While on her kidnapping adventure, Jill and her captors hide out for the night in an old, abandoned town. It's here that Jill makes an escape attempt, dodging in between the old ramshackle buildings, and ends up caving through the floorboards and into a den of vipers. Hot on her sister's trail, Kris shows up at the ghost town later looking for clues while accompanied by a police ranger.


  • "An Angel's Trail", Season 4


Paramount Studios once owned 2,700 acres of wilderness just north of Malibu, a virtual preserve complete with its own lake, creek, mountains and valleys and lush greenery. Used specifically for motion picture productions from the 1920s through the 1940s, Paramount Ranch played a countless number of roles in its long silver screen history including Dodge City, Arizona, Colorado and lots, and lots of nameless Western towns. Scores of Hollywood's brightest stars (including Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Lucille Ball, William Holden and Kirk Douglas, to name just a handful) walked the grounds throughout its legacy of over 100 classic films.

During its Hollywood heydey, Paramount Ranch was home to a number of large-scale sets, including a huge replica of early San Francisco, European village streets, and a Old Western town. It was this rugged old set where the scenes of Farrah Fawcett bolting in and out of dilapidated shacks was shot for An Angel's Trail. While on Farrah's trail, Cheryl Ladd also visited the old West set for her scenes with the police ranger.

The sequences for Angels that were shot here were likely completed in late 1979; since 1980, Paramount Ranch has been part of a national park, and has been reduced to 436 acres in size. While the ranch itself has survived - now called Malibu State Creek Park, the Western town seen on the show was torn down and rebuilt in 1984.

Though all of those old, original sets are gone, a new Western town is open for visitors, complete with a Main Street lined with typical storefronts: a Sheriff's office, a blacksmith/livery, a surveyors office, a saloon, a Post Office, barns, and a Wells Fargo office. This new town is most recognizable on Jane Seymour's hit television series, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman.

In the photos below, you'll see that the new Western town looks authentic, but is nothing like the one seen on Charlie's Angels - its only remaining feature still recognizable is the mountain ridge seen in the background.

Paramount Ranch is open every day, from dawn to dusk, and parking and admission is free.


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Paramount Ranch
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