Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor helps the poorest of the poor by providing food, housing, health care, education, water projects, emergency relief and micro-enterprise assistance in the Caribbean and Latin America.


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The Townsend Agency staff sponsors this little boy named George, a 1-year-old orphan who lives in Jamaica. At the same time, we're asking fans to back us up by donating to other children in need. We'll feature one special child each month who will receive our aid. Please visit our official fund page for the Townsend Agency on where anyone can contribute! For more details, read here.

You can reach this page any time at or through our "Be An Angel" app on Facebook.


We support this charity in honor of Cheryl Ladd, who has recently appeared as a spokesperson for the nonprofit organization on The Word Network, asking for help for impoverished children in third-world countries. Specifically, Cheryl asks viewers to consider becoming Angels of the Poor, wherein monthly contributions are made to help reliably provide medicine, food, spiritual support, and other critical resources to children in need. 

Millions are suffering without health care, food, or even water that's safe to drink. Please consider making a donation to save lives by clicking this link or the "donate" button at the top of this page. (You will be taken to Food For The Poor's website where you can make a secure online donation.)

DISCLAIMER: We support only as fans and claim no affiliation or endorsement from Cheryl Ladd.