Mother Goose is Running For His Life

Charlies Angels Episode Summary SUMMARY

The Angels suspect someone’s working from the inside when “Mother Goose” hires them to find out who’s sabotaging his toy company.

Sabrina infiltrates and meets designer Gordon Roclair, a creepy guy who likes to build horror toys and insists that the company is going under. That night, Bosley and Sabrina are puzzled to find a wire-tapper shot to death inside the company’s design room which had been empty and locked.

Cheryl Ladd as the Giant Ragdoll

Kelly and Kris meet the dead guy’s needlessly hostile girlfriend at the funeral and learn that he was working for a mobster named Tony Phelan. In perhaps the weirdest scene entry ever, Kris “accidentally” hang glides into Phelan’s well-guarded property and wins his approval by being really hot.

Kelly sidles up to the replacement wire-tapper, Orwell, and talks a good enough show to become his assistant even though he doesn’t need one. Together they bug the Mother Goose building and record Sabrina planning to sell some toy designs to Roclair. When Phelan hears this, he orders Roclair to get him the designs. Kris overhears him explaining how he rigged a toy cannon in the building to shoot people, which was how the first wire-tapper got shot.

Kelly’s cover gets blown and she’s kidnapped by Orwell until Bosley comes to her rescue. When Roclair comes to get the toy designs, Kris hides in the room disguised as a doll, constantly risking getting caught in order to do cute things like wink and blow gum bubbles. She switches the designs when he isn’t looking, causing him to send Phelan designs for a vacuum cleaner. Not pleased, Phelan comes to get Roclair, who runs right in front of his own rigged cannon and faints. Kris reports that he wasn’t shot because she plugged the barrel with her chewing gum (simply disarming it wouldn’t have been adorable enough). Back at the office, Mother Goose gives the Angels their Hasbro dolls as a token of appreciation.


Charlies Angels Action ACTION

The scene in which Roclair defeats Bosley, Kelly, and Sabrina (armed) by throwing a briefcase is disgraceful. Kelly’s kidnapping was mildly exciting, and she got out of it in a smartish way by running a red light to attract the police. Although the cop that pulled her over was so dumb, it looked like she might have gone to jail if Bosley hadn’t intervened.

Charlies Angels Fashion FASHION

Sabrina dresses with an Asian flair to augment her lie about working in Hong Kong, including one dress with a startlingly high slit. Kelly puts her own spin on the black turtleneck burglar ensemble usually reserved for Sabrina, and Kris gets her famous scene costumed as a giant Raggedy-Ann doll.

Wardrobe Repeat
This outfit worn by Sabrina later appears on a mannequin in the background of the jewelry store robbed by the Counterfeit Angels.

Kate JacksonMother Goose
Kate JacksonCounterfeit Angels

Charlies Angels Trivia “OH, TO BE 50 AGAIN!”

Why does EVERY single older guy on the show say this to the Angels? Why is it always 50? Who says they’d like you at any age? Way to end a professional conversation on an awkward note.

Charlies Angels Trivia THOSE LOOK LIKE US!

The girls are promised they’ll receive royalties from the sales of their Charlie’s Angels dolls. Is Mother Goose really expecting these to sell like hotcakes? The Angels aren’t famous, at least in their own universe. Why would anyone ever buy dolls of random private investigators? It’s like buying your kid an action figure of your favorite bank teller. And why wasn’t there a Bosley doll?

Anyway, as these questions will never be answered, the dolls shown in this episode are actually from the Charlie’s Angels merchandise line released in conjunction with the series.

Charlies Angels Trivia TIMEFRAME

Case solved in approximately 4 days (that’s in Angel time, definitely not in real life time)

Day 1 – Case introduced, “We’ll be in touch”
Day 2 – Bosley and Sabrina visit Mother Goose building – wiretapper gets shot
(in real life, there would be days in between here, as the wiretapper’s funeral probably wouldn’t be the morning immediately after his death; but on this show, it probably is meant to be the next day)
Day 3 – Kris and Kelly funeral crash – Kelly and Orwell break into MG building (again, in real life, they probably would not be breaking in the same day she gets hired – but there’s nothing to indicate it’s a different day)
Day 4 – Sabrina and Bosley re-bug MG building – takedown
Day 5 – Office wrap-up

Charlies Angels Trivia CURIOSITIES

• Where did Kris get a hang glider on such short notice?

• Kelly makes one of her heftier pay outs for information ever at $500. Does Charlie always provide them with wads of $100 bills to wander around the city with?

• Charlie “checks Orwell out” and comes up with a file photo that happens to be from the previous scene where Kris met him. Amazing. Why does Charlie need to show them a photo if Kris just saw the guy herself?

• Does Mother Goose have that big framed portrait of himself on his desk in case he forgets who he is?

• Since when would bubble gum stop a bullet?

• Kelly either forgets she’s an orphan, or cons Mother Goose out of an extra free set of dolls for her “niece”.

Charlies Angels Trivia REPEAT OFFENDERS

Gilbert Green: Tony Phelan also played Renaldi from Rosemary, For Remembrance.

Don Knight: Orwell later played Ober in Island Angels.

Hollis Irving: The secretary plays pretty much exactly the same role in Counterfeit Angels.

George McCowan also directed Lady Killer, Consenting Adults, Angel Trap, The Vegas Connection, The Sandcastle Murders, The Jade Trap, Cruising Angels, and Three for the Money.

Ronald Austin also wrote The Sandcastle Murders, Diamond in the Rough, and Unidentified Flying Angels.

Charlies Angels Stats & Trivia ANGEL STATS

Locks Picked: 1 (Kelly)
Turtlenecks: 1 (Sabrina)
Shots fired by Angels: 0
Shots fired at Angels: 0
Kidnappings: 1 (Kelly)
Nieces Invented: 1 (Kelly)
Criminal Charges: Wiretapping (Kelly)

Charlies Angels Episode Reviews TOWNSEND AGENCY COMMENTARY

Episode Rating: 4 stars
This one wins for having the weirdest (and longest) episode title. Kris as the totally believable life sized rag doll thing ranks among my favorite Angel disguises and is classic Kris.

  • Pnyc1969

    I used to hate this one but after watching it a few times recently I think it’s a complex episode with a number of good scenes. Sabrina gives us her sexiest shot ever when she gets off the sofa exposing most of her leg. Her silver Mandarin style dress looks beautiful on her. (If it had been Kelly, I’d probably say SHE looked beautiful in THE DRESS!) Kris is awfully fun as the hang glider and Kelly played it S1 tough as a fast talker and wire tapper (reminds me of the bar scene in “Consenting”). My long objection to this ep was Kris’s rag doll cover. So much is wrong with it. First, who would buy something like this for a child? And why would she choose what is an impossible pose? No one can hold their arms out for that long. Why is she chewing gum when she has no idea she’ll need to use it? Yes, she knew about the cannon but her exaggerated  (and unnecessary) facial expressions of confusion indicate that she did not yet understand how it worked. She would much more likely blow her cover being seen accidentally chewing it. And the winking and blowing the bubble in front of Roclair? Kris, you’re new. Don’t be overconfident. You’d never catch Kelly acting that ballsy. But mostly, why does she adopt that little girl persona? She’s supposed to be a doll, not an animated character. And why does she mug and act it out when no one’s there? Who is she trying to impress? This is why it took a while for me to warm up to kris. 

  • Jimbo

    Loved Kris as the doll, but why was she acting like a 10-year-old playing a practical joke?

  • Pnyc1969

    Kelly likes children. She might very possibly refer to a girlfriend’s child as her niece.