"Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy."

It's the first thing you see in literally every episode. This exact same footage was also used in the credits of (and frequently within the show) Kate Jackson's earlier cop drama, The Rookies.



Though we're shown that the three original Angels' law enforcement training ground prior to their days with the Townsend Agency was the Los Angeles Police Academy, in reality, they were never technically L.A.P.D - they served for the S.C.P.D - the fictional police force made famous on Aaron Spelling's hit police series, The Rookies, among other shows in the early to mid 1970's. Looks as though 20th Century Fox must have had a number of those Southern California Police Department uniforms lying around wardrobe when Charlie's Angels shot its pilot episode!

First used as the grounds for the 1932 Olympic Game’s pistol and rifle competitions, the Los Angeles Police Academy is a favorite location used by filmmakers, whose images of the iconic "Academy Arches" have become recognizable around the world. Since its first use during the Olympic Games, on through its law enforcement era, and up until 1995, all sworn police officers received their training at this landmark Academy.

The Spanish-style Police Academy buildings are embraced by a lovely maze of fountains, pine trees, and colorful flowers amidst the classrooms, gymnasium, track, athletic field, obstacle course, and firing range. These facilities are used for both sports and recreation as well as official training purposes.

The very recognizable arched "POLICE ACADEMY" sign has been changed since the Angels' stock footage was filmed, but the Academy's gated entrance is not hard to recognize.

The Academy Cafe is open to the public, and most civilian visitors dine at this old fashioned restaurant just so that they can tour the grounds of the Police Academy - which boasts a rock garden and great views of nearby Dodger Stadium - not to mention the constant sounds of popping pistols emanating from the firing and combat ranges.


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Los Angeles Police Academy [Visit LAPD's Website]
Academy Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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