Kris Munroe Character Bio

Kris Munroe KRIS MUNROE (The All-Rounder)
Portrayed by Cheryl Ladd, 1977 – 1981

Essential Kris Episodes:
Angels in Paradise
• Circus of Terror
Angel on my Mind
Rosemary, For Remembrance
Caged Angel
One of Our Angels is Missing
• One Love … Two Angels
Angel on a Roll


Jill Munroe never mentions she has a younger sister until Kris waltzes into the office as the elder Munroe’s replacement Angel, at which time Sabrina and Kelly inexplicably seem to have heard tell of her before.

Kris and big sister Jill grew up with an alcoholic father, and as for their mother – literally her only mention involved a memory of having once read toddler Kris the story of “Hansel and Gretel”. We’re also introduced to the Munroes’ Arizona relatives, aunt Lydia and uncle/Sheriff Paul Danvers, who during Kris’ childhood, served on the Phoenix Police force. While the Munroe sisters enjoyed “going up north” in their early years, it is unclear whether the girls grew up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or some other, unnamed city. We do know that as children, the girls lived near the beach.

It is explained that Jill was putting her kid sister through the San Francisco Police Academy when everyone else thought she was in college studying to become a teacher – this may indicate that she can fire a revolver but doesn’t know jack about Ayn Rand. Anyway, Kris joins the Angels during a time when Charlie is kidnapped and quickly proves herself every bit as capable as her older sister.

It is revealed during her 4th year of service that at some point between the Academy and Angelic service that Kris was indeed a working cop who testified against a prostitute who later killed herself.

Kris shares her sister Jill’s sense of humor but in a more down to earth and approachable way. Kris is good natured, extremely brave and loyal to her friends and teammates. Kris’ sense of humor always can produce a quip to alleviate tension. She seems very receptive to making friends with troubled bi-polar hookers, kleptos and porn stars (see Angels on The Street, Teen Angels, Catch a Falling Angel

We hesitate to list this as a vice but … wait … no, we don’t. Let’s come right out and say it. At times Kris seems to show bad judgment concerning men (One Love … Two Angels, Love Boat Angels). Despite being brave in the face of rampaging alligators, Kris seems to have a both a fear and a tendency to lock horns with a number of large, mannish women (see Big Aggie in Caged Angel, Grenelda in Angels in the Backfield and Zora in Angels in Springtime.) 

Charlies Angels Trivia STANDARD ANGEL TRAITS 

Kris ranks as the best-fighting Angel, having won the greatest ratio of her fights as well as having fought the most total (more on that here). Not only did bad guys tend to underestimate the diminutive detective’s martial arts prowess, but out of all the Angels, Kris is the Angel most likely to take on multiple opponents and win! (see Angel on my Mind, To See an Angel Die). Kris excels with standard Angel fighting styles (elbow/gut, Angel Chop) as well as a more scrappy form of fighting like head butting (Little Angels of the Night) kicking (Caged Angel) and slapping the mess out of people (Angel in a Box

Despite some rather drastic, perm induced bun-n-braids choices during her 4th and 5th years, Kris’ golden locks generally look beautiful throughout her tenure.


In earlier years, very rarely would Kris look anything less than breathtaking. However the unfortunate arrival of the 80′s brought some unflatteringly boxy, schoolmarmish outfits to the agency, and Kris was not immune. Extreme versatility in her wardrobe helped a lot during undercover roles.

Is there anything more sexy than Jill or Kris in the Cobra?

Following Sabrina and sometimes Tiffany, Kris was the smartest Angel. Resourceful, clever and observant, her IQ only seemed to drop when the designated “Smart Angel” was around. Apparently armed with a photographic memory, she’s is an incredibly quick study – see Moonshinin’ Angels when she learns everything about organic chemistry by glancing at a book entitled “Organic Chemistry”, or Caged Angel when she memorizes a building’s entire security system by glancing at schematics. She must have gotten excellent grades.


Despite a less than confident shaky start, she became an accomplished markswoman, and by that we mean she could shoot a rattlesnake dead from 2 yards away. 

Kris’ taste in men was her achilles heel… er, pump. Not only did she seem to be attracted to con artists and deviant game show hosts (Love Boat Angels) but her big love story on the show turned out to be Kelly’s boyfriend. Kris, you are strong and beautiful, you don’t have to settle for sloppy seconds.



• Athletic Supremacy
• Experienced Singer
• Disco Dancer / Instructor
• Covert Electrician
• Certified Scuba Diver
• CB Radio Operator
• Animal Control Expert



While big sister Jill went on record as saying she was the Athletic One, it seems that athleticisim runs in Munroe blood. Kris’ sports resume includes:

• Hang Gliding
• Tennis
• Swimming
• Scuba Diving
• Surfing
• Running
• Volleyball
• Horseback Riding
• Yoga / Tai Chi
• Cheerleading
• Football
• Skiing
• Wrestling


  • HunterMan

    Cheryl Ladd is my favorite Angel, and “Kris” actually IMPROVED the show when she came on! Farrah will always be Farrah…but Cheryl was much more down-to-earth and had a much more “genuine” beauty! Her personality was much more identifiable and her character was much more in-depth than Jill’s. As time went on Kris learned quickly and became very “seasoned” and professional as a detective…contrary to Jill’s somewhat ditzy and sexpot persona. Cheryl in real life also seems to be the nicest and treated everyone with respect. Although Jaclyn Smith runs a close second in being my favorite…Cheryl/Kris will always win out! All she has to do is smile and your heart melts! ;-)

  • Gmfd76

    I’d like to add that I thought Farrah & Cheryl had *perfect* chemistry as sisters. It’s a shame they didn’t become friends in real life as some of the other Angels did. But, I truly believe they respected each other as professionals and as people.

  • Gmfd76

    Kris has always been my favorite Angel–I really thought she had it all :)

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I loved Cheryl as Kris and I don’t think the show lost a beat when Farrah bailed, she blows Farrah away in the looks, body, and personality depts. I also liked how she tried to befriend Shelley Hack when she came on board to replace Kate Jackson. She also worked very well with Tiffany as two blonde bookends, My second favorite angel right behind Tiffany.