Jaclyn Smith: The Blessings of Home

2009 – In an article written by Jaclyn, she discusses her life, from childhood, to Charlie’s Angels, to the present, and the effect of a comforting home filled with love.

Cheryl Ladd: God’s ‘Angel’

2005 – Cheryl Ladd discusses her journey of faith on the road to finding Jesus, and how her Hollywood career has affected her spirituality.

Angel Ever After

1992 – How Kate Jackson’s battle with breast cancer brought her closer to longtime friends Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett; also, Kate takes a chance on romance.

Latest Angel Fails to Break the Jinx

1981 – New Angel Tanya Roberts is undaunted by the Charlie’s Angels track record of broken marriages and fizzled careers. “This is the best thing that ever happened to me!”

Jaclyn Smith: A New Maturity

1980 – Jaclyn talks about her splitting up with Dennis Cole; her desire for children; her upcoming movie, Nightkill.

Shelley Hack Gets the Gate

1980 – The real story behind why Tiffany Welles was axed from the show, and why actress Shelley Hack was robbed of her role.

Charlie’s Latest Angel

1979 – Shelley Hack joins the show as Tiffany Welles; Aaron Spelling’s dream that Charlie’s Angels become television’s most fabulous fashion plate.

Why Farrah Split

1979 – Farrah Fawcett explains why she decided to divorce actor-husband Lee Majors; she also discusses her line of “Farrah” cosmetics.

Charlie’s Angels Set Jinxed!

1979 – That’s the startling opinion of veteran crew members on the top-rated TV show, who say the new season’s very first episode ran into more problems than anyone could remember.

A Little Australian Know-How

1979 – Shelley Hack discusses modelling, travelling, and her decision to study archaeology at Sydney University in Australia.

An Angel Spreads Her Wings

1978 – Jaclyn Smith talks about her old-fashioned-girl image, plus details on her personal friendship with Kate Jackson and her relationship with actor Dennis Cole.

TV Angel Cheryl Ladd

1978 – New Angel Cheryl Ladd talks about what it was like working with onscreen big sister Farrah Fawcett for the first time.

Farrah Reveals Her Inspiration

Sept 25, 1977 – Farrah is impressed and inspired by multiple-amputee actor Jim Stacy, who “taught her the real meaning of life.”

Charlie’s Angels Makeup & Hair Secrets

1977 – Learn how to look just like the Angels! Okay, not so much, but you’ve got to check out the creepy mock-ups of female celebrities sporting Farrah’s hair.

The $6 Million Couple

1976 – The story behind Farrah and Lee’s major romance; his jealousy about her long working hours and instant rise to stardom.