Kate, Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith.

NB: I don't remember the scenes that well. I do remember the interaction which was great. All the Angels were as sweet as pie, especially Cheryl & Jaclyn.

TA: How did Kate Jackson behave towards you? Were you at all intimidated?

NB: Kate was a little more temperamental than the other two but no, I was never intimidated.

TA: Did you watch your episode when it first aired in November, 1977?

NB: Yes, of course I watched it. And of course I hated myself in it ... as was usually the case when I watched myself perform. Truly, there were very few roles that I was impressed by myself ... maybe The Cowboys and Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law.

TA: Have you seen this episode in the years since?

NB: No, I've never seen the repeats although people/friends have told me that they saw me!

TA: We've heard that you're an avid golfer - how did you first get involved in the sport?

NB: I grew up near Rancho Park Golf Course and then went to Pali High where the home course was Riviera Country Club. They used to play the LA Open at Rancho Park and I went to see it when I was 14 and was hooked immediately.

TA: Have you ever played with Cheryl Ladd (who's also a golf nut) or any other celebrities?

NB: I never played with Cheryl, but I'd love to! At the Riviera Country Club, I played a lot with Dean Martin, Peter Falk, Sean Connery and Albert Finney.

nicolas-beauvyTA: Please tell us about your life and career today, how did you get into real estate, and are you enjoying it? NB: Fifteen years ago I met my wife and I was careerless - driving a limo part-time, still going out for acting parts, caddying, etc. She thought I'd be good at realty, so I tried and fifteen years later she was right! I enjoy it tremendously. It is a huge responsibility and I love taking good care of people. I also like the negotiation aspect, too.

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Townsend Agency original interview by Holly June 22, 2010