Love Boat Angels

Charlies Angels Episode Summary SUMMARY

We open with a rather prolonged – yet effective – armored car heist complete with helicopter, truck and boat, orchestrated by Paul Hollister (played by game show host Bert Convy). That’s land, sea and air action before we even meet the new Angel.

Kris and Kelly barely supress their horror at the arrival of Charlie’s new airheaded Angel selection, only to discover that – false alarm – she is actually from the office’s linen service (?). Though relieved at the sight of the real and professional-looking Tiffany, Kris and Kelly seem a bit reluctant to welcome her into the fold, staring at her in silence. Tiffany is the daughter of the Boston Chief of Police, who is an old friend of Charlie’s – but she’s never seen him either, and seems unnerved by the speakerbox gimmick. Before you can say “awkward introduction”, the Angels are off to the Caribbean to set sail on the Love Boat in an attempt to find the gold and jewels stolen in the heist.

Tiffany: “THAT’S Charlie? I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.”

On board, everyone looks sick of Dick Sargent (the client, this time) as he shows them a slideshow covering boring background information. Kris wastes no time zeroing in on Paul Hollister, attracting him via the cunning strategy of wearing a bikini. He is rather like a modern day Robin Hood – the loot he stole in the heist belongs to Dick Sargent and he ain’t havin’ it. Kris gets close to Hollister, pretending to live a similar life of minor, attractive crime.

Shelley Hack and Jaclyn SmithKelly and Tiffany tell Charlie how much fun they are having on the cruise, relaxing and gaining weight. Not kidding. And they do it right in front of the client who even comments on their laziness. Well, that’s what happens to an agency when it loses it’s brainy brunette leader.

Bosley investigates more leads back on land, still doing more work than Kelly and Tiff. The only person working is Kris and she’s having fun her damn self. We are well into Part Two of this episode before Tiffany does anything remotely proactive. In fact, Kelly and Tiffany are relaxing and having so much fun on the beach that they don’t notice Hollister being kidnapped from Kris until it’s too late. Sigh.

The goons who nabbed Hollister learn that Kris used to be a cop and then Hollister’s sidekick, Anderson, sees Kelly and Tiffany meet Bosley when he arrives at the hotel. Hollister thinks Kris is setting him up (she is!) and half-ass tries to stab her while scuba diving.

The goons chasing Hollister snatch Dick and Kelly from the hotel room and force her to lead them to Kris and Hollister. Before leaving, she manages to draw a giant X in lipstick on a conveniently-placed map so that Tiffany and Bosley can figure out where she’s been taken. These two pause in the hallway long enough for Tiff to confide in Bosley that she’s scared of not fitting into the new job; Bosley gives her a (minimally) reassuring speech and she finds the strength to continue with her vacation.

Hollister, Anderson and Kris team up to rescue Kelly and Dick Sargent. After a nautical shoot-out, Tiff and Bosley float up and shut down the gun battle. Now everything is fine. Everyone else looks uncomfortable while Kris makes out with Hollister (even though he tried to knife her like 10 minutes earlier?) and convinces him to take Dick Sargent up on his offer to give back the stolen stuff in exchange for $1 million.

Back in the hotel room, Dick prepares to give Hollister a briefcase full of cash, but switches it with an empty one on the sly, trying to screw him over. Kris un-switches them while he isn’t looking. Next everyone gathers at the rail to wave good-bye to the same stock footage people they waved to in Los Angeles. Kris looks forelorn about her fauxmance with Hollister. By the time the credits roll, you realize there was absolutely no reason for this episode to happen on the Love Boat.

Charlies Angels Action ACTION

Well, the heist was effective and kind of exciting but it didn’t involve any of the Angels so who cares?

Kris and Bert Convy get into a fight after dinner while still in formal wear and that is about as exciting as you imagine. Convey mildly attacks Kris in the show’s very first (but not last) underwater Angel fight. Kinda cool, but his heart wasn’t in it.

Kelly has a battle in her hotel room but is snatched by the bad guys anyway. The best action is saved for the climax with a three-way gunfight between Kris and Hollister, the bad guys, and Tiffany and Bos while Kelly and Dick Sargent swim through the crossfire. Tiffany manages to shoot the flag off the bad guys ship but sadly misses Dick.

Charlies Angels Fashion FASHION

It’s Season 4, baby, and you know what that means! Kate’s out and the wardrobe budget is in. This is the perfect time for a cool, slick, east-coast model like Shelley Hack to join in the fun.

Everyone looks sleek and sophisticated in the opening office scenes; Tiffany shows up already dressed as a cruise director, what luck? Maybe she really is psychic! Kris and Kelly look similarly upscale. Gone are the days of Jill in a sweatshirt and jeans oiling her skateboard wheels. Oh, and as an extra middle finger to Kate Jackson, the producers poured Cheryl Ladd into one of the most revealing bikinis ever worn by anyone on Charlie’s Angels – the one that actually caused Sears to pull their sponsorship of the show – which looks part sexy, part diaper. Still, this episode gets fashion props for being one of scant few to feature the Angels in both swimwear and evening gowns.

Wardrobe Repeat
Julie wore Tiffany’s Love Boat gown in some Season 5 publicity shots, though never in an actual episode. Didn’t expect to see these two sharing outfits, did you?

Shelley Hack
Love Boat Angels
Season 5 promo
Season 5 promo


Listen to Kris discuss Sabrina’s departure and Charlie’s baby news during the opening office scene: “Trouble in paradise, Charlie?,” she coos. We’re not sure if Kris was trying to sound passive aggressive or not, but it worked. On the other hand, all Tiffany has to do is say, “Hi, I’m Tiffany Welles,” and Kris is like, “Charlie, you’re right – she is something special.” Tiffany has only said four words and Kris already likes her better than Bri and just as much as Jill.


This is Kelly’s third documented ocean cruise while working as an Angel and as usual, someone tries to murder her.

Every time Kelly says bon voyage, the bad guys target her for death. Sure, in the past the other Angels have also been in jeopardy while sailing the high seas but only Kelly gets the distinction of having the bad guys attempt to: A) Burn her alive (Angels at Sea); B) Drown her in a swimming pool (Angels Ahoy) and here, they try to shoot her while she is swimming underwater in the ocean from one boat to another. From now on she should take a cab.


Kris shows for the first time that she is adept at scuba diving and fighting at the same time. She would display this skill again in Season 5′s Angels of the Deep.

Charlies Angels Trivia TIMEFRAME

Case solved in approximately 5 days
Day 1 – Case introduced – Kris pulls gun on thugs
Day 2 – Kelly and Tiff phone Charlie (they’ll arrive “day after tomorrow”)- Bosley investigation
Day 3 – Sailing
Day 4 – Arrive in St. Thomas – takedown
Day 5 – Wrap-up – ship sails (wait, were they supposed to be in St. Thomas for just one day?)

Charlies Angels Trivia CURIOSITIES

• This is one of only two episodes of Charlie’s Angels that crossed over into another television series of the time – it first happened briefly in Angels in Vegas.

• Pretty sure that little helicopter couldn’t lift a fully loaded armored truck.

• Why does the office need a’ linen service? When have there ever been any towels or napkins in the office?

• The Angels behave unprofessionally and incompetently in the presense of their client so many times in this episode that it borders on parody.

• Sensing the awkwardness of her debut episode, Tiffany turns to Bosley for some confidence. “You’re doing fine,” Bos says barely suppressing laughter. Say it like you mean it, Bosley.

• Hostage Kelly manages to grab a tube of lipstick and mark an X on a map of where she is being taken in full view of a room of kidnappers. When Tiffany finds it, she causes the tube of lipstick to roll off the table, but in subsequent shots it’s still there.

• When Bert Convy throws his knife, for a split second you can see the knife still in his hand and its duplicate already sticking out of the thing next to Kris.

• Kelly throws off her shades and visor before leaping into the ocean; back on the boat afterward, she’s wearing both.

Charlies Angels Trivia REPEAT OFFENDERS

Louie Elias appeared many times on the show, usually as a miscellaneous henchman, including Angels at Sea, Angels on Horseback, Angels on Vacation, and Mr. Galaxy.

Bo Hopkins: sidekick Wes also played Beau Creel in the Charlie’s Angels Pilot episode.

Read Morgan: misc. bad guy Kadin also played the faux-knife thrower bad guy in Circus of Terror.

Dick Sargent also appeared in what seems like dozens of other episodes, but was really only Angels on Wheels and Angels in Vegas.

Cis Rundle: Cheryl Ladd’s friend had many extra-level roles on the show including Charlie’s babe in Circus of Terror, tai chi chick in Angel in Love, waitress in Angels in the Backfield, random crowd extra in Game, Set, Death, camera chick in Antique Angels, football chick in The Sandcastle Murders, random casino extra in Angels in Vegas, waitress in Angel Come Home, cheerleader in Pom Pom Angels, random dock extra in Love Boat Angels, and the librarian in An Angel’s Trail.

Lee Travis, who played Eleanor Case, played Tall Paula from Angel Flight, Joan from Angels in Vegas, and Jessica from Chorus Line Angels. She also wrote Antique Angels and was married to Ed Lakso, who wrote this and thousands of other Charlie’s Angels episodes.

Allen Baron directed The Mexican Connection, Angels at Sea, Circus of Terror, Unidentified Flying Angels, Angels Ahoy, Teen Angels, Angels in Waiting, Love Boat Angels, Avenging Angel, Fallen Angel, One of Our Angels is Missing, and Homes $weet Homes.

Charlies Angels Stats & Trivia ANGEL STATS

Turtlenecks: 0
Bikinis: 3 (Kris)
Shots fired by Angels: 2 (Kris), 2 (Tiffany)
Shots fired at Angels: 13
Angels Overboard: 1 (Kelly)
Underwater Fights: 1 (Kris)
Drinks served by Isaac the bartender: 2
Sponsorships Pulled: 1 (Sears)

Charlies Angels Episode Reviews TOWNSEND AGENCY COMMENTARY

Greg's takeGREG
Episode Rating: 4 stars
Exciting and new. With the introduction of a new Angel and the whole team sailing on The Love Boat you would think that the plot might get lost in the sauce. Oddly enough this doesn’t happen which either speaks very well for the plot or speaks very ill of Tiffany’s introduction and the Love Boat cameos. Either way, Bert Convy makes a nice thief with a heart of gold who falls for Kris. Paul Hollister’s (Convy) soldier of fortune Robin Hood schick actually works while Dick Sargent is typically creepy.

The real let down is Tiffany who gets no dialogue, no storyline, save a last minute rescue with Bos that is pretty cool, but proves a little too little, a little too late. Shelley Hack is a bit shaky, so Sabrina’s leadership and Kate Jackson’s ability make Sabrina Duncan real and interesting is sorely lacking here. The cracks start to show right from the start. Everyone looks good, the locations are pretty but wait…what’s that fin out there in the water…is that a shark? And behind it? Fonzi on a jet ski? WTF?

Episode Rating: 3.5 Stars
Quite a lame entrance for the new Angel but the landscape’s nice and the Angels are as stunning as ever. This one could have played out on any boat, as there wasn’t much of an interaction with the Love Boat-crew anyway. Too bad, Gopher and Kelly would have made quite a couple.

Episode Rating: 2 Stars
One would think combine two powerhouse ’70s series and that is an automatic five stars—not so fast. This two-parter receives four stars from me. It could have been solved in one episode. The writers have so much to work with and they do so little. First, why are the Angels on the Love Boat? The Love Boat cast is unessential in the episode this case could have taken place anywhere. Second, could we not give Tiffany a more starring role. Third, it is a sub par episode compared to the best of the season (Hunt, Campus, or Of Ghosts and Angels ) However, like all introductory episodes (Pilot, Paradise, and Hiding) every Angel fan should see Miss Welles’ debut.

Anna's takeANNA
Episode Rating: 2 Stars
I want to like it more, but I just don’t. The Love Boat just makes me groan even though it really has nothing to do with The Love Boat. The Virgin Islands sound exciting, but aren’t – there are boats in Los Angeles, too. Kelly is just kind of nothing, and Angels become annoying when they’re in love, so Kris is out, too. Tiffany, in her allotted 9 seconds of action, managed to be the coolest Angel. It feels weird to hear her say Sabrina’s name. I’m subtracting an entire star for Dick Sargent.

Episode Rating: 2 Stars
As an introduction to Tiffany and the Season 4 opener, the idea of a Love Boat crossover sounds cool. Had they stayed on the boat, and had it turned into an Agatha Christie type mystery, maaaybe I would have liked it more. As it is, Angels in evening gowns by night and bikinis by day can’t save too many stock shots of the boat, the ports of call, and what seems like a 10 minute intro of a very dull heist, from making this 2 hour premiere drag. Though valiantly attempting to be complex, it’s disjointed – never really zeroing in on one plot.

The Kris/bad guy romance isn’t all that bad, because Cheryl Ladd manages to humanize her interactions with guest stars again and again. However, since it seems the producers were worried about the Tiffany character and how Shelley Hack would be received as an Angel, Kris is once again the central figure in the story and in displaying bathing attire.

If you’re a Kris fan (or anyone with eyesight) you can’t help but like this (while fast forwarding the rest) because she wears two of her top 5 best looks of all time with a stunning white evening gown, and later the perhaps even more stunning Lara Croft-like white bikini for the action packed finale. I liked the scuba diving fight where Kris has to get away from the guy she’s been agreeably kissing and reluctantly investigating. And I liked her little switch setting the score straight for the good/bad guy Robin Hood type, (who she’s not gonna ride dolphins off into the sunset with), over the actually not so nice client. Did I mention that Kelly and Tiffany are also in this episode?

Sometimes eye candy is all you need.

  • belenpakantot

    on the down side, this is yet another lakso rehash of his standard prostitute-with-a-heart of gold (okay, thief donating the loot to charity) story. and in those lakso-penned scripts, the guest character (thief here, prostitute in others) take the center stage–and the regular characters be damned. it was no different here. kelly and kris looked more like they were on vacation. and all the new angel did in the first hour was to basically stand up to the rude and overbearing client. the first part ended with no real peril for the girls. think, wouldn’t it have been more exciting to have it end on a cliffhanger note, with tiff being kidnapped (instead of kelly in the next hour) and to make it worse, she would be kidnapped with the client she kinda hate! oh, btw, what a waste for the love boat to be just there as a background props. it could have been the site of a cat-and-mouse chase (then again, they have done something like that in season 1). and probably the most glaring oversight was the virtual lack of action for tiff in the 2nd hour. this should have been the time for the new angel to shine! it was a good thing that ratings were high (#1 for the week) and the public was curious about shelley hack (in contrast to the next season where tanya was virtually met with apathy.) . but ed lakso, you have some serious failings as an exec producer in charge of this premiere ep!

    • Anthonydeutsch

      yes indeed, so many missed opportunities from Lakso, and absolutley yes the public was very curious to see the new angel and what she brings and can do, would have been the perfect coming out in the second half to have the reserved display some ass kicking and staunch detective work, I have posted many times here that the new guest writers in particular b w sandefur, michael michelean and wife kathern, lee sheldon, richard carr, john whepley, none of these writers had any problem writing for and coming up with fresh ideas beyond angels on the street a lakso episode with tiff as a hooker, look these guys liked shelley hack and broke down the wall of animosity lakso had built on this set,this alone made all the differance in the world as it allowed shelley to somewhat get a little comfortable in her own skin and the episodes benifitted from it, so I ask again what if Fred Silverman had known earlier on what lurked in lakso’s destructive mind? what if he had taken charge right off the bat and assigned this episode to anyone of these new guest writers? We would have seen a totally different introduction of Tiffany ,action packed and ass kicking her way throughout the saint thomas islands, michael michalean who was the first new guest writer tasked with the first episode Angels On Campus, liked her all the way around and he himself had fun because she was intelligent and interesting to write for and it stimulated him and the other new writers, by the way these same new writers along with lakso himself couldn’t do jack squat for Tanya and her Julie in the following season so what does that tell us, we had the perfect replacement for Kate and some insecure individuals let this slip right through their fingers.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      hello again, well if you think about it as i have said many times somehow someway tiff/shelley always found a way to rise above him and make herself or her character rise above him and get away with it, I see her display her smarts by being the one to notice paul hollister being abducted on the beach by the demargirans goons,then she tells off mr. avery, and it is tiffany who discovers something disturbing in the article she is reading on arrivals and departures and she unlike the other two suppossedly seasoned detectives is actually working and here comes the tiffany inquisitive side, she says she is going down to the mari-time office to see what she can pick up and satisfy her curiosity about the coincidences she discovered, well she does just that and is the one to figure out the whole lady scotia incident and come to think of it that is the crux of the whole damn episode,not to shabby for a suppossed rookie angel that both kris and kelley were not impressed with initially, good job tiff now i know why she graduated at the top of her class, so lakso has to create another scene where he has tiff act like she is afraid of letting them down and bosley has to reassure her with a peck on the cheek, now for the only action in the whole episode it once again is tiff who figures out the big kelley abduction and secures a speed boat while bosley is fumbling around and off they go to where shelley says to water island,her smarts were on display again time and time again, so what does she do she procedes to get or manuver a triangulated cross fire and with some sharp shooting and some brass balls she shuts the whole thing down finito, but kelley takes the credit, lakso gave tiff one word for dialouge PUNT what did you think of that? If you think about some of these events that took place objectivly tiff/shelley did a smashing job, i did love the way bosley and kris and kelley finally welcomed her at the rail , it was cool, she really was the really smart one and proved it.

      • Greg Jurick Blackshear

        So do you have a favorite Angel?

  • belenpakantot

    i thought the scene introducing shelley hack worked very well,. shelley had tiffany down pat from the get-go. confident and sophisticated, rather aloof at first glance but not without her share of insecurity and displaying a wry sense of humor to tie up the pretty package. that whole do-you-know-charlie-i-have-his-picture exchange was funny and endearing and bonded the girls instantly. this was the same tiff that we would come to love as the season got going in the 2nd half. (stupid lakso should have ditched those pre-written scripts that bogged down the show thereafter.) i thought cheryl and shelley in particular hit it off very well. when kelly and kris snuck back to the office to say “we like her charlie!” we believed them! and we liked her too!! and looked forward to seeing more of her!!! imho shelley hack did really fine in that scene. she wasn’t shaky or tentative at all. if anything, her poofy hair looked… different and perhaps a bit distracting but you get used to it.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      I agree but what made it work was because she was shelley hack and shelley and her tiffany were one and the same, the real article, she hadpoise, beauty which was easy on the eyes, comical, and her body language made it work, but the intention was suppossed to be ackward and as I have said before only a small select group of fans really know how sharp she was,no matter how intentionally ackward something was, that shelly hack refinement ALWAYS surfaced and somehow someway she always rose above it and seemed to make herself relevant if not important and interesting, this was all smarts and natural acting ability and even Kate saw it and said she was very talented and the producers should have been able to do more with it.She could have been fabulous but much of her spare time at night was spent wiping away the tears and sobbing.shelly hack was never shaky, always poised, confident, observant and inquisitive not afraid to let her mind wander and look at things in the abstract, these are some of the things about her and her tiffany that are so special and make who she is, as both of us have said many times she was so different not only from the other angels past and presant but also from any other actress of her time, a special and rare treat indeed,when we look at these things and talk about her its because she was so damn interesting, can we say the same thing about season five and that replacement? I don’t think so and celebrating the fine work of shelley hack/tiffany welles while she is still alive is priceless.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    What a smashing success, off and running, the angels with a new one on board took off and soared for this two week introduction episode of loveboat angels, this adventure was according to the all important neilson ratings was the most watched television show in the country in its time slot, pretty good i would say, the next episode which aired in the third week of the season was the number three watched show,avenginging angel was next and coincidently it was the first solo episode of the season and also the first to not place in the top five then the first Farrah guest episode aired and thats where the first major slip in ratings showed,seeing this makes you wonder why in the world would the executive producers continue down this path seeing that the fanbase was already rejecting this direction, this season was special because of all the hype and exposure it is clear from these events that they the fanbase wanted to see the new angel in action but it could only be pure arrogance that made them continue and disregard what the fanbase was saying in black and white.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    this was a case where a very rare unique situation presented itself, the executive producer Aaron Spelling had to come up with something to replace the departing Sabrina Duncan and surely he couldn’t just hire a actress to portray that character so he knew he needed to come up with a brand new character, so he decides to create a totally new character that is different to the others, great, so the search begins and thousands of would be starlets, models, ect. try out for thr part of the refined Tiffany Welles character, but to no avail, non of them had the Tiffany touch Aaron was looking for , then Nolan Miller sees the famous Revlon commercial featuring Shelley Hack as the model and he likes it and presents it to Aaron and soon he to becomes enamored, soon prolific director Allen Baron joins in and also jumps on board, they liked what they saw and she appeared to have that Tiffany touch they were looking for and as the old saying goes be careful what you wish for,Ed Lakso who was the on set producer basically second in command never had written anything for this type of character, his fortay was usually sexist roles for actresses so naturally he was uncomfortable from the onset with this type of character, so Shelley Hack is brought out to Hollywood for a screen test and Allen and Nolan would handle her screen test and also a personality test because of the kate and cheryl situation which nobody wanted a repeat of that, so everybody crossed their fingers and hoped, after all great acting wasn’t a requirement to be an angel only Kate had real acting chops, Fred Silverman from ABC also attended the screen test, they acted out a scene from Angel Hunt and it went well, and as for the personality test Shelley broke the ice with a funny quip oh darn i forgot to rehearse my personality this morning, so the girls tell Aaron we sure like Shelley Hack and we are going to have alot of fun.Eveybody liked her and thought she would be fine that is all except Ed Lakso mostly because of insecurity, he had never written anything for this type of character and he was responsible for her development, it only got worse for him when he realized Wow this actress and the character were one and the same and now he really was stymied,so rather that conferring with s/g primarily Spelling about what and how to integrate and develope this character and blend both togeteher he chose the low road and wanted to get rid of this situation, he concocted a plan of sbatage that would ensure it,so he openly admitted that he never wrote anything for her and never integrated her into the team, always seemingly ackward and clumsey, Mr. Lakso was scared to death of this situation, about the mid season point when the show was slipping in popularity and ultimately the ratings something had to be done and was, Fred Silverman who was paying all the bills decides to try and save this show and hires new guest writers to actually write new fresh scripts and stories taloried to this specific trio of angels,integrate the new angel and give her some profile, also a new fresh younger look with straighter hair and it worked, week by week she started acting fine, looking fine and started to find herself in the agency, ratings started to climb back into the twenties, they accomplished what Mr. Lakso couldn’t proving that this character and actress were a fine replacement and if she would have been shown the proper respect and attention from the onset and allowed to get comfortable in her own skin the season would probably have finished in the top five, but the severe damage was done and compounded by solo episodes shown out of sequence killing any chance of success for this actress and her portrayal of new character Tiffany Welles, so Mr. Lakso’s plan worked and she was let go at seasons end but the end of this story still hasn’t been written, she is appreciated for her work and most people or fanbase now know that under the circumstances she was put through she did one hell of a fine job and continues to grow on a daily basis in Charlies Angels lore.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      Just a side note here mr. Ed Lakso probably could also be catorgized in this same class as Aaron Spelling, approx. one year later HBO had invited just about every actor, actress, producers, directors, dignitaries ect. everybody that was anything in Hollywood entertainment, they were showcasing a play called Vanities, starring Meredith Baxter Biney, Annette O’Tolle, and Shelley Hack, it was a smashing success and earned rave reviews, to quote Ed Lakso he was really surprised for he was her biggest detractor at the time of her Charlies Angels stint going as far as telling the gossip rags that she was talentless,well he was blown away and now said it has been approx. one year and she really was great and did a really fine job and most of Hollywood agreed, a defining moment for Shelley Hack that i’m sure meant alot to her, she won over her biggest detractor and her harshest critics, Vanities is still posted on you-tube videos for free if anyone is interested in viewing it for free.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      As a side note approx. one year after Miss Hack’s departure along with Meridth Baxter, Annette O’Toole, and Shelley Hack,HBO had a presentation of a play called Vanities the play,all the hollywood dignitaries, actors, actresses, producers, directors, ect. were invited to this gala event, and one of them was Ed Lakso the on set producer of Charlies Angels, yes the same man that claimed Shelley couldn’t act and had no talent, well needless to say this play was a smashing success and everyone had a great time, Mr. Lakso who was her biggest detractor at that time had this to say, It has been approx. ayear since I last saw her and she was great in this play, Shelley had won him over and really there was no magic involved at all, all he needed to do at the time was just welcome her and let her get comfortable and above all GIVE HER A CHANCE, I think it meant a lot to her and her self esteem.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Tiffany was a good angel

    • Greg Jurick Blackshear

      Did you know that Tiffany was actually played by Shelley Hack?

      • Anthonydeutsch


        • Greg Jurick Blackshear

          I honestly hope you have the psychological stability to indeed leave my site and never come back. I’m not sure you do. It is impossible to “stalk: someone who has 322 comments all saying in the most disturbing annoying way possible that Shelley Hack was the best Angel. But you go much further than that. You personally attack and demean any poster who has an opinion other than that. You post huge block after black paragraphs saying the exact same thing. You come off as crazy and obsessed and since SO many of the comments seem to be made by a crazy obsessed person you make a site..which I am representing right now seem crazy.So I needed to shut you down and let people no that not only does your obsessed creepy stalker fan way of posting not represent what this site is about…you ain’t runnin shit around here freak. Instead of coming here daily and saying you will not be posting here any longer…simply don’t post here any longer. Or set yourself on fire. Either way works for me as long as it results in you not posting on my site. Cool?

  • belen pakantot

    ed lakso threw a tantrum when they weren’t able to get b-movie and soft-porn actress claudia jennings to join the show… barbara bach also balked at being shamelessly asked to bare her physical assets on the show… prostitutes and good-girls-gone-wrong are lakso’s only idea for a show, so what to do? sabotage the new angel, re-write the script to give her very little exposure, spread the rumor that shelley couldn’t act so he could get his tired idea another chance to fly… omg, in lakso’s hands, tiffany welles would have been something like a high-priced prostitute!!! he got his way with c-actress and soft-porn performer tanya roberts whose julie rogers was supposed to be a street model (a euphemism for prostitute, or didn’t we know)… well, that bombed big-time and spelled instant annihilation for the show… everyone who saw that 5th season premiere knew that the show couldn’t be saved by lakso, a slutty new character, or a bland/wooden bit player like tanya even when stuffed in the tiniest of bikinis

    • Anthonydeutsch

      well said and the ratings on this site support that,Tiff turns out to be the one that they needed, we were just getting to know and like her and then poof, she was gone, fired in the most disgusting, unprofessional, and unfair manner,after this s/g got exactly what they deserved/cancellation, and lakso got his reward for a job not well done/fired,i don’t mean to sound so cruel to tanya but good grief was she ever ditzy and s/g went way overboard trying to change the tiffany welles character,i couldn’t even get past the opening credits, when i saw her walking down the stairs with a book on her head and then sweating it up jiggling it up on a treadmill i knew this great series was at an end, and what the hell did any of this have to do with detective work? absolutely nothing, just the look on her face while on the treadmill you just knew this character was going to be dumbed down, so so unangelic that simply did not fit or blend with any trio ever cast,our level of intelligence required more substance than what s/g gave her to work with, she basically just like shelley didn’t stand a chance, but for totally different reasons.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      the more we look at the facts i think he wasn’t in the show from the beginning, he was a johnny come lately add on after ian goff and ben roberts, who actually created the characters by writing the pilot for season one, they left when s/g tried to and did screw them out of their share so they settled on 12.5% of the show which in the end turned out to be astonomical, but they left the show, who was to know at that point it would become the smashing success that it did, and this is the point where lakso enters the scene, he entered as the on set writer, director, and producer basically in charge of everything and everybody, but all the actresses were already in place so he didn’t get the opportunity to be in on selecting and molding any of the angels and i believe this bothered him alot, all he could draw to him was actresses that were far from angel material, very plain, and talentless, he even married one, so we plod along with repitive and less than interesting scripts, he seemed to focus on prostitutes for story lines and plain stupid stuff like marathon angels where he wanted the angels braless and jiggling it up while they were running and this is where kate jackson blew up and let him know in no un certain terms that his scripts where shit ( her words), so she finagles her way out of her contract and a new angel hunt begins, and in his eyes he would be able to select, and mold the angel HE wants,finally he would be able to feed and satisfy his ego,only problem was that out of all the girls that applied and tested none of them were acceptable, and somehow and in someway nolan miller had aaron spellings ear and respect. At that time there was a model/actress who was internationally known primarily for her modeling and her tv commercials with print adds and the more miller researched this girl and presented her to spelling the more they began to like her, her face was everywhere, and after all great acting wasn’t a requirement to be an angel, the more they looked and studied her commercials the more captivated they became, envisioning a fashion plate for the show and nolan miller, her name was shelley hack and long time director allen barron jumped on board and soon after she was in hollywood being screen tested with the help of allen and nolan, fred silverman from abc attended the test also, it was a big deal to see and meet this woman, she was well known throughtout the world as the charlie girl, wow talk about luck and something being tailor made the marketing and promotion of her and the new season were endless,the charlie girl becomes charlies angel, WOW. So they give her a screen test (part of angel hunt) with cheryl and jackie, no problems, her personality was also a fit, only problem was Lakso and his ego was denied and bruised because he wasn’t getting what he wanted and there was no doubt that nolan miller was a big deal in aaron’s mind. Lakso’s choices of girls didn’t fair well at all when tested and didn’t have nowhere the potential marketability of shelley hack, so she was in and lakso’s babes and his perception of what he wanted for a character wasn’t going to happen and worse yet in his mind once again he couldn’t leave or have an imprint on the BRAND and this greatly pissed him off, rather than vent and direct his anger at the people who made the decisions he took the cowards way out and directed it at the new selected girl named shelley hack to portray new character tiffany welles, so starts a campaign of sabatage and cruelness for no other reason than he didn’t get his way, the man refused to write anything for her and merely took the scripts he wrote in the previous season and scratched out sabrina’s name and inserted tiffany’s name robbing her of any chance to spread her new wings and soar, consequently he put all the blame for his shortcomings in his scripts and lack of originality and lack of creatitvity on shelley by saying she couldn’t act and even said she had no talent even though she already had three movie credits to her resume before signing on all with absolutely no complaints from other writers, directors, producers, top actresses, and actors, all of which lakso couldn’t explain that so he chose to leak to the gossip rags this lie,it’s all wrong the persona of tiffany and the performance of shelley wasn’t getting the desired effect and all the hollywood hacks jumped on this and started lambasting her and he kept fueling this fire,being sent home in tears not knowing and understanding why and what she did wrong seeing as she didn’t know him or anyboby on this show and set, really makes me sad that the lack of compassion displayed towards another human being was this great, after her dismissal he finally got his just rewards in season five when his selected actress flopped harder than moby dick beaching himself, fred silverman (ABC), figured out what bullchit was going on and hired new guest writers to play up and develope tiffany and give her a chance, only problem was lakso wasted OVER half a season trying to destroy her and there wasn’t enough time to show her the respect and attention she deserved and should have recieved upon her arrival to the set of charlies angels, fred silverman did the best he could with the limited time and he was right after mid season with new scripts and tiff integrated the ratings began to climb out of the thirties and back into the twentys, but they simply ran out of time, after her dismissal he couldn’t once again come up with anything to feature the new angel replacement and neither could the new guest writers, this show was done kaput and lakso was let go and retired.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      she never turned me on, her eye make up was way too excessive, remember that when fred silverman was hiring new guest writers and elaine rich he also reassigned lakso’s make up artist and hair stylist and brought on fred blau cosmotologist and dorothy fox hair stylist to make over tiff, thats why she looked so much better in the second half, sometimes a woman looks sexier with her clothes on, look into shelley hack’s eyes in some photos, she had that intoxicating stare and she drew you into her, she didn’t have to disrobe and put it in your face for attention, pure class all the way,leave something to the imagination

  • Anthony Poullet

    I was visiting the island of St. Thomas at the time & almost appeared on the scene where Cheryl Ladd is strolling downtown with a male actor ( can’t remember him ) . She was just 2 feet away from me but at the last moment before they started shooting I stepped inside the small jewelry shop where I was with my dad . I guess I got camera shy..Oh well, as you can see I still regret it to this day ! Btw , I was 14 years old then . Love you Cheryl !

    • Anthonydeutsch

      It was Bert Convy, who was a game show host and he played the part of Paul Hollister

      • Anthony Poullet

        That’s right ! Thanks ! Is sad he died young at age 57. I was trying to look for the full episode on Hulu & Crackle ( shows only part of it ) but no luck..

        • Anthonydeutsch

          so young, i think it was cancer he played a good part, this use to be on you tube but was removed due to infrigement rights

  • Anthonydeutsch

    In view of what is happening to this day with the (Q) popularity polls, I wonder how Leonard Goldberg must feel, being so wrong on so many fronts, he has to feel a little foolish with all the strange crap he said. If anyone owes Shelley Hack an apology it’s him,if he was a decent man, he should do just that.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I have to laugh because even with the intenionally wierd introduction, doind their best to bury and cause dislike to this new angel and her character, Anna is correct, in her nine seconds of allotted time (glad lakso could spare it), Tiffany turned out to be the coolest angel, this girl is pretty smart and a deadly shot,, she basically stole the episode figuring lady scotia incident out and by being observant and inquisitive, she is so cool, and today she also EARNED top favorite angel according to this site, in the end she turned out to be a winner in spite of all the cruel things being said and done to her, i guess this finally puts an end to the no talent and can’t act bullchit. Season four still delivered the goods and in her own way she did put the sizzle back into charlies angels. WOW.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    hey Gregg, the only cracks that start to show is the fact that Ed lakso didn’t utilize all the tools that were avalible to him, and he is the one who didn’t give Tiff any storyline and made her entrance weak and awkward, this is not her fault as no actress could have made this interesting, no reflection on Shelley’s ability to act, plus you should know as everyone else does that Ed Lakso intenionally sabataged her and her character Even Allen Baron said he felt bad for her and all she was given for diolouge by Lakso on the boat was punt, he even inferred that Aaron didn’t mean for him to cut her diologue like that much.

    • Greg Jurick Blackshear

      Wait you just contradicted yourself. At first you said the rating started to improve as Hack was given more to do (at the beginning of your long ass diatribe) then later you state “audience was tuning in to see the new angel but were denied by Lakso so consiquently the audience started losing interest and started flipping channels not Shelleys fault at all, first rating drop was when the Farrah guest episodes began” so which was it. Did rating go up as season 4 went on and we saw more Tiffany or down as people started watching Different Strokes on NBC?

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Could we not think of a better way to introduce a person? it’s a pretty basic and simple task done a million times a day. Imagine a girl excepts a job that’s 3500 miles away and flies across the country for her first day of work only to walk in with Bosley and to be met with a decoy who is a blonde, total air headed bimbo with large breasts wearing a tight t-shirt which reads super star across it (Shelley was a super star in her world of modeling), which begs the question is the writer trying to ridicule or mock this girl, lets see is he trying to draw attention to breast size, mock intelligence levels, manner of dress or what? Or is this just some writers attempt at humor at the expense of this new girl?, this is awkward and it gets worse if that is possible, after we get through the bimbo scene th new girl is actually left to take over the scene and introduce herself to them only to be met with less than impressed expressions by her new co-workers, when they offer her a seat in their great room all three of them including Bosley stare, gwack, cocking and rotating their heads to enable them to size her up from every angle, prompting this new girl to actually have to tell them that they are starring and ask the un-comfortable question if something is wrong( she must have felt like she wasn’t what they expected or something),It’s so ackward that Charlie himself has to bring it to an end and try to lead it into the next scene about the heist and their up coming trip to the carribeans. And this kind of un impressed nonsence continues throughout the whole episode. If this was a real life situation I bet Tiffany would have turned around and walked out and headed back to the airport.With such a weak and unimpressive tone setting how does anyone expect this to impress the audience and allow them to embrace her and forget about the old character she is suppossed to be replacing? This poor character was basically killed off before she even got a chance, only person who seemed to have a problem with this was the episodes director Allen Baron, who did the best he could and was allowed to do to make her relevant, then add in the solo episodes airing out of order and burying her for a full half a season and no wonder she didn’t instantly catch on which resulted in the ratings to start to decline, ABC cared enough and came to their own conclusions as to what was really going on and ordered the hiring of new call them guest writers,directors, and producers to write for and build up this character, give her some profile and see what she can do, so the original production staff was pushed aside and the end result was we got some of the finest episodes of the whole series, it was a damn shame that this happened so late in the season and that this actress was replaced for the final season resuling in an even bigger backfire of epic proportions. Today there is hardly a fan that thinks she couldn’t act, she was no better or worse than any other angel and she has become extremely popular, most of us realize what Anna and Holly have stated that she was a fine replacement and indeed could act and definatly could have lasted long past a single season.Long live Tiffany Welles.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    It’s interesting to note and observe what different corporations were thinking, on the spelling/goldberg level they were thinking that a bigger set of breasts was needed and on the Revlon side which had recently hired s top marketing research team to investigate how and why this fragrance became so successful,this year was 1979, and they Revlon was contemplating a repeat , if it wokked once can it work twice with a few changes? The fact finding report came back and it was proved that this actress/model, the jingle and what the jingle represented were the reasons for the success and yes it could possibly work a second time.The ad people at Revlon decided to use the exact basic format but make changes to the entrance and the manner of dress maintaining the same elegance and class as the first campaign.The first change was to replace Shelley pulling up in a classic Rolls Royce and replace it with her being driven via a speed boat out to a yacht that was parked in the middle of a New York river, second change was instead of dressing Shelley in a casual jump suit they would dress her in a beautiful custom cut and sequined tuxedo and she never looked more gorgeous. She would enter in the same manner as before in a vibrant, classy, and elegant way in a non sexist, and non threatning way, the change would be instead of being serenaded by Bobby Short who was replaced by the velvet fog Mel Torme, same type of date meeting and greeting her playfully. Well lightning struck again, she didn’t generate a billion dollars in weeks this time but ensured the long range life of the product that still lives on to this day, she even spawned different spin offs by Revlon in different colors and multiple fragances. Her contract still had approx. 11/2 years left on it at the time of her departure from Charlies Angels which continued to feed her bank roll. After her contract ended they Revlon tried everything they could think of, peplacing marketing companys, jinggles, big name actresses, and plots, and themes and they were never able to come even remotley close to the success of the Shelley Hack campaign, she was by far the most successful cosmetic model of her time and hangs in at the top of the Revlon Hall Of Fame.

  • Scott

    An interesting idea with intriguing locations that was not very well executed. Love Boat Angels has a few things going for besides the beautiful scenery for me, most notably the first time I saw Kelly fight the bad guys off and a short while later, dive into the ocean. Sadly, the issue with this episode is the writing: the inane dialogue between the Angels and the Love Boat crew when they first arrive on the ship is just sad. As well, the inability to write Tiffany the way Tiffany should have been written (an academic, by the book, by the rules, which does not always work out the way it should, new member of the team) is first noticeable here. The smart one (Sabrina) should have been replaced with the “really” smart one (Tiffany). A scholar, ivy league educated new member, whose idea of going by the book would often times not be how an Angel can succeed. Just as Kris made mistakes when she was new, Tiffany should have too.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      unfortunetly this was Ed Lakso’s story and he also was the on set producer with final say over all aspects of the show’s production, it has been well documented throughout the years that he didn’t like or want Shelley Hack, and that he was angling for Barbara Bach so he didn’t put forth any effort that would help or cast Tiffany in a favorable light, it definatley could have been done and handled in much better and creative ways, even some of us fans had better ideas for her than him, so sad to waste such a beautiful character that had so much potential. You should realize that Shelley was brand new and had to do exactly as she was told so there was no ablibbing, look at the polls on this site if you think Tiff was a flop, you might be surprised at what people and fans think today

  • Anthonydeutsch

    there’s a fragrance that’s here today and they call it Charlie, there’s a fragrance that thinks your way and they call it Charlie,kinda young kinda Now Charlie, kinda free kinda Wow Charlie,a fragrance that’s here to stay and it’s here now CHARLIE, and now the world belongs to Charlie. A jingle that would become iconic portrayed by a fresh new young modern girl that would empower and change the way women would act, think, and be percieved forever in all aspects of life. This woman was so well recieved with her portrayal of the vibrant and breezy Charlie Girl that she would boost REVLON sales past the one billion dollar mark making this fragrance the number one seller in the whole world, talk about a successful campaign from a commercial that aired on national television approx. every twenty minutes. This campaign to this day is considered one of the most successful and financialy rewarding to all parties concerned and that is the true definition of ICONIC, and Arron Spelling wanted and had to have this beauty as his new fifth angel and once he got it for some strange reason he and his on-set producer wanted to tear this success down, talk about an epic backfire on their part.Today almost half a century later no fragrance or cosmetic has even come close to this success, and today this beautiful angel has become one of the absolute most popular angels of all time, a true test of time, now that is also ICONIC. Tiffany Welles truly one of GODS ANGELS.

  • Anthonydeutsch

    I shake my head everytime I think about this episode.It was supossed to be a glorious event in angel history with the introduction of a brand new angel, all the main elements were there loveboat and crew, the beautiful islands, the clothes and an interesting plot.When it finally comes time to meet our new angel it is ackward from the on set and continues even when the girls are meeting client mr avery for the first time.I couldn’t help but notice Kelly’s facial expressions, eye rolls, and blank stares everytime this new angel opened her mouth and tried to either ask questions or contribute to the conversation, oh well maybe it is me , but it wasn’t and I didn’t understand why? Was this written this way or what? Surely the director would have noticed this and put a stop to it if it wasn’t intended but why?It just didn’t seem right, then I noticed in the credits that the writer, director and producer were all the same person and it appeared that this was his production, it just made no sense to me to introduce a new character for the very first time that could not ever grow and gain profile, why do this? Al lthe other characters could grow and gain profile but not this one. It would take a half a season before a new cast of writers, directors, and on set producers to bring this beautiful angel back to life and nuture this angel. It took some 35 years for this angel to gain the profile, respect, and love from a fan base turning this into a real honest to goodness feel good story which has cemented this angel forever in angel history as one of the all time favorites.

  • Morons All of You

    WTF is this shit blog?! It’s all hate-filled and packed with snide remarks. WTF? What kind of fans are you? A disgrace to the show, that’s what! Hope your website gets hacked and deleted. Idiots!

    • Greg Jurick Blackshear

      LOL. Yes you can tell by the work we put into the design and content of this site that we are hate filled toward Charlie’s Angels. We do use sarcasm and humor in the reviews and articles you sort of have to with a show with such inconsistent writing and production. We do (obviously) attract obsessed fans/ freaks of certain angel that can’t deal with any type of commentary/critique that doesn’t prop their particular favorite angel up as perfect all the time. But I think we are pretty fair, reflective of reality and approach the reviews articles with love and humor. So basically go fuck yourself.

      • pnyc1969

        Pointing out its inconsistencies, absurdities and redundancies is the best way to enjoy the show. We have all seen every episode so many times that we notice–and embrace–its quirks. Isn’t this how most of us regard our own friends and families? Morons is being WAY too serious here. BTW there is a totally charming Bionic Woman blog written in a similar vein to this one called Bionic Blonde. A great tribute to our SECOND favorite show (sorry Wonder Woman fans!).

  • Anthonydeutsch

    Over the years somethings about this introduction of new angelTiffany really bothered me and I thought she was treated rather unfairly.The episode starts off kind of cool but gets rather ackward and mean spirited by Ed Lakso when it finally comes to introducing the new angel into the fold (which he never really does, but rather makes and obvious attempt at riduculing Tiffany with the red herring (judy Landers) cameo appearance as a linen service girl wearing a tight t-shirt which says Super Star on it in bold fashion, an obvious attempt to ridicule Shelley Hacks status as a top super model and then draws the attention to judy’s obvious big boobs in relation to Shelley’s small boobs after this ackwardness Tiffany is left to actually introduce herself only to be some what half heartadly welcomed with uncomfortable stares and gwaks to the point she has to tell them they are staring and ask them if somethings wrong.This Lakso guy planted the seed right off the bat all but telling the audience that we don’t like her and neither should you.He proceeds throughout this episode and season to strongly convey this vibe bu kelly’s eye rolls and facial expressions including a blank stare of disinterest whenever Tiffany tries to contribute to the discussion. It is so blatant he should have carried a sign around his neck. Worst is when he actually has the balls to rub it in even more so by having Tiffany go through an un comfortable scene asking Bosley if she belonged on this job because Chris and Kelley are so good at it and she is so new, even though it was Tiff’s awareness and curiosity at the mari-time office that put the whole lady scotia incident together (not kelley as lakso tried to depict.) This man could have fixed all these issues by simply getting a couple of coffees and sitting with her and having a cigerrette, relaxing her, rather than building a wall of animosity which surely would do the show no good, I agree with Anna and Holly that in Tiff’s allotted 9 seconds of actual action she is the coolest angel.Shelley Hack you rocked it in you all too brief stay as angel Tiffany Welles.

  • Angel fan

    A couple of things to add on time frame and curiosities:

    1. Unless they were on the super-high-speed Love Boat, the journey from LA to St. Thomas would be something like a week and a half. Nice for them that business is slow enough that they can also spend this much time taking the boat back.

    2. Why nobody figured out sooner that the heist was a decoy is beyond me. I mean, dropping sculpture from several hundred feet in the air usually, uh, breaks it, rendering it unsellable.

  • Anthonyddeutsch

    Just another blunder by Spelling/Goldberg not focussing on the new angle. I read that ed lasko actually wrote this eposode in season 3 before he or anyone knew who the new girl would be or her character so he wrote the part for sabrina and got paid for it already. Instead of doing the right integrent thing and rewrite the script he tried to force it down Tiff’s throat and when it wasn’t working the lazy ass Lasko started taking Tiff’s diolouge away and redistributing it to the other two girls and when Shelly protested he developed an attitude toward her and didn’t like her, so the lazy scumbag started spreading the story that Shelley Hack couldn’t act. Spelling/Goldberg and all the rest of their minions bought into it. They were very cruel to Shelley but she maintained her dignity throughout this ordeal.Everyone on set knew that Shelley would be gone at seasons end probably even herself, this is another reason why she and her character were totally ignored for so long. She honored her contractual commitment and refused any offered guest appearaces, she found out about her dismissal in the most un-proffessional manner you could imagine. At the end she was happy to leave and start the healing process, which would take years. She truely is classy and proffessional,she is the only angel to never hit the talk show circut and talk about what really happened. Classy all the way to the end. That’s our Tiffany Welles.