"Charlie told me I'd be a big hit on skates!"

Jill joins the Tornadoes roller derby team to find out how skater Karen Jason was murdered during a game. The others rush to save Jill before she can follow in Karen's footsteps - ALL THE WAY.


"Angels on Wheels", Season 1


The 9,000 seat Grand Olympic was home to the famed Los Angeles Thunderbirds roller derby team, as well as a popular venue for many major concerts and boxing matches (including scenes of Sylvester Stallone's original Rocky filmed in the same year that the Angels visited).

The exterior of this huge auditorium was glimpsed briefly as the establishing shot in Angels on Wheels, in which you can see the marquee and the street at large. All of the interior roller derby sequences in this episode were shot on location inside the auditorium on the T-Birds' rink.

Originally built in 1924 for the 1932 Olympics, throughout the ensuing years the Olympic hosted some of the world's biggest boxing, wrestling and roller derby events and has become legendary in boxing and roller derby history.

The T-Birds' Official Website elaborates: "Witnessing an event at the Olympic in the 1960's was unlike any other sports experience. Every seat was close to the action and because of the acoustics of the building, the crowd noise was quite possibly more intense than any auditorium in the country. T-Bird games often created a unique fan frenzy and occasionally pandemonium."

After years of waning attendance, the auditorium closed in the mid-1980's, although the building remained quite the same until the property was purchased by a Korean-American church in 2005. Now it's easy to miss without its classic marquee sign - not that we ever got a good look on the show anyway.


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1801 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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