Can you believe "that time Kelly got held hostage in her own house" doesn't narrow it down to one episode... or even two? From heroin injections to bad guys getting shot through living room windows, it seems like everything bad happens at Kelly's house.


"Angels Belong in Heaven", Season 3
"Avenging Angel", Season 4
"Caged Angel", Season 4
"Angel's Child", Season 4
"One Love... Two Angels", Season 4
"Angel on the Line", Season 5


This is Kelly's "real" house (she had two others, seen in one episode apiece) and one of the most regularly used locations in the entire series. It's at the absolute top of our list of well-preserved Angel locations - the house hasn't even been painted a different color!

Nestled in a lovely, tree-lined Century City neighborhood, Kelly's house is just a quick drive from the 20th Century Fox Studio, so the production crew didn't need to stray far from home.


While visiting Kelly's house, we were fortunate enough to bump into a neighbor who was aware of the house's Angelic past, and explained that this particular house (as well as her own - where one day when the doorbell rang, she found Robert Wagner standing at the door) was and is often used as a filming location for various television productions in the area.

The insightful neighbor mentioned that in the late '70s, during one of the Angels visits to the neighborhood, an off-camera Jaclyn Smith took notice of the neighbor's toddler daughter watching the proceedings, went over to greet the little girl, pick her up, and chat with her before returning to the set.


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Aside from failing to even vaguely conform to the shape of the real house front, Kelly's interior appears to go through frequent, massive renovations. The set is different nearly every time we see it!

Angels Belong in Heaven gives us our first good look inside her house... which appears to be built almost entirely out of the set of Kris's beach house. Note the two windows, and bookcase thing strategically placed over the door-shaped indentation in the wall where Kris's front door usually stands in between. Furthermore, the entire living room wall and bedroom are Kris's as well - note the same wallpaper that can be glimpsed through the doorway. Really the only difference is the front window, re-created faithfully enough for the bad guy to get shot through without ruining continuity in street shots.

Fast-forward to Avenging Angel, and Kelly's house has shed Kris's double-windowed wall, and grown a kitchen there instead. Alas, the kitchen appears to be mostly built out of Kris's as well. We get our first look inside Kelly's bedroom, which has a giant window alongside her bed and a door to the bathroom opposite.

Eleven episodes later, we're back in Kelly's house for Angel's Child. Miraculously, the living room is the same as we last saw it, however the bedroom is quite different even beyond its new yellow paint. Her bathroom has migrated from one wall to the other, and the giant window has shrunken and taken the bathroom's original place (so that little Greg can escape through it). It's great how they paid no attention to the structure of the house, but sure did their research on that little mirror on the wall - that sucker is right where we left it.

Our final look inside Kelly's house is One Love... Two Angels, and it's almost disappointing to see it has no more tricks up its sleeve - all we see is the living room, and it hasn't changed.

Below are diagrams showing the approximate layout of each set. We're not an architects, so dimensions are not precisely accurate, but you'll get the idea. Dotted lines represent assumed walls which were never seen.

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Century City, California*

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