Kelly and Julie peruse the various levels of this Hawaiian resort searching for Julie's missing friend; Kelly and Julie later beat down two bad guys with their purses.


"Waikiki Angels", Season 5


Check out this video which shows views from the parking area where Kelly and Julie play rough.


Julie and Kelly in particular spent quite a bit of time at this location, the Ilikai Hotel & Suites in Honolulu, Hawaii. Used as Bianca's hotel (and called 'The Pacific Hotel' in this episode), the two Angels visit the lobby, a suite, a balcony, hallways, elevator and pool of the resort. They're later joined by Bosley and Kris who help chase down the baddies on the resort's property.

Built in 1964 near the famed Waikiki Beach, known the world over for its spectacular views of the Hawaiian paradise, the Ilikai Hotel & Suites was and still is one of Honolulu's finest high-rise hotels. If the hotel looks familiar - it should. Its penthouse was featured weekly in the opening credits of Hawaii Five-0.

As was the case with most of the Hawaiian shooting locations used during Charlie's Angels final season, the interiors featured in this episode are indeed those of the Ilikai, although in recent years the hotel's interior has undergone a major renovation which has rendered it unrecognizable from its appearance on the show.

The hotel's pool is featured very briefly as Julie and Kelly stroll past; later the girls lean out over a balcony in pursuit of their suspect, and again, this is an actual balcony at the Ilikai, likely a suite on or around the 10th floor, and they're looking (roughly) east along Hobron Lane.

The resort was also used as the setting for one of the series' most uniquely amusing Angel beatdowns - the purse pummeling, expertly administered by Miss Garrett. The Angelic attack on the bad guys happened in the small parking area in back of the hotel, just across the street from the marina. This spot still looks the same today aside from updated coats of paint - should you ever visit the islands, this stairway can be found around back along Holomana Street. Click here to see the street view of this spot, which is aimed down Holomana, where Julie nabbed the license plate number of the speeding car.


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Ilikai Hotel & Suites [View Hotel Website]
1777 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96815-1603

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