Kris's house was one of the most often used (non-studio) locations on the show (rivaled only by Kelly's house)- though strangely enough, you have the best chance of seeing it whenever Jill is around. Classic arena of home invasions and wicker fights.


  • "The Killing Kind", Season 1
  • "The Sandcastle Murders", Season 2
  • "Angel Come Home", Season 3
  • "Mother Angel", Season 3
  • "Angel Hunt", Season 4
  • "Chorus Line Angels", Season 5


Kris's house has had quite a makeover, but if you can get past the new color and the new second story, you'll recognize its good old self underneath - the bottom half is exactly the same. (Cover up the top with your palm if you're having trouble visualizing the way it used to be.)

Contrary to what we all seem to remember, Kris' beach house is NOT the same as Jill's beach house, seen a couple of times in Season 1.


This location is probably the single best effort ever made on this show to match a real exterior to a set interior. What's confusing is that most of the set (the living room area) was faithfully constructed to match the real house - lining up doors and windows with unexpected precision - but other parts (the bedroom and the kitchen) don't even try to make sense.

Most bothersome: exteriors show a high double window which should be above Kris's bed - but interior shots of her bedroom show a solid wall. (Watch the first couple minutes of Angel Come Home for the best tour, as Kris walks all the way through the house.) We can only assume that the bedroom was tacked onto the set later with less care, since it wasn't seen until Season 3.

Also, it's strange that sunlight can shine though that small window above her kitchen sink, since it's located in the middle of the house.

Finally, it's a little odd that Kris's fireplace can change locations with no regard to the pipe in her roof (not to mention her kitchen counter flipping sides).

The Killing Kind is the only episode that really filmed inside the house, as evidenced by the unfakeable view outside its windows. Check out the angle when we see Sabrina getting into her Pinto - this could only have been filmed from the mystery bedroom window.


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