John Bosley Character Bio


John Bosley JOHN BOSLEY (Good Old Dependable Bosley)
Portrayed by David Doyle, 1976 – 1981

Essential Bosley Episodes:
Angels at Sea
The Vegas Connection
Antique Angels
Angels in Waiting
Angels Ahoy!
Cruising Angels
Let Our Angel Live


It seems that the most mysterious backstory of all, is not that of the elusive Charlie, but of Bosley, John Bosley.

We were first introduced to Bosley in the Pilot Episode when his function in the newly formed Townsend Agency was that of a glorified male receptionist – to state it bluntly, he was Woodville’s bitch. Thankfully, once the first episode hit the airwaves, Woodville had disappeared, and the delightful Bosley had taken over his position.

It was once briefly inferred that Bosley had worked with Charlie in the years preceding the development of the Agency, but aside from that, the only hard fact we ever knew about Bosley’s past was that he was married – he often wears a wedding band during early episodes, and once even criticizes his wife in front of Jill. Later, however, he denies ever having been married and enjoys fairly frequent romantic intrigues – if you tally them up, they’re likely to outweigh the girls’ love affairs!

Good old dependable Bosley. He’s responsible to the max, often considered more of a sweet “uncle” rather than a co-worker, and it is easy to see he adores the Angels and they are equally comfortable and loving towards him. Although his character was extremely tight and work-oriented out of the gate, towards the end of the series, he loosened up and blended right into the team, ultimately becoming a male Angel rather than the stay-at-the-office secretary he was regarded as in the first season.

You’ll see the most of Bosley’s tender and protective personality in Let Our Angel Live – one of David Doyle’s finest performances in the entire series.

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Poor Bos tends to get knocked over the head quite a bit, but he’s always good for rushing in at the right moment to help tie up the bad guys and haul ‘em away. He earned his shiniest gold star for the violent encounter that he had with Kelly’s would-be-murderer in the show’s final episode.

Bosley drove a dark-green Ford Lincoln company car throughout the series, as well as a wood paneled station wagon on occasion. The Sweet Ride label is inapplicable here …

As the development of Bos’ character came along, so did his intelligence. As time wore on, he became far less bumbling and more clever – never quite reaching Sabrina’s or Tiffany’s heights of knowledge, but never dropping as far down as Kelly’s level.

What he shoots, he hits – and perhaps the most memorable example of his pistol prowess is the time he shot the Sandcastle Murderer off the pier and into the sea.

Tinklebell . . . the antiquities lady . . . the lady on the ship . . . that other lady on the yacht . . . the lady who drugged and tried to kill him . . . that sensitive showgirl / prostitute who made him kiss her goodnight . . . ok, well she doesn’t technically count, but Bosley certainly shares the Angels’ misfortune of getting romantically involved with all the wrong people. Of course, there were a few exceptions, none of whom were ever seen or mentioned a second time.


• Darkroom Developer
• Short Order Cook
• Audiovisual Technician
• Master of Disguises
• Bartender



  • Anthonydeutsch

    I was glad when they dumped that wooden woodville, what a waste of a paycheck he was, good old boz was funny at times and never over shadowed the girls and I loved how they basically integrated him into the fold as a male version of an angel. I watch season four all the time so it is easy for me to see the interplay between him and new character Tiffany and I adored it , it was cute and funny and relaxing. He and Tiff had great chemistry I thought. They complimented each other right off the bat in Loveboat Angels, he was the only one who treated and acted somewhat professional when introducing the angels to Tiff,I also like how he tried to reassure her when she was having a moment of insecurity and gave her a peck on the cheek, there are too many playful moments between these two to list and cover, but they are there a plenty, one i will always love is when they are back on the loveboat heading home when once again he and Tiff get playful when he complains that its not fair that no sooner he gets here and he has to leave and Tiff tells him she’ll pamper him all the way home and his response is you know I think that this girl has possibilities and the other two angels agree and all seems well, Tiffany earned her wings and figured alot of what was going on by displaying her smart and keen sense of observation throughout the entire episode, also too many instances to list. Go Angels Four all of you rocked it with the best offbeat, social issues of the time with excellant performances.Simply the Best.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I liked him best as bumbling bosley, a side kick, he never seemed overly clever to me and I couldn’t stand when he is trying to romance a woman by begging, like he did to pat justice in cruising angels. It also seems that he wanted to be included in the angels and wanted his profile and character built up because he and they all knew this show was only trying to hang on to reach the five year point for syndication and he knew he really couldn’t act all that well himself and wondered what will happen to him when the show ends.