Pom Pom Angels

Charlies Angels Episode Summary SUMMARY

After a extremely un-exciting stock footage football game played by the Bulldogs, cheerleader coach Beverly Casey is interrupted in the womens’ locker room – first by some guy named Eddie (more on him later), then by Belle Asher, the manager and judge of the Bulldogs cheerleaders – The Bow Wows – and her creepy son. Why all concerned were okay with men wandering into a girls’ locker room while they were showering is never made clear, but boy, those people in the 70′s were some ole’ freaks. The parade of peeping toms ends with the freaky monstrosity Tasker who, like the others, simply walks into the girls’ restroom demanding to see “Marianne”, who apparently is a missing cheerleader.

Later, while locking up, Ms. Casey is visited by yet another unknown locker room intruder. This one grabs the hapless cheer coach and we are off and running!

Back at the office, Bosley is reading a rambling threatening note filled with religious rants. It seems three of these notes have been sent to Dan Abner, owner of The Bulldogs and the latest note makes an indirect reference to the missing Beverly Casey. Charlie suggests that at least two of the Angels become Bow Bows (we never saw that coming) and that Sabrina take Beverly Casey’s place as the cheerleading coach because on top of quarterbacking the football team and driving stock cars on the dirt circuit (see Angels in the Backfield and Hellride, respectively) Sabrina also found time to be a cheerleader while in high school, evidently in various army bases her dad was stationed on, but whatever.

Kelly and Kris actually have to try out for the squad because client Dan Abner is an old lush and Charlie is afraid he may blow the Angels’ cover. Sabrina proceeds to whip Kelly and Kris into shape. At this point she reveals to the girls that the Bulldogs’ cheerleaders are named the Bow Wows, much to their dismay. Sabrina chats up Abner before the try-outs and learns that agent Belle Asher is an advisor and judge for the cheerleading drill. Mr. Abner lets it slip that he doesn’t like girls who mess with their hair (Jill would have been screwed) and Sabrina uses this tidbit to get two Bow Wow wannabes disqualified for fussing with their hair.


Following a rather simplistic routine, Kris and Kelly are in the squad, the two hair mussers are out, and out of guilt, Bri offers the pair of rejected cheerheads future work. How or if Sabrina has any intention or ability to make good on these promises is not clear.

Kris and Kelly suit up after their performance (and of course they did well – they got to try out to music similar to the Charlie’s Angels action theme so they already had the groove) and start complaining about how tight their Bow Wow uniforms are. That’s right, Kris and Kelly bitch and moan about having to wear tight, revealing clothes. As if all this was not banal enough, newsman Sam shows up at the tryouts with the creepy peeping tom Eddie from the locker room earlier and oh, guess what? Trasker shows back up as if on cue asking about “Marianne”, “Marianne” in much the same way a zombie might moan “brains, brains” in a Living Dead flick.

Eddie introduces columnist Sam to Sabrina, who explains that he’s going to plug the Bow Wows in his column. Kris and Kelly introduce themselves to Sam and Eddie or rather they introduce slightly altered versions of characters they created in Season 2′s Pretty Angels All in a Row. Kris, country girl from Macon, Georgia becomes a country girl from Atlanta and Kelly’s aloof heiress now hails from Philly and sounds an awful lot like her impression of Katharine Hepburn. It’s at this point in the episode where every character the Angels interact with makes some sort of religious reference in an attempt to create red herrings. This dialogue is handled so sloppily that it becomes ridiculous and tedious. To wit:

Sam: “Not that you ladies aren’t absolutely adorable but I would much rather meet you at a church social.”
Sabrina: “A church social? (Wink wink nudge nudge to Kelly) Um, tell me, are you a religious man?”

The constant, overt glances the Angels exchange are not only obvious but downright silly. To break up all this nonsense, in the next scene, Kelly is accosted by the giant Trasker who always seems to appear throughout the episode in the scene directly after Eddie and Sam are on screen. What this means we don’t know, but the fact that the mind was wandering to scene compositions and screen times tells you how poor the writing was on this one. Thankfully, Bosley rescues Kelly from Trasker’s parking lot assault.

Kris gets chatty with a fellow cheerleader who fills in the blanks on the Marianne/Trasker/Belle situation. It seems Marianne had some contract disputes with that mountain of a woman, Belle Asher. Kris then goes to see Belle but encounters her twitchy son Timothy instead, who mentions that he is studying theology, prompting Kris to flash another one of those “dum dum dum” looks that just serve to further insult the intelligence of the viewer. All of this is interrupted rather abruptly by the senior Mrs. Asher and Kris asks her to represent her as her agent.

Meanwhile, back at the cult…wait a minute… no cult has been introduced up to this point, but in the next scene, out of nowhere we are treated to TV’s Honey West herself (Anne Francis) gowned in a sackcloth and holding court over Beverly Casey and two bewildered female hostages, prattling on about her past as a former prostitute and how “The Good One” saved her life. Hey! Do you suppose one of these hostage broads is Marianne? Good for you. That’s one mystery solved; actually that’s two mysteries solved because momentarily “The Good One” lowers his hood to reveal he is … Eddie, the creepy locker room newspaperman! Why the show revealed the identity of the antagonist halfway through, thus making all of the remaining scenes featuring the other suspects completely irrelevant is beyond us, but that’s what happened.

Now all we have to do is wait around for the Angels to figure it out and kick The Good One’s ass. And figure it out they will, but first Kris has to go on a pointless date with Timothy (pointless because we know Timothy is not the kidnapper, even if Kris doesn’t, thus draining all tension and suspense out of their scene.) Bosley distracts Timothy’s mom by spitting game in that way that only Bosley can while Kelly, Kris and the Bow Wows perform that same horrible routine they tried out with. If that is the only routine they know, watching the Bow Wows could get extremely tedious.

Eddie makes his move on Kris (didn’t see that coming) and asks to meet her for dinner. Kris declines because she has to go out with Timothy, you know, the guy revealed NOT to be the bad guy. So Kris’ instincts suck is what the writers are trying to say, evidently. Eddie questions Sabrina about Kelly in an awkward and uncomfortable scene. Why the Angels have not pegged creepy – stalker – walking into the locker rooms – smudge on his jacket – Eddie as a bad guy is baffling.

During her date with Timothy, Kris goes to freshen up and phones Sabrina to check in. When she returns to the table, Timothy is gone and Eddie appears (Seriously, he is so creepy throughout the entire ordeal; why the Angels don’t immediately suspect him makes no sense.) Eddie drugs Kris’ coffee and then drags her out of the restaurant (well, sort of, because Kris helps him by sleepwalking) and although a waitress seems to witness the goings-on, she simply turns the other way and appears to go about her business.

Back at the office, it seems the waitress did at least tell the Agency about Kris’ abduction and now Charlie suddenly suspects Eddie. Kris comes to and finds herself in The Good One’s lair (a cheap rip off of the cult setting from Satan’s School for Girls) where and Anne Francis explains to her that she needs to don her sackcloth and get with the program before The Good One returns. At this point, Kris displays that Munroe confidence in being able to kick Anne Francis’ ass and get herself, Beverly and the other kidnapped cheerleaders out of there before her own hair is sacrificed.

While all of this is going on, Sabrina and Kelly notice a smudge of the same kind that was visible on Eddie’s jacket the previous night, whereupon they deduce that evil Eddie is keeping the women hostage at an old printing plant. Why? It seems Eddie went off the deep end after the death of his sister. Okay, whatever.

Kelly and Bri ride to the rescue as fast as the Pinto can carry them, and Kris decides she ain’t signed up for all this hostage-with-a-haircut crap, courageously kicking and head-butting her way to freedom, leaving half a dozen toppling candles in her wake. Bri and Kelly show up in time to help coax crazed Eddie out of the now flaming building. Yes, it’s burning because Kris set it on fire. If you kidnap Kris Munroe and threaten her hair, she will not only kick all her captors’ asses and rescue her fellow hostages, she will burn your hideout to the ground and still look good in a sackcloth.

This episode concludes with an extremely unfunny and annoying scene in the office in which the Angels sort of pimp themselves out for a free vacation.

Charlies Angels Action ACTION

This is one of those episodes where the quality of the final take-down saves the entire show in it’s awesomeness. Kris talks much smack before disarming and flipping Honey West and then proceeds to show the Good One that she is the Bad One. It seems Kris is the only Angel plucky enough to take on a bad guy by running at him head first – kamikaze style – knocking him into an altar of burning candles. As soon he gets up, she knocks his ass down again.
Sabrina got to re-disarm Honey West before Kris dragged her ungrateful butt to safety.

Charlies Angels Fashion FASHION

When Kris keeps going on about how tight the Bow Wow uniforms are, “I can’t breathe,” and Kelly quips, “What’s wrong, something not showing?”, you can’t help but think both Angels routinely wear much more revealing and tight attire. Check out Kris’ skin-tight pants she sports at the end of the episode. While she is on her own time. That being said, the tight blue with yellow fringe Bow Wow outfits aren’t nearly as tacky as the Feline costumes were.

Sabrina manages to incorporate a turtleneck into her cheer-coach gear and why Kris wears lilac colored denim overalls to an upscale dinner date with Timothy is never explained.

Charlies Angels Trivia CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

Co-owner of the Bow Wow’s Mrs. Asher is a judge at the cheer tryouts yet she is also sponsoring two of the girls trying out. That seems fair. How Miss Chrysanthemum Pageant of her.

Charlies Angels Trivia THE BOSTON BULLDOGS

Are we the only ones who secretly wished this was Season 4 and Tiffany had to be a cheerleader? Just the tryout scene alone would have provided five times the awkwardness of Angels On The Street.

Charlies Angels Commentary UN-SUBTLE

When Mr. Brown says he would much rather meet the Angels at a church social, the normally cool as a cucumber Sabrina double takes Kris and Kelly in such a fashion that you’d expect Dan Brown to say, “What are you – three cops or something?” (If this was Season 1, they probably would have played the Angel Chime just to make sure we got the idea.)


Seems like it the way that big scary dude keeps showing up before every commercial break talking ’bout “Marianne, where’s Marianne?” His storyline went nowhere by the by. Is this the kind of thing Dawn Wells has to deal with at fan signings?

Charlies Angels Trivia TIMEFRAME

Case solved in approximately 6 days

Day 1 – Case introduced
Day 2 – Sabrina makes Kelly and Kris practice
Day 3 – Audition
Day 4 – Kris and Kelly’s newspaper interview
Day 5 – Kris talks to Ellen in the locker room – Anne Francis cuts off Beverly’s hair
Day 6 – Football game – takedown
Day 7 – Office wrap-up

Charlies Angels Trivia CURIOSITIES

• Kris and Kelly’s cheerleading persona/covers seem an awful lot like the covers/personas they used in Pretty Angels All in a Row.

• What’s with the way Kris half passes out when her coffee is drugged? She seems totally unconscious, but only from the waist up. Eddie then acts like he’s carrying her out, but he isn’t really, she’s just kinda walking on her own.

• Kris’ nails are unpainted when Eddie drugs her coffee, and purple when she wakes up.

• What are the odds of so many of the suspects mentioning/being affiliated with religion (Timothy used to be in a seminary; Sam makes a comment about a church social; Eddie wrote a newspaper column.)

• “The flames of purgatory?” Traditionally, purgatory is where Catholics believe souls remain before going on to heaven so why would there be any flames … oh, never mind.

• In an early precursor of her Season 5 trance-like state, Kelly seems to stand there with her gun covering the hostages until Sabrina yells at her to watch Margo who was trying to re-enter the burning building. Pay attention, Kelly, stop guarding the victims!

Charlies Angels Trivia REPEAT OFFENDERS

Timothy Asher was played by CA super-guest-star Rick Casorla, who also appeared as Joe Marshall in Antique Angels, the voice of Martin the ghost in Haunted Angels, bad guy Burke in Angel’s Child, and bad guy Hank in Angel on a Roll.

Anne Francis later returned to play Cindy, the lady who buys weed from Sonny Bono, in Angels of the Deep.

Fran Ryan: Belle Asher previously played Nurse Fager in Terror on Ward One.

Sandy Ward: Dan Abner previously appeared as Stone, one of the bad guys from Antique Angels.

Cis Rundle, Cheryl Ladd’s friend, played her biggest role in this episode as Ellen the cheerleader. She appeared many other times on the show as an extra, first as Charlie’s Casey Jones-themed bimbo in Circus of Terror, tai chi chick in Angel in Love, waitress in Angels in the Backfield, random crowd extra in Game, Set, Death, camera chick in Antique Angels, football chick in Sandcastle Murders, random casino extra in Angels in Vegas, waitress in Angel Come Home, random dock extra in Love Boat Angels, and the librarian in An Angel’s Trail.

Cliff Bole also directed Dancing in the Dark, Hours of Desperation, Winning is for Losers, The Prince and the Angel, Of Ghosts and Angels, and Let Our Angel Live.

Richard Carr also wrote Counterfeit Angels and Angels Go Truckin’.

Charlies Angels Stats & Trivia ANGEL STATS

Turtlenecks: 2 (Sabrina)
Shots fired by Angels: 0
Shots fired at Angels: 0
Chick Fights: 1, Kris v. Margo
Bad Guys Beat Down: 2 (Kris)
Hairs Cut: 0 (Kris)

Charlies Angels Episode Reviews TOWNSEND AGENCY COMMENTARY

Episode Rating:
4 stars
There was no way in hell this show was going to run five seasons without a cheerleading episode being produced. Especially in the late 70′s when The Dallas Cowboys and LA Rams had squads who were at least as popular as Barkers Beauties. That being said, the plot was as ludicrous as it was entertaining, which was plenty – but then most of my favorite Charlie’s Angels eps have dumb plots. Not saying this is a favorite though …

Sabrina and Kelly had little to do but ask dumb questions, although Kelly especially seemed to do the most with what she was given. The cheesiness and fun of Kris’ third act capture and escape from the hooded “Good One” and his Honey West sidekick almost made up for the 45 minutes of boredom and occasional laughs that preceded it. Almost. Any episode that features a hair fetish will star Jill or Kris because – well, because it just does, and this felt very much like Little Angels of the Night.

Episode Rating:
4.5 Stars
And here’s where we’re really starting to scrape the bottom. It’s like they ran out of ideas for regular crime-based plots and instead just started having weird stuff happen to the Angels (ok, usually Kris), and all of a sudden we have this culty hair-cutting, alligator wrestling, amnesia, doppelganger sort of stuff. Luckily, plot quality doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with enjoyment, and this one’s just bizarre enough to be entertaining. I really enjoy the 3rd season Kelly/Kris/Sabrina dynamic, so there’s something for me to enjoy in even these most shameful episodes.

Episode Rating:
4.5 Stars
This episode frightened me so much as a kid. This Eddie was creepier than Freddie in Little Angels of the Night. The whole aura given off with the candle lights, the monk outfits, and chopped hair would scare the daylights off any 7-year-old kid. Looking at it now, I just laugh at the absurdity of it all. It should be noted however that the third season was amidst a time when many prime time series plots where a little outlandish. Charlie’s Angels was just trying to keep up with the wacky plots of The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, and Nancy Drew to pull in viewers.

This episode is enjoyable if you get past the fact that there is no gritty plot compared to early seasons (The Big Tap-Out, Dirty Business). The character acting brings this episode to three stars – Mrs. Asher is hilarious as a rich, pompous broad who has a girl-crazy son. However, whose presence elevates this episode to three and a half stars is Anne Francis of TV’s Honey West.

The 70s clothing always amazes me and Kris looks adorable in purple overalls. The only problem with this episode and the reason it doesn’t receive a full four stars is how the bad guys capture Kris for the umpteenth time. How to capture and Angel? Drug her coffee. It should be noted even though Kris got drugged, she still won out in the end escaping with all her hair intact and setting the cult-like hangout on fire.

Episode Rating:
2.5 Stars
As if cheerleading isn’t camp enough, a fake monk goes after assorted cheerleaders with hair-cutting intent. ’70s escapism galore, but not an episode with the trappings of a classic. Although, it does feature one of my all time-favourite Angel background tidbits: Once upon a time…Bri was a cheerleader!

  • Heather

    I was so excited before I first watched this…I thought Sabrina was actually going to be a cheerleader. I know, how dumb am I? Even though she was one in high school, I’m sure it’s just much to risque for her now. She’s a business woman, damn it!

  • Heather

    Cis Rundle was also in Of Ghosts and Angels as the other pirate girl, the one that’s not Kris.

  • Tgrutney

    i thought the creepiest villian was some man that had multiple personalities.there were “hints” leading up to “something’s not quite right”;but,the OHHH moment was when the angels find him,dressed as a woman(prostitute?) weilding a knife.he was just an errie man.i think earlier that the angels had watched him as a comedian at a club or something…..

    • Tgrutney

      ha..replying to myself.i do not know the name of the above episode.obviously,it was a different one.but,i just think it was one of the creepiest villians in a “charlie’s angels” episode.and this particular man played it a little TOO well.

      • Paperboy

        Season five’s “Angels on the Line” is the episode you are talking about.  That case is one of those that the viewer has pegged 10 minutes in, but it takes the Angels 45 minutes to get it all pieced together.

  • Jimbo

    It’s odd that Eddie lives in Los Angeles and that it’s CHEERLEADERS that he’s bothered with.