Jaclyn Smith Reflects on Charlie’s Angels & Farrah

Excerpts from Fans' Questions to the Angels Star

Q: You're still known for your role in Charlie's Angels. Why do you still think it still has resonance even today? - Uinterview User A: You know that's a good question! I think it came along at a time, a great time in television, a time where there weren't three great women in the lead. It was fun, it was glamorous to a certain extent. It had the bonding of the girls, the friendship, and then it had Charlie. I think it had elements that are timeless in it. I think the casting was right on. There was somebody for everyone. You know, we were all so different. I don't think we were interchangeable, and I think people of all ages enjoyed it. But, I think Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg cast it right, and put all the right elements together, and it just clicked. And you know, sometimes it's hard to explain what makes something stand out.

Q: Now is there a memory from those years that stands out as being the most vivid to you? - Uinterview User A: You know, I think certainty the first season when we become an overnight [celebrity] - you don't stand in line at the movies anymore or at Disneyland. I think the friendship of the first season stands out because it changed our lives overnight and that's not to say when Cheryl [Ladd] joined - she didn't miss a beat and that was great, too. But I think the impact of that show comes from the first season. I think Aaron called one morning in makeup and was like, 'Gosh you girls beat Gone With The Wind, the greatest movie of all time!' I thought, 'No! Even though I wanted to be number one, I didn't want to beat Gone With The Wind!' That was my dream you know I was called Scarlett O'Hara as a little girl. I really learned a lot over the course of the show. It was an education for me doing the series and the girls were great - they were my friends.

Q: We lost Farrah Fawcett last year. Did you stay in contact with her in those last years? - Uinterview User A: Oh, absolutely. I was right there with her. You're always close and you always pick up the phone, but certainly toward the end I was right there for her and right by her side trying to help her husband talk to her and watching how brave and strong she was.

It was very difficult because I lost my mother around that time too, so it's been a hard year. My mother and I were so close and my mother was in the hospital when Farrah passed away, so I had gotten on the plane to come back for the funeral and when I landed my mom had a turn, so I got right back on the plane and I thought, 'Well, Farrah would be the first one...'

She was close to her mother and I was close to mine, and we shared all that. We had great families and that was something we understood in each other. So you know it just was not an easy time. There's a gap and I just don't think you ever fill certain gaps. You just don't. They're there and but I guess you say, 'Hey, you choose the tears and the pain because you certainly had the best mom and Farrah was a dear friend.'

It's hard there are no words for it.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the summer and what big projects do you have up next? - Uinterview User A: Well, Cheryl [Ladd] and I have been talking about doing a television series, and so we might do that. It would be a half-hour comedy, but it is in the works. You know what, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say yet - it was for a network. But it's a great idea and something that's right for Cheryl and I so we'll see.

Also, I have not had a family trip in a while and I'm hoping to take some time this summer to travel with both my children and my husband. I have my big 25th year celebration in New York in September for Kmart, so that involves a lot. And we have a house in Santa Barbra and we're doing that over too.


July 20, 2010 Uinterview.com