Of Ghosts and Angels

Charlies Angels Episode Summary SUMMARY

Tiffany’s been having a recurring nightmare about a spooky old mansion and a wheelchair bound lady falling to her death from a dark staircase. She wakes up screaming, her hair all in a frizz. The clock reads 2:30 am.

Tiff flies out to visit her old college friend Erica, who lives in an impressive historical castle – and is chilled to find that it is the exact same house as the one in her nightmare. Erica’s elation at seeing Tiff suddenly dims as she tells her she’s terrified to be in the house at nighttime – there’s a certain evil presence. She introduces Tiffany to her husband Cliff, a stern, older man whose demeanor is one of constant disapproval. Cliff takes Tiffany upstairs to her guest bedroom, and on the tour, she stops at a towering grandfather clock – whose hands are stuck at 2:30.

That night, Tiffany definitely starts to feel a certain presence, too. Her bedroom window rattles uncontrollably until the latch inexorably unhinges and the windows burst open. She hears the far-off sound of a party going on downstairs, and upon heading down to investigate, she finds a bizarre masquerade party underway – and none of the guests seem to know Tiffany is even there. (She should be used to that.) Looking upwards, Tiffany spies the lady from her dreams rolling on the landing in her wheelchair again – and just as she screams – reality hits and Tiffany finds herself completely alone downstairs. She’s then spooked to discover the face of a glowering man dressed as the Gorton’s Fisherman perched at the window, and Cliff conveniently appears to handle the situation, treating Tiffany like she’s crazy and explaining that the man at the window is only the gardener.

Next day, Kris and Kelly arrive per Tiffany’s invitation. They immediately think Tiffany and Erica are nuts and attempt to explain away the many curious occurrences. Erica tells the girls that the supernaturally-sensitive Tiffany was once heavily into the occult and ghost hunting in her college days. Tiff is continuing to get strong impressions from the house, but the other Angels just keep up their flirtatious and judgmental attitudes, blatantly humoring Tiffany, treating her like she’s insane, and then making a weak offer to phone Charlie to learn more about the house’s previous owners.

Yet another window blows open; Tiff announces that “some kind of force is building up that’s affecting everyone in this house. It may be using all of us to make some tragic event from the past happen all over again.” Later, when Tiff and Erica are romantically strolling arm in arm on the grounds, a ghost-driven car puts itself into gear and drives at them causing them to bust through a small picket fence – Erica hurts her leg somehow.

That evening during another thunderstorm, the belligerent housekeeper acts sinister while washing celery in the kitchen as Tiffany asks questions of her husband, the groundskeeper, who tells her of Cliff’s previous marriage to a Charlies Angels Costumes for Partywheelchair-bound woman named Madeline who was killed over 20 years ago. Seemingly a random act of violence, her valuable diamond wedding ring was also stolen that night. But more curiously, the groundskeeper describes precisely the woman from Tiffany’s dreams. The old housekeeper claims to still see the ghost of Madeline and smell her perfume. Until the new Mrs. Burke appeared in the house, the spirit had been peaceful – but now, she warns, something terrible may happen to Erica.

“There was a party that night….just like tonight!” Apparently Erica’s injury from falling onto the front lawn was so extensive that it was necessary that a doctor be called. Tiffany is startled to find Erica happily settled into a wheelchair upstairs – but no matter how much the bruise on her leg hurts, she’s still determined to attend the party.

After having taken the full day to select and slip into their costumes, Kris dresses like a shipwrecked porno pirate, Kelly a Southern belle (surprise!) and Tiffany some sort of minstrel princess. When Tiffany, armed with a flickering candle, pokes around in the girls’ closet and somehow causes the back wall to open up, revealing a dark secret passage, lit only by sparsely strung light bulbs covered in cobwebs. She slips inside – the door closing after her. The others eventually manage to get the door open, whereupon Kelly decides to go party while Kris climbs into the scary hole to find Tiffany.

Tiffany: “Lead the way, Madeline!”

Tiffany is led by Madeline’s spirit through the mazelike corridors as the light bulbs flicker this way and that. The passageway leads into a basement cluttered with junk. Inside a creaky trunk, Tiff discovers a time capsule of information about the dead Madeline – most alarmingly, her wedding ring, sans diamond, which was ” stolen” all those years ago on the night of her death.

Downstairs amidst the mime-like guests and drowsy, cool jazz muzak, a blank faced Kelly blends into the lifeless party, conversing with the now lame Erica dressed as a Victorian invalid, and a scowling Mr. Burke who makes her dance with some guy. Meanwhile Kris has followed Tiffany’s route and finally meets up with her in the basement where they spook each other and come to realize that whatever is going to happen is going to happen tonight, and it’s up them to stop it.

Cliff wheels Erica to the top of the stairs, then steps out of view; Tiff rides a dumbwaiter up to the kitchen and is supernaturally drawn to the stairs just as a man in a skeleton costume is rolling Erica towards the edge. She pulls a wheelie on the chair, forcing the skeleton to tumble down the stairs and die. When Kris pulls his mask off, it’s (not very) shockingly revealed to be Cliff, red paint trickling out his mouth. At that moment, the old grandfather clock starts ticking again.

Back at the office, Charlie explains to everyone that devious Cliff’s only way to pay debts was to marry wealthy women and make sure they died young. Despite going through this supernatural experience, Kris and Kelly poo poo Tiffany again, and she is also ridiculed by Bosley – who is given quite a start when his desk rattles and papers fly about the room. Thanks, Madeline!

Charlies Angels Fashion FASHION

Tiffany’s in a number of elaborate nightgowns, and then the costume party is just an excuse to dust off some gems laying around the wardrobe department, things people would never dress as.

Wardrobe Repeat
How did Erica get Kris’s sweater from Angels on Vacation?

Of Ghosts and Angels
Of Ghosts and Angels
Angels on Vacation
Angels on Vacation

Charlies Angels Commentary JUDGEMENT ZONE

Everyone is unacceptably rude to Tiffany in this episode. In the office, she mentions that she’s being plagued by recurring nightmares; Kris and Kelly stare silently, then Bosley takes pity and suggests that she’s just excited about seeing an old friend (what?).

It gets even worse at the mansion, where Kris and Kelly can barely stop making smug “she’s-crazy” faces at each other long enough to discredit every comment Tiffany makes. They clearly are afraid of the ghost when things get weird, yet resume haughtily judging Tiff back at the office. Hopefully Madeline followed Kris home and Poltergeisted the beach house for all eternity.

Charlies Angels Trivia MEDIUM AT LARGE

So as far as we’re led to believe in this episode, Tiffany really is a “sensitive” or whatever, and really can communicate with this dead lady … yet everyone sort of laughs it off. Isn’t that kind of a big deal? Tiffany’s new ghost friend has followed her to work and is doing her bidding by performing ghost pranks on Bosley, and they’re just going “Oh, Madeline.” Um, no one is concerned that Tiffany can sic a GHOST on them? She’s not eager to go call Hans Kempler or anything?

Charlies Angels Trivia CANNED GOODS

Here’s another episode where somebody remembered the stock recordings and was inspired to use them all. Multiple stock gasps can be heard throughout , but best of all, Tiffany and Erica each get to scream the famous canned scream within a 20 minute span.

A more rare (and always uncalled for) canned sound effect is the one of shattering glass when some bottles fall one foot off the shaking chest in the basement.

Charlies Angels Trivia CURIOSITES

• Does Tiffany always go to bed wearing full makeup, necklaces and rings?

• If this mansion is far enough away that the Angels have to fly there, why didn’t they bother saying where it’s supposed to be?

• How is there eternally a thunderstorm going on outside this mansion?

• Why are Kelly and Kris all moaning and out of breath after closing that window?

• Tiffany is only about 5 feet down that passageway when Kris starts hollering her name, why doesn’t she just answer?

• Why does Erica wait at the top of the stairs in a wheelchair while Cliff fixes her room or whatever? She could simply wheel herself down the hall.

• How did the grandfather clock manage to chime at 2:29?

• Good thing Bosley glued all important items to his desk before the ghost started shaking it. And since when do they have an inbox tray?

Charlies Angels Trivia REPEAT OFFENDERS

The only recycled actor in this episode is the uncredited Cis Rundle, Cheryl Ladd’s friend who appeared many times on the show as Charlie’s babe in Circus of Terror, tai chi chick in Angel in Love, waitress in Angels in the Backfield, random crowd extra in Game, Set, Death, camera chick in Antique Angels, football chick in The Sandcastle Murders, random casino extra in Angels in Vegas, waitress in Angel Come Home, cheerleader in Pom Pom Angels, random dock extra in Love Boat Angels, and the librarian in An Angel’s Trail. This time she played the pirate girl who Kelly mistook for Kris.

Cliff Bole also directed Dancing in the Dark, Hours of Desperation, Winning is for Losers, Pom Pom Angels, The Prince and the Angel, and Let Our Angel Live.

Kathryn Michaelian Powers also wrote Fallen Angel and Toni’s Boys.

Charlies Angels Stats & Trivia ANGEL STATS

Turtlenecks: 1 (Tiffany)
Shots fired by Angels: 0
Shots fired at Angels: 0
Ghost Interventions: 8
Windows Blown Open: 6+
Criminal Charges: Arguable charge of manslaughter for semi-accidentally causing Cliff to fall down the stairs and die (Tiffany)

Charlies Angels Episode Reviews TOWNSEND AGENCY COMMENTARY

Episode Rating: 4.5 Stars
I have to make a similar comment as with many Season 4 adventures: great episode, but the constant Tiffany disrespect really subtracts from the experience. Tiff emerged as the bravest, smartest, nicest and most resourceful Angel, while the other two spent the hour acting rude, cliquish and a little bit gay. I was expecting some scam explanation for the spookiness like in Haunted Angels. I felt like that episode was a cop-out for explaining away the ghost, but this one being a real ghost also felt like a cop-out. I don’t know what I want.

Episode Rating: 4 stars
What a fun Tiffany outing! I loved getting to know Tiff a little better here, plus you can’t go wrong with the spooky ghost theme – and this time it turned out to be legit. Kelly and Kris are disappointing again in their treatment of the new Angel. 

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Tiffany becomes the first angel to actually cause a persons death (i think), in a charlies angels episode and it was written and done in a pretty cool way, major points for saving Erica’s life and figuring out who, and what Madeline is trying to say, smart girl and so pretty, she looked like a young girl in many shots and stills, I wish Shelley Hack would make a comeback and possibly use this episode as a platform for some writer to build off of, come on Harry Winer (husband), lets make it happen.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I watched this again last night and the chemistry that the new guest writers were now trying to convey of accepting Tiffany into the group can really be seen, quite a change from the first half of the season, in the opening of ghosts and angels Tiff is going on a vacation to see her long time college friend Erica whom she hasn’t seen for three years, and she has invited her two new coworkers to join her, I would say as nice as it was of her it is unusual I guess the writers were trying to show us just how good of friends these three girls had become, very cool, then look at angels on skates, it’s the girls day off I assume and they are hanging out with there new coworker and want to take her to venice beach and and show her some of the california scene telling her she’ll never be a true californian untill she skates venice, then there is the episode Angel Hunt where again it appears to be the girls day off and they are spending it with there new coworker again at kris’s beach house because kris wants to teach Tiffany how to surf, these are just a few instances that struck me, i’m sure there are more, but all of this seems to have occured after the midway point of the season clearly indicating Fred Silverman’s take charge attitude and direction, these were big changes, he clearly directed the new guest writers to INTEGRATE Tiffany and make the chemistry appear to be similar to season one where we got the impression that these girls hung out together,gone was the vibe of Tiff being an out of place tag along and a decoration piece, so we got new stories and scripts that depict this and taylored to this particular trio, but that wasn’t all it appeared that they once they burnt through all the boring scripts that Mr. Lakso had written and got paid for his authority seems to have been diminished and he had less control over the on set production, Elaine Rich seemed to take over that role, also a new hairstylist and make up artist were also hired and brought on board specifically to make over miss hack, so we got some of the best and most memorable episodes of the series and i think this is now recognized and attributes to her and her character Tiffany’s dramatic rise in popularity.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    dear lord send me an angel, just make it Tiffany Welles

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I love it, Tiffany shows us her chops again, it seems like every episode she is showing us she can hack it and belongs, how much chemistry does she have to display? Her and Bosley especially have tremendous chemistry throughout the season in every episode, why was this so hard for s/g to see? Probably because they didn’t want to. A critic that writes for Amazon (Lucy Johnson) said while she was reviewing season four that she heard that s/g made a quick decision like in the first two or three episodes that they didn’t like her and she would be only here for this one season and that they would be getting rid of her and they spread this to everyone on set and also the gossip rags, poor Shelley went through hell that year, to say that she didn’t expect this abuse would be the understatement of the year, today season four is a top seller and she is the most popular angel and still grows in profile on a daily basis. God bless this angel. Bring me an angel named Tiffany Welles.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Tiffany shows us again that she really has the chops to be an angel

  • Anthonydeutsch

    This is another episode written by a new guest writer and it is a great one to be remembered along with the new writers came new make up artist and hair stylist for miss hack and fans should take note of her face when she was combing her hair with the mirror, she looked absolutely gorgeous and she looked so young, that was also why lakso had to be replaced because he always tried to present this actress and her character in unflattering ways seeing as he was the on set boss, she had a fabulous look to her that complimented perfectly with kris/cheryl ladd, the two blondes were great together, hard to top this episode everyone from the writer on down seemed inspired.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I absolutley love this off beat episode that is so different, it could actually be made into a TV movie, Shelley Hack is drop dead gorgeous and certainly looks like Nolan’s breatheing, walking, and talking living doll, his personel barbie doll, this episode should convince the most stubborn detractor that Shelley Hack can act and quite well. Little known facts about her at the time was that she was different than the other angels and chose different approach to career paths. Shelley was a true super star model according to Eileen Ford ( who should know), Shelley believed in a good education like everyone else in her family, according to Miss Ford Shelley passed up alot of money in earnings to get that education (which she did accquiring two degrees),she also was very smart and realistic about the shelf life of a modelind career which is another reason she wanted that education, but she also enrolled into an accredited acting school in new york (Hans Bergoff) under the direction of Jack Wolzer. She did this with Diane Keaton and did very well and also graduated and got her diploma, she was selected along with Diane by Woody Allen to appear in a movie called Annie Hall, it was a bit part but it was a start, this led to Joe Brooks wanting to cast her as his leading lady in his film ( If I ever see you again), it wasn’t a box office hit and the best reviewers said about was that Shelley was the best thing about it. This led to a TV movie called (Deathcar on the Freeway), she was the female lead and she starred with a bevy of top hollywood actors at the time and she did very well, so unlike the other angels she had multiple college and acting school degrees and diplomas, also three (3) movie credits under her belt with some of the top actors and actresses in hollywood,combined with an international best seller and top cosmetic super model at the time it is no wonder why Aaron Spelling set his sights on her. Like I mentioned earlier Shelley was smart in particular about shelf life and with her busy and financially rewarding Revlon modeling career she really wasn’t interested in any TV series, she simply didn’t have the time and those type of actors usually have short life,she wanted to proceed with the movie part that she was already doing but spelling had her agent talk her into testing and it would be her bad luck she won the part. I never fully understand why it became so important to S/G, and Ed Lakso to try and tear down and demean Shelley’s accomplishments,maybe because she really didn’t care if she got it or not and even said that straight up to Aaron when he informed her she was the new angel ( her respnnse was thats nice), they set out by trying to make this abig deal and Shelley’s big break which it in all actuality it wasn’t, even actors like dick sargant asked her if she was scared and she was cool as a cucumber and answered no, this would start the campaign by s/g, and their production crew to diss her any chance the got, like i said it was her bad luck that she won the role. They did everything possible to create a low Q rating for her, finally when new guest writers were brought in to salvage and build her character up and give her a chance to gain some profile she did very well and damn near stole the show, leaveing to question if only this had been done sooner this season would have finished in the top ten no doubt about it.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Tiffany was beyond beautiful in this episode, you just know that Dorthy Fox who did Shelley’s hairstyles, Fred Blau who did her make up, and Nolan Miller who designed and dressed her up had an absolute ball with her for this episode, they hit it dead on everything about her look was just perfect in every scene. She truely was a living barbie doll,maybe the best she ever looked.When everything is right you don’t need overert sexism to sell the product, and this product sold itself.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I do believe that the constant disrespect towards Tiffany was designed in by the on set producer Ed Lakso, who over rode and was in charge with complete control over production. I personally didn’t like that and have stated many times as designing in a flaw that would not allow this new character the chance to grow and gain profile, he hated Shelley and her Tiffany and succeded in getting her replaced when they got what they wanted out of her, talk about an epic backfire, they mis-judged the remaining audience and thought more skin and boob jiggle would bring the series back to life, like I said an epic backfire resulting in cacellation and many years later the remaining production personell that are still alive like leonard goldberg having big time egg on his face.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    welcome and no apologises required, your english is just fine and its nice to see other angel season four fans from brazil, please keep in contact friend, angelblue

  • Jimbo

    I like Tiffany, but I felt her cool-as-a-cucumber personality wasn’t the right fit for this episode. They should have had someone high-strung to freak out and handle the blood-curdling screams.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      I think thats exactly what you would want if it was a real life situation, at least I would want someone that was composed and rational,could make sense and have the courage and smart intellegence to figure out what was going on and see everyone through it. Bravo to Shelley Hack, perfect and so different and as always beautiful.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    It’s Katheryn Michalian powers wife of Michael(angel on campus) Michalian, turn to help out and try to develope Tiffany’s profile.I give her credit because it is very different compared to what we have become accustomed to expect from this show. By this time the show had become pretty stale and passe one of the major complaints of the series was Lakso seemed to repeat certain themes over and over in his epsiodes, was it writers block or just a thought of a winning formula?. I think all of the new guest writers did a wonderful job writing some new unexpected episodes to develope this character and make it interesting, this is definatly not the same old crap. Tiffany is very good and interesting, not only can she talk to tigers and now ghosts(funny). I think it is time for kris and Kelley to get with the program and drop the direspect and blowing Tiff off routine(too many good episodes for tiff by now and kris and Kelley’s act is now old).As usual Tiff looks gorgeous in all her scenes and does a fine job acting and keeping it interesting, I enjoy her sense of humor.Un-fortunatley once again a little too little and a little too late by the genious of s/g.I agree with Holly, more I get to know Tiffany the more I like her and enjoy her.This episode if you look into it from what was really going on with this troubled production set is what makes this season and the introduction of Tiffany Welles so special of a season.We were afforded a rare treat indeed.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Shelley Hack as the new angel was the only reason millions on american households tuned in to watch this two part loveboat angel episode, making it the #1 watched show in that timeslot in the country. There is no doubt it was to see the new angel and not to ass or count the port hole on the loveboat. Srason four was off to a flying start but s/g decided to aire most of the episodes out of sequence and caved in to actor demands for more time off so solo episodes were filmed and thi proved to be disasterous with the fanbase who were ue to the angel as a team and poor Shelley suffered the most from this and was intentionally pushed so deep into the background she was almost forgotten for the first half season. After new writer developed Tiffany he was one of the reasons to watch this show but unfortunetly with all the blunders by s/g Tiff’ new profile was a little to little and a little too late. Tiffany Welles character was perfect, she was so different from the others, she was not a clone, or just another boring hollywood tarlet tit rack,he could have lasted (tiffany character) well into the 80′s he was that intereting and coming along fine,but s/g couldn’t leave well enough alone and the replacement of Tiff was diasterous from the start and couldn’t even finish the season out.Look at the polls on this very ite and you will see that Tiffany has become a very beloved character,

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Shelley hack was beyond gergous, I remember Eillen Ford of the modeling agency fame that Shelley worked for once said that all modeling agencies at the time were always looking for the next new thing and fresh face. She said they use to travel to places like scandanavia, norway, denmark, ect. all trying to find that fair skinned fresh scrubbed clean look, also being tall, slender and having a models physque was hard to find and upon her return from one of these excursions she saw Shelley’s pictures in Hartford Huntington’s Show magizine featuring a new model(a show first) featuring Shelley Hack, she found her fair skinned fresh scrubbed model right at home in her own back yard and a very succesful, illustrious and extremley profitable career was launched.This episode is so different than any other angell episode up to this point, just like the actress and character(tiffany welles),perfect for her and she sure fleshed it out perfectly. Tiffany is always interesting, beautiful, and curious, this probably why ABC gave her so many chances when new shows were being developed. Even they didn’t believe the bullshit s/g and lakso were saying that she can’t act.Love Shelley Hack and Tiffany Welles., so different and way ahead of her time,maybe she was to ahead of her time for charlies angels but I still loved her and thought she did great on her beauty and talent alone in spite of all the production problems which really wasn’t her problems and shouldn’t have been made hers as cheryl said.

  • pnyc1969

    I should dislike this episode because I’m normally bothered by occult elements in reality based shows. But I actually do love ghost stories and Victorian manor settings and for that, plus the fact that it’s a Tiff episode, this is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Tiff is so cool in this episode. She’s “sensitive” in more ways than one. She looks beautiful in her court ensemble (what an inspired costume!) while Kelly and Kris both look kind of ridiculous. I can sort of get on board with the ghost stuff in the house because it’s poignant and may be explained as some kind of energy rather than an actual spook. But I hate when they turn it into jokey slapstick at the end. It totally did not fit and causes some serious plot problems. Wasn’t Madeleine supposed to rest after she took care of Cliff? You can’t have this ghost fight off a murderous husband for 40 minutes and then end with a trombone “womp womp”.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      I love the way you describe it as a trombone womp womp at the end, perfect,some of these office wrap ups were pure s/g cheese that were over done, out of place, and just plain didn’t fit,as a matter of fact they could have done without alot of them

  • Pnyc1969

    A great Tiff moment! This has always been one of my favorite episodes of the series. I’m a longtime fan of the “spooky house” episode that every TV show of the 70s into the early 80s did (See the “Bionic Woman”ep “Black Magic” for another great one!). Who would think that there are so many of these lugubrious English countryside-style mansions in sunny California. This ep is so well written, well acted and well costumed that I am fully able to overlook the genre-jumping occult theme. I normally don’t like ghosts, aliens, technology that doesn’t really exist, etc. in reality-based shows but somehow it works here, thanks to Shelley’s understated acting. Tiff’s calm, cool demeanor shows her to be a “sensitive” in many ways and makes me OK with the spirit thing. I could, however, have done without Madeleine haunting the office in an attempt to be funny. The frivolity undercut the poignancy of her helping Erica. It was too much to switch genres and tone in a single episode.

  • Anthonyddeutsch

    no doubt replacing Sabrina the smart one was a difficult task but they found the perfect replacement with Tiffany the really smart one. I always had the feeling that Tiff and Julie would have been a great pairing with Tiff doing most of the thinking and Julie kicking ass. Less chance of Julie looking ditzy and dumb. Spelling/Goldberg missed so many opportunities to save and carry on with this great   series which easily could have carried on. Love that Tiffany Welles.

    • AngelBlue

      Always dreamed of teaming Julie and Tiffany in a season, too. Never decided who could be the third angel: Kris or Kelly. Sorry about my poor English. A friend from Brazil.

  • Anthonyddeutsch

    always thought they should have replaced jacklyn due to her boredom and her spaced out (stoner) stare throughtout season 4. a potential new team could have been tiffany,julie,kim bassinger, or a young angie harmon, or possibly carly foulkes (t-mobile girl).

  • sgs

    I only watched Season 4 because of Tiffany back when this originally aired. Shelley Hack’s enthusiam is inmeasurable and it was what the show needed. In my opinion, Jaclyn Smith seemed bored through out most episodes by this time. They should have gotten rid of Jaclyn and had the trio of Kris Tiffany and Julie for season 5! Their enthusiasm would have been great chemistry!

    • Suzy Su

      hmm i never thought about that…i think it wud have worked well!

      • Anthonydeutsch

        Of course Suzy, anything would have worked better than a bored and un-inspired actress that clearly didn’t want to be there,Shelley and Tanya both suffered trmrndously from having to lug that kind of baggage around. Not very fair to two different actress’s trying to not only fit in but also kind of tasked with saving a show, the future of the show rested on their shoulders, talk about pressure.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      This is a question that is often asked today some 35-40 years later. If only we could have put our biased bull aside and Ed Lakso given Shelley Hack a fair chance and opportunity to grow and gain profile with the fans. Spelling had a great idea when he concocted this very new type of character and selection of actress to portray her.I wish he was alive today to see how right and wrong he was, clearly they pulled the plug too soon and I believe he would agree, the bibbest problem with season four was Jacklyn Smith herself. She wanted out to do films with her husband (Dennis Cole) whos career had sagged to almost non-existant and he was relying on her career to jump start his career. She would have quit but everybody that was an actor knew just how dirty spelling/goldberg would get and what level they would stoop too.Farrah couldn’t get any work because s/g threatened to sue anybody that employed her, so noone would touch her and thats why she agreed to settle with them and do those twelve guest appearances, it wasn’t a happy settlement in her eyes, she didn’t want to do it, resulting in the lowest ratings of season four episodes,NOT SHELLEY HACK episodes, Jacklyn and cheryl both didn’t want that to happen to them also and neither did Shelley thats why she put up with all the abuse. So many mistakes made by the exec. producers, today we can see the best thing for season four would have been to let Jacklyn out and replace her, it would have been fairer to Shelley and Tanya. Charlies Angels could have gone on alot longer than five seasons and it would have been okay just like law and order proved in later years. I am so glad that Tiffany Welles character is loved and appreciated now (better late than never), I only wish it was somehow possible to show Shelley the adoration of a fanbase that has finally excepted and appreciates her performance. Time has been kind and she truely is one of Gods Angels.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      I’m from the same state and town originally as Shelley and I’ve been following this fabulous girl’s career since she was fifteen and made her first appearance in Hartford Huntington’s Show magazine, what an interesting journey she has taken, besides and beyond being a very good actress/model, she is a tremendous human being with a heart the size of king kongs, truely remarkable.