Which Angel killed the most bad guys? Who shot who? Did that guy die?

It's time we had a definitive list.

Fans who love a good debate, cheer up, you can still argue about this topic for the rest of your days - some situations are so ambiguous, they don't even tell you whether the victim died.

Hardcore fans are excused from class, and may proceed to the stats sheets and episode checklist.

Summary for Casual Fans and the Non-Obsessive

If you're not a fan of death, feel free to go back in time, change the channel, and watch Diff'rent Strokes, because a lot of people kicked the can on this show: definitely 114, possibly as many as 121. Surprised? Really, why? It's a crime drama. Here's the skinny:

The Deadliest Angel The answer you probably came here for - who killed the most bad guys? The Angel who closes her eyes first, shoots second, and asks questions never: Kelly Garrett, seen here blind-capping her first bad guy in Season 2's Angel Blues.

No surprises there - she had the full 5 years to kill people, and frankly we'd be a little disappointed if she weren't in the lead.

However, it's worth mentioning that Sabrina actually has a greater ratio of kills - almost as many as Kelly (5 or 6), but in far fewer episodes. After that, Jill trails along with 2 kills, Kris a surprisingly low 1 or 2, and Tiff and Julie 1 apiece. Amazingly enough Bosley, who had this gig as long as ol' Killer Garrett, has not one death on his record.

Angel Killings The Angels were responsible for taking a sum of 13 to 17 lives. Season 2 is the only year in which the Angels are not responsible for any deaths. Immediately following is the Season 3 bloodbath, where the girls (well, mainly Kelly and Sabrina) bagged about half their total victims.

Though the natural assumption is that they shot everybody, they actually killed the majority of their bad guys by harassing escaping vehicles and causing them to crash and burn. Shooting comes in second, and after that, it's a grab-bag of weird one-time methods.

Angel Shootings The Angels (including Bosley) collectively shot 14 people, out of which only 2 to 5 died. Of this total, Kelly shot the most (5). At the bottom of the list come Jill and Tiffany, the only Angels who never got to shoot anyone. Just one more way poor Tiff was robbed. And she was a good shot, too - ask the bad guys' tires.

If you need more information, proceed and gorge on tallies and statistics.


ANGEL KILL LIST: (Italics indicate unclear situations) Angels in Chains (2), The Killing Kind (1), Bullseye (1), Angels in Vegas (2), Angels on Vacation (2), Counterfeit Angels (0, 1 or 2), Terror on Skis (1), Angel in a Box (1), Angel Hunt (1), Of Ghosts and Angels (1), Angel in Hiding (0 or 1), Waikiki Angels (0 or 1), Taxi Angels (1)


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  • JILL
  • KRIS


Total Kills: 7 to 9 Kill Factor: Kills in 5-7 of 109 episodes = .04-.08% First Kill: Angels in Chains Deadliest Episode: Angels on Vacation Deadliest Season: 3 (3 or 4 kills) Favorite Kill Method: Shooting People Shot: 5 (2 or 3 died)  

Even Sabrina knows it: Kelly shoots expert. No matter if you're wanted for triple homicide or petty theft, if she sees you running she'll pull a revolver out of a giant empty purse and blow you away, or at least fire a warning(?) shot after you while you flee for your life. Wait, why is she called "the sensitive one" again?


ANGEL OF DEATH She takes more lives total than any other Angel
DEADLIEST CHARACTER She kills more people than any serial killer ever seen on the show

FASTEST TO KILL Waits fewest episodes before first kill (tied with Jill)

Kill List: Angels in Chains (2), Angels on Vacation (2), Counterfeit Angels (1 possible), Angel in a Box (1), Angel Hunt (1), Waikiki Angels (1 possible), Taxi Angels (1)


Total Kills: 5 or 6 Kill Factor: Kills in 4-5 of 69 episodes = .06-.08% First Kill: The Killing Kind (her 7th episode) Deadliest Episode: Angels in Vegas (2 kills) Deadliest Season: 3 (3 or 4 kills) Favorite Kill Method: Making cars go off the road People Shot: 3 (only 1 may have died)

If you’re causing a problem, the Chief Angel has no qualms about confiscating your life by any means available. She’s as efficient/lazy about death as she is about fashion, and would prefer to kill you simply by doing whatever she’s already doing. Why park the snowmobile, get off, and shoot the bad guy? Just plow right into him. Done!


DEADLIEST, STATISTICALLY  Most kills per episode of any Angel

MOST NONCHALANT Never shows any emotion at all after killing

Kill List: The Killing Kind (1), Angels in Vegas (2), Counterfeit Angels (1 possible), Terror on Skis (1)


Total Kills:  2 Kill Factor: Kills in 1 of 29 episodes = .03% First Kill: Angels in Chains (her 5th episode) Deadliest Episode: Angels in Chains (2 kills) Deadliest Season: 1 (2 kills) Favorite Kill Method: Potatoes People Shot: 0

Jill's really not the killing kind (sorry), and you don't have to be while Kelly and Sabrina are on your team. It's hard to accept that, considering all the shots Jill ever fired at bad guys, she only ever killed anybody by throwing potatoes.


FASTEST TO KILL Waits fewest episodes before first kill (tied with Kelly)

MOST ECO-FRIENDLY Kills 100% of her victims with organic produce

Kill List: Angels in Chains (2)


Total Kills: 1 or 2 Kill Factor: Kills in 1-2 of 86 episodes = .01-.02% First Kill: Angel Hunt (her 33rd episode) Deadliest Episode: Angel Hunt (1 kill) Deadliest Season: 4 Favorite Kill Method: Playing Tarzan People shot: 3 (out of which, only 1 may have died)

Kris was the first Angel to shoot anyone... and the second! (Angels on Horseback) Were they all shooting blanks in Season 1?

Considering her extended time on the job, it's a little surprising that her killings are few and far between - maybe because it seems to bother her a lot more than the other Angels.


FIRST SHOT First Angel ever to shoot anyone on the show

SLOWEST TO KILL Waits the most episodes before her first kill

MISS REMORSEFUL Devastated over her own shootings, other Angels' kills

Kill List: Angel Hunt (1), Angel in Hiding (1 possible)


Total Kills: 1 Kill Factor: 1 kill in 16 episodes = .06% First Kill: Taxi Angels (her 9th episode) Favorite Kill Method: Frightening the mentally unstable People Shot: 1 (nonfatal)

Julie, we knew ye not well. With only about half a regular season of screentime, one could argue she wasn’t given enough time to put notches on her gun. But, come on, she’s the streetwise Angel. Real streetwise, too, not the Kelly kind of sensitively-faux-streetwise. If the writers had let her stick to her character, Julie would pull a gun out the back of her pants like Sabrina and cap some fool in practically every episode. She should have killed someone in her debut episode alone.


MOST CLUELESS Causes the accidental death of a fleeing suspect

LAST SAY Last Angel to kill anybody on the show

Taxi Angels (1)


Total Kills: 1 Kill Factor: Kills in 1 of 24 episodes = .04% First Kill: Of Ghosts and Angels (her 13th episode) Favorite Kill Method: Stair-pushing People Shot: None   Oh, Tiffany. She never got to shoot anyone. Robbed of the most basic right of an Angel, shooting people for any reason at all. But to make up for that, she is the only Angel who ever brought someone's death with her bare hands. Didn't think she had it in her. Go, Tiff!


RUDEST PARTY GUEST She killed the host at his own party in his own house

BEST MURDER-FOILER Stopped a murder by murdering the murderer

Of Ghosts and Angels (1)


Total Kills: 0 People Shot: 2 (nonfatal)

You could sorta say that both times he shot bad guys were in defense of the Angels. Bosley's a teddy bear. Would you expect a teddy bear to be killing people left and right?


SAFETY FIRST Bosley is the only team member who never killed anybody

PACIFIC SHOOTER 100% of victims fall into Pacific Ocean when shot


Here's the complete list for those who need to check up. Otherwise, you can leave, this article is over.

Click the arrows to expand or collapse each season of individual episodes. Unclear cases are marked in blue, Angel shootings in red, and Angel killings in bold. Long-past deaths are noted but not counted.


charlies-angels-deaths-bullseye Deaths: 35 or 36 Deadliest Angel: Kelly/Sabrina/Jill 3-way tie Total Kills by Angels: 4 Angel Shootings: 0

Pilot - 0 Hellride - 1 Suzy Lemson - killed in rigged racecar The Mexican Connection - 2 Pilot's sister - killed in plane crash Heroin lab guy - murdered by Escobar  ** The plainclothes officer who gets shot is fished out of the water and seems okay. Night of the Strangler - 3 Dana Cameron - ragdoll strangled Michelle St. Clair - ragdoll strangled Heinz Brandon - murdered with phony suicide note  ** Candy is also ragdoll strangled, but survives the attack. Angels in Chains - 4 Elizabeth Hunter - shot by guards Dear departed Deputy Dan - murdered off-camera  Sheriff Clint - car blown up by potatoes - Jill, Kelly  Karl - car blown up by potatoes - Jill, Kelly Target: Angels - 1 Harry Wardlow - found shot in the closet The Killing Kind - 3 Brooke Anderson - scuba-drowned by Inga  Henchman - run off the road - Sabrina  Harvey Sunday - shot by henchmen To Kill an Angel - 1 Unseen man - shot in the tunnel of horrors Lady Killer - 2 Feline centerfold - chloroformed by Paula It's mentioned that one other feline was murdered a month earlier.  ** Dave Erhard falls dramatically off the roof, but is "expected to pull through". Bullseye - 3 Mary Jo Walker - sniped on shooting range Dr. Canlon - shot by Sgt. Billings Sgt. Billings - plane caused to crash - Sabrina Consenting Adults - 2 Cooley - shot by Ernesto Mumford - shot by Ernesto The Seance - 1 Madame Dorian - shot by Terrance Angels on Wheels - 2 Karen Jason - neck broken by Jeremy Joe Esposito - murdered by Jeremy Angel Trap - 4 Pool guy - shot by Jericho It's said that Jericho has killed 3 other men in the past month.  **Jericho is shot in the takedown, but does not die. The Big Tap-Out - 0 Angels on a String - 0 Dirty Business - 0 The Vegas Connection - 0 Terror on Ward One - 0  ** Dr. Ted Danworth was forced to overdose on pills, but it's mentioned later that he's okay. Dancing in the Dark - 0 I Will Be Remembered - 1 Barkley - falls from studio catwalk Angels at Sea - 3 Yuppie couple - steamed by Harry Dana Crew guy - murdered by Harry Dana The Blue Angels - 2 or 3 Rowdy customer - shot by Burt Burt - shot by Fine  ** Fine shoots himself in the stomach, and we're probably to assume he dies, but they never say for sure.


charlies-angels-deaths-cheryl-ladd-jaclyn-smithDeaths: 21 to 24 Total Kills by Angels: None Angel Shootings: 5 * This is the only season in which every Angel (including Bosley) shot at least 1 person.

Angels in Paradise - 1 Harold - drowned guy mistaken for Charlie Angels on Ice - 0 Pretty Angels All in a Row - 0 Angel Flight - 1 to 3 Maralyn Bassett - karate chopped  ** The flight engineer, implied to be shot, is called "unconscious" and never mentioned again.  ** Glover is shot, but it's not clear whether he's dead or just unconscious. Circus of Terror - 0 Angel in Love - 1 Slater - strangled by Lon Molton Unidentified Flying Angels - 1 Charlotte Sheridan - silenced by goons Angels on the Air - 0 Angel Baby - 0  ** Kris shoots Chaffey, but he doesn't die. This is the show's first Angel shooting. Angels in the Wings - 0 Magic Fire - 0 Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper - 0 Angels on Horseback - 2 Joseph Frisch - murdered on the dude ranch bus Ed Cole - shot by Ed Miller  **Kris nonfatally shoots one of the henchmen - this is the show's 2nd Angel shooting. Game, Set, Death - 1 Carmita Medina - ambiguously murdered on tennis court Hours of Desperation - 1 Murdock - shot by Dinsmore Diamond in the Rough - 0 Angels in the Backfield - 0  **Sabrina nonfatally shoots one of the thieves. This is the 3rd Angel shooting and Sabrina's first. The Sandcastle Murders - 4 Misc. corpse - sandcastle murdered by Dave Christopher Betsy Harper - sandcastle murdered by Dave Christopher Gerson - murdered by Dave Christopher The newspaper headline Kris reads indicates that there was another recent victim.  ** Bosley shot Dave off the Santa Monica Pier, but he did not die. This is the show's 4th Angel shooting and Bosley's first. Angel Blues - 2 Amy Waters - murdered via heroin injection Boyfriend - shot by heroin guy   **Freddie gets shot by Kelly in the takedown. This is the show's 5th Angel shooting, and Kelly's first. Mother Goose is Running For His Life - 1 Wiretapper - shot by toy cannon Little Angels of the Night - 3 Terry Jones - strangled by Roman Vail Carol - strangled by Roman Vail It's mentioned that one other girl was strangled a month earlier. The Jade Trap - 1 Cougar sugar mama - shot by Denny Angels on the Run - 0 Antique Angels - 2 Guard - shot by bandits Rally guy - shot by bandits


charlies-angels-deaths-counterfeit Deaths: 29 to 31 Total Kills by Angels: 6 to 8 Deadliest Angel: Kelly or Sabrina Angel Shootings: 7

Angels in Vegas - 5 Mary Phillips - run off the road Scatman Crothers - hit by car, poisoned by Dick Sargent  Marty Cole - tires shot out, car rolls over cliff - Sabrina  Ed Slokum - tires shot out, car rolls over cliff - Sabrina  Frank mentions one other employee who was run down in the parking lot a week earlier. Angel Come Home - 1 Steve Carmody - blown up by rigged Ferrino racecar Angel on High - 2 Joan Freeman - accidentally hit by car Joseph Markle - shot by the bad guys Angels in Springtime - 1 Eve LeDeux - electrocuted by Norma Winning is for Losers - 1 Bill Montclair - shot by Evan Wilcox Haunted Angels - 1 Kathy Wade - killed by Peter Russell Pom Pom Angels - 0 Angels Ahoy - 1 Lisa Blake - thrown overboard by Leo Sanchez Mother Angel - 1 Boston guy - hit on the head by Victor Buckley Angel On My Mind - 1 Jarvis - hit on the head by Burton  **Bosley shoots Burton, but he doesn't die. This is the show's 6th Angel shooting. Angels Belong in Heaven - 1 Tom Norton - shot by Jellek  **Kelly nonfatally shoots Jellek out of her living room window. This is the 7th Angel shooting. Angels in the Stretch - 2 Les Ferrar - hit on the head by Gates Gates - heart attack Angels on Vacation - 3  Ed Fellows - shot - Kelly    This is the show's 8th Angel shooting, and the first fatal one.  Slade - shot / caused to fall off a bridge - Kelly   This is the show's 9th Angel shooting.  Real Deputy Fellows - shot by Slade Counterfeit Angels - 0 or 2  ** 2 bad guards are shot by Kelly and Sabrina, but it's not clear whether they die. These are the show's 10th and 11th Angel shootings. Disco Angels - 3 Homeless guy - strangled by Disco Harry Charlie mentions that there have been 2 prior victims. Terror on Skis - 2 George Wales - shot by Vincenti  Vincenti Donettelli - run over by snowmobile - Sabrina Angel in a Box - 2 Ed Jackson - shot by henchman  Anton Karazna - plane shot down - Kelly  ** Though Bosley and Sabrina are also shooting, it's Kelly's idea to aim for the plane's engine, and she fires the shot which causes the fuel leak. Teen Angels - 1 Patty Cantwell - strangled by Victor Marathon Angels - 0 Angels in Waiting - 0  **Sabrina nonfatally shoots Lawrence Wellman. This is the show's 12th Angel shooting. Rosemary, For Remembrance - 1 Renaldi - shot by Gordon Sanders  **We aren't counting this since it's far outside the timeframe of the show, but Gordon also shot and killed Rosemary 40 years earlier. Angels Remembered - 0


charlies-angels-deaths-angel-hunt Deaths: 19 Total Kills by Angels: 2 Deadliest Angel: 3-way tie Angel Shootings: 0

Love Boat Angels - 0 Angels Go Truckin' - 0 Avenging Angel - 0 Angels at the Altar - 0 Fallen Angel - 0 Caged Angel - 1 Amy Nalon - shot during forced robbery Angels on the Street - 0 The Prince and the Angel - 0 Angels on Skates - 0 Angels on Campus - 0 Angel Hunt - 2 Malcolm Case - mauled by tiger  Walker - crushed by tree - Kelly, Kris Cruising Angels - 2 Cap'n Webner - shot by Gen. Renez' goons Ken Atamien - shot by Gen. Renez Of Ghosts and Angels - 1  Clifford Burke - knocked down staircase - Tiffany  ** Clifford is reported to have killed 2 previous wives. Angel's Child - 1 Sgt. Cates' partner - shot by thieves One of Our Angels is Missing - 1 John Mackey - shot by Rick Devlin  ** Rick Devlin is reported to have murdered three women in past years, but we're not counting that Catch a Falling Angel - 1 Seth Jeffers - run over by Joe Willis Homes $weet Homes - 0 Dancing Angels - 2 Sally Fairgate - garroted by Elton Mills Billy the singer - hit on the head by Elton Mills Harrigan's Angel - 0 An Angel's Trail - 4 Unseen Shopkeeper - shot by Cliff & Sam 2 unseen campers - shot by Sam Cliff - accidentally killed by Harley Nips and Tucks - 2 Tom Ford - blown up by Barbara Brown Elena - hit on the head by Barbara Brown Three for the Money - 0 Toni's Boys - 0 One Love... Two Angels - 2 Oliver Barrows - poisoned by Glenn Staley Bill Cord - poisoned by Glenn Staley


jaclyn-smith-dune-buggy-charlies-angelsDeaths: 10 to 12 Total Kills by Angels: 1 to 3 Deadliest Angel: Kelly Angel Shootings: 2  

Angel in Hiding - 3 or 4 Jody Mills - strangled by Edward Jordan Terry Mann - suicide via ocean Harry Stearns - shot by Jimmy Joy  ** Edward Jordan collapses after being shot by Kris and then hit by a car. It really really seems like he's dead, but no one ever mentions him again, so we can't be sure. This is the show's 13th Angel shooting. To See an Angel Die - 0 Angels of the Deep - 0 Island Angels - 1 Jack Barrows - poisoned by Lisa Gallo Waikiki Angels - 1 or 2 Ted Burton - pushed off a cliff by Bo Thompson  **Kelly sorta causes Bo to crash his dune buggy, but it's not clear whether he dies. Hula Angels - 0 Moonshinin' Angels - 0 He Married an Angel - 0 Taxi Angels - 1  Sarge - accidentally scared into jumping off a building - Julie, Kelly Angel on the Line - 1 Lois - hit by car Chorus Line Angels - 0  **Julie shoots Damien in the leg. This is the 14th and final Angel shooting, and Julie's only. Stuntwomen Angels - 0 Attack Angels - 3 Francine Miller - killed in kamikaze hypno-assassination Bosley says that 2 other Western Techtronics employees have been killed recently. Angel on a Roll - 0 Mr. Galaxy - 0 Let Our Angel Live - 0

Charlie's Angels' first fatality was Suzy Lemson, the race car driver from Hellride. The last was Francine Miller, the hypnotic assassin from Attack Angels. In between are over 100 episodes and even more deaths. Let's discuss.

As you've probably noticed, a lot of tallies here are a range of numbers instead of an exact answer, because they don't always tell you whether the person died. If you can't live with that, consult the episode list at the end of this article and make your own call on the ambiguous incidents.

Total Deaths:
114 to 121
Deadliest Season:
1 (35 or 36 deaths)
Least Deadly Season:
5 (10 to 12 deaths)
Deadliest Episode:
Angels in Vegas (5 deaths)
Deadliest Character:
Kelly Garrett (7 to 9 kills)
Deadliest Non-Angel Character:
Jericho (Angel Trap) with 4 kills. Being a professional assassin, he deserves 1st place though Dave Christopher (The Sandcastle Murderer) ties his count of at least 4 murders.
Sexism: Almost exactly twice as many men died as women
Top Death Methods:
  • Shootings - 41+
  • Stranglings - 13
  • Explosions - 11
  • Poisonings - 7
  • Cars going off the road - 6
  • Getting hit once on the head - 5