When the Angels visit Utopia West growth center/spa/ranch to find a murderer, Sabrina finds love with a wanted skyjacker instead.


  • Angel in Love, Season 2
  • Angels on Horseback, Season 2
  • Teen Angels, Season 3
  • The Prince and the Angel, Season 4 


Though the 900-acre Newhall property has been owned by Disney since 1959, it's been used by anybody and everybody in the film industry. Parts of the ranch can be seen in movies from Old Yeller to Back to the Future to Pirates of the Caribbean III, and every show from Bonanza to The X-Files to Mad Men

Careful framing of shots can make these episodes seem like they're filmed in completely different places, but really all of these little cabins and picturesque spots are quite close together. For example, note the brown barn in the screenshots below, which is among a cluster of buildings in Angels in Horseback, but looks like it's standing alone in a field in the other episodes. 

As you might have guessed, Doug O'Neal's green cabin is actually played by the opposite side of the same cabin where Kris and Kelly were staying. (If it's fun for you to think of it this way, when the Angels went to knock on Doug's door, they were actually knocking on their own door, while Doug was inside stealing money out of their wall.) A nighttime shot of this same cabin (Kris and Kelly's side) is used again in Angels in Horseback. The ranch's tiny inclusion in Teen Angels is puzzling, since any stretch of grass and trees could have sufficed for the Jeep chase. Surely there were trees at Blackmoor?


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Disney's Golden Oak Ranch
19802 Placerita Canyon Road
Newhall, CA 91321

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