"The Athletic One" Portrayed by Farrah Fawcett Years Active: 1976 – 1979


• Hellride • Angel Trap • Consenting Adults • Lady Killer • Angel Come Home • Fallen Angel • The Prince and the Angel • An Angel’s Trail

BACKSTORY Jill and her little sister Kris grew up with an alcoholic father and an unmentioned mother. While the Munroe sisters enjoyed “going up north” in their early years, it is unclear whether the girls grew up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or some other, unnamed city.

After graduating from the Police Academy in Los Angeles around 1974-75, Jill went on to become a police officer, specializing in hazardous duties and light office work. After a short time on the force, Jill was hired by Charlie Townsend for his private investigative unit.

After a year with the Townsend Agency, restless Jill disappeared and headed for Europe to pursue a fast-paced career in race car driving on the professional circuit. Eventually going on to become a respected driver, Jill won multiple awards, even coming in third at Le Mans and nabbing the top spot at the Grand Prix.






Google “flirt” and a picture of Jill comes up. Jill Munroe is fun loving, coy, slightly dingy (at times) and 100% aware of her sexuality. Jill always acts dumber than she actually is and can wrap a guy around her finger like a rubber band. Jill is as much of a daredevil as Kelly is – enjoying thrills such as race car driving and ass kicking.



Jill has always been delegated as the Athletic Angel, in fact, in 1998, Farrah Fawcett went on record as saying her character was “The Athletic One”. This prowess has proved beneficial in taking on bad guys. Jill has been known to use not only standard Angel martial arts moves such as the gut/elbow or the Angel Chop but she also mixes it up with sports skills. From skateboards to punching bags, Jill Munroe is the most skilled Angel when it comes to implementing sporting equipment into beating down baddies.

More info on Jill's fighting ability


The Farrah Flip. Enough said. Yes, we know that her style changed once she re-joined the cast in a few adventures, but this does nothing to diminish the fabulousness that are her feathers. Her style is known the world over as one of the single most iconic looks. Ever.


All of Jill’s boyfriends ended up dead or in jail. All of them. (OK, well, Prince Eric went back to Europe.) Jill wasn’t romantically involved as often as the other girls were, but she picked the series’ only winner in her sexy, race-car-driving fiance, Steve Carmody. She also had a royal affair with a handsome prince, and an emo wannabe-sportsman. Jill was tender towards the charming assassin, Fernando Lamas; and walked on the wild side with Damien Roth (but this one doesn’t count as her own taste – it was a job – and hey, who wouldn’t fall for this guy. Thief or not.)


Not only can this chick handle a revolver, but the Great Athletic One has terrific aim with frisbeeing hub cabs, bowling balls, and hitting her target with a rowboat oar. She’s even been known to use her own body as a human projectile aimed at taking down a fleeing villain.


While not really a weakness, Jill always talks about being hungry. She also has a self destructive streak especially when it comes to men and is attracted (as are most of her co-workers) to bad boys. Jill has been known to make bizarre, slightly racist comments to minorities – especially Latinos.


Not only was Jill blessed with her shiny Cobra, but she also picked up a yellow Porsche later on, and got to slide behind the wheel of many a slick Formula One race car.


Ditzy Jill started out as an airhead but thankfully gathered her wits by mid-season. She went on to become more serious, calm, and collected as the years went on.


During her original tenure, Jill could make a paper bag look amazing. Jill fit hand in hand with the fashion of the 1970’s, but couldn’t quite cut it once the big ’80s hit. That’s when we saw lots of colorless, shapeless and shroud-like garments rather than the glorious super-tight jeans and hoodies of yore.


• Athletic Supremacy • Cardsharp • Fully Qualified Disco Expert • Roy Rogers Freak • Instinctive Carnie • Masseuse


Jill doesn’t necessarily corner the sports market – little sister Kris can keep up, too. Here’s a list of Jill’s sports reel highlights: • Formula Auto Racing • Combat Driving • Tennis • Swimming • Horseback Riding • Bowling • Martial Arts • Running • Gymnastics • Basketball • Skateboarding • Billiards • Frisbee • Roller Skating