Angels on the Street

Charlies Angels Episode Summary SUMMARY

Mr. Harkins comes to the Angels for help when his daughter is beaten for the second time by the same man. Charlie suggests that the girls adopt a cover to more easily infiltrate daughter Judy’s world in seedy downtown LA. Kelly and Tiffany enroll in Harkin’s Conservatory of Music as dance students, and stop at the corner hamburger joint (evidently a hangout for the local hookers and sailors on leave) to scavenge for information about Judy’s attack. Rose, a brassy young prostitute garbed in fishnet, a hot pink negligee and a Little Orphan Annie wig tell the girls to chill on the questions about Judy but suggest they talk to Freddie, the local pimp.

Tiffany: “You’re not suggesting we . . . go into business . . . as they say?”

Shelley Hack & Jaclyn Smith in Costume

Later, Kris observes Freddie accosting Rose as lesser prostitutes look on. She and a pistol-packing Bosley confront them and strong-arm the aggressors into driving away, though Rose is none too grateful.

Back at the office, it is decided that Tiffany and Kelly (the most obvious candidates) should go undercover as hookers. When they re-enter the hood costumed as flamingly cliched 80s tarts, Rose takes them to Freddie’s place to learn the ropes among the harem.

In a gas station bathroom, Rose removes her hooker accessories and transforms into none other than Judy Harkins (!!!). Kris and Bosley meet Tiff and Kelly (in full regalia) at the hamburger joint to publicly discuss their progress on the case within earshot of the owner and several fellow diners, finishing off the display by having Bosley pay them a thousand dollars in cash.

Tipped off, the owner phones Freddie and alerts him that the girls are undercover cops. Freddie plans on icing the girls by inviting them to a booze and pill party. The girls, along with Rose and the other hookers we’ve met, are welcomed to the party which is already swinging with two or three other guests, dysfunctional pinball machines, pulsing colored lights, and muted disco muzak. The girls survive by pouring their tainted drinks in the various houseplants scattered around the room.

Kris and Bosley become alarmed when they spot Rose coming back in a taxi, sans Tiff and Kelly. They watch her go into a bathroom and emerge later as Judy. When they confront the girl, she either feigns insanity or actually doesn’t remember that she’s living a double-life. (This is unclear.)

They then all drive somewhere where Freddie is made to surrender by Kelly and Tiffany. Kris consoles Judy and convinces her to go somewhere where she can “get help” while Bosley stands in the center of a public square with his arms around his favorite ho’s.

Charlies Angels Action ACTION

Tiffany gets to shoot out a tire and Bosley topples over a bad guy with his car door. Judy goes crazy and Kris has to chase her in circles through the middle of a gun battle, then all of a sudden the scene concludes with them hugging and holding hands. Not sure how that happened.

Charlies Angels Fashion FASHION

Kelly and Tiff hit the streets in a terrible assortment of hot pinks and tacky floral prints. Tiffany is among the least convincing hookers ever, and is lucky she didn’t get shot with her faux-sassy purse-swinging attitude.

Wardrobe Repeats
We pray that this red feather dress isn’t the same one Sabrina wore in Angels in Chains. Kris likes this plaid shirt enough to wear it again in Angels on Skates and One Love… Two Angels.

Charlies Angels Trivia TIMEFRAME

Case solved in approximately 3 days

Day 1 – Case introduced
Day 2 – Discussion back at the office
Day 3 – Kris talks to Judy – takedown

The pacing of the second half is hard to understand, and I’m only calling it 2 separate days because Kris keeps changing clothes.

Charlies Angels Trivia CURIOSITIES

• It seems that if you want to hire Tiffany and Kelly for the night, it’ll set you back $1,000. Good to know. Bosley seems very surprised at this, expecting them to make do with three or four hundred. Is there a standard price, or…?

• It’s actually not a criminal offense to pose as a prostitute – so long as you don’t get involved in an exchange of cash and services. (Just in case you needed to know.)

• The dialogue between Bosley and the Angels about Kelly and Tiffany hooking it “as a team” is similar to an amusing scene in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle where Alex is explaining “working as a team” to her bewildered father.

• How doesn’t Judy/Rose know that she’s Judy/Rose when she has to go through the elaborate change process in that bathroom 2 or more times per day, and keeps all the alternate wardrobe in her purse?

Charlies Angels Trivia REPEAT OFFENDERS

Nancy Fox: Childhood friend of Jaclyn Smith’s also plays Amy Jarvis in Angels in the Backfield, the maid in One Love… Two Angels and a dancer in Chorus Line Angels.

Don Chaffey also directed Mother Angel, Terror on Skis, Angels on Skates, Angels on Campus, Harrigan’s Angel, Nips and Tucks, Island Angels, He Married an Angel, and Mr. Galaxy.

Prolific writer Ed Lakso brought us roughly one third of the series, including Hellride, The Seance, Dirty Business, The Vegas Connection, I Will Be Remembered, The Blue Angels, Pretty Angels All in a Row, Angels in the Wings, Angels on Horseback, Angels in Vegas, Winning is for Losers, Pom Pom Angels, Counterfeit Angels, Disco Angels, Terror on Skis, Angel in a Box, Teen Angels, Marathon Angels, Angels in Waiting, Angels Remembered, Love Boat Angels, Avenging Angel, Angels on the Street, The Prince and the Angel, Angel’s Child, One of Our Angels is Missing, Catch a Falling Angel, Dancin’ Angels, Harrigan’s Angel, Three for the Money, To See an Angel Die, Angel in Hiding, He Married an Angel, Angel on the Line, Chorus Line Angels, Stuntwomen Angels, Angel on a Roll, and Let Our Angel Live

Charlies Angels Stats & Trivia ANGEL STATS

Turtlenecks: 0
Shots fired by Angels: 1 (Tiffany)
Shots fired at Angels: 1 (@ Kelly)
Tires Shot: 1 (Tiffany)
Funds Hooked: $1,000

Charlies Angels Episode Reviews TOWNSEND AGENCY COMMENTARY

Episode Rating:
Again, there are moments to laugh AT, but that shouldn’t be the entire selling point. It’s just another vessel for the same Nancy Fox character to befriend Kelly again. It’s like they wrote a whole episode based around Tiff and Kelly’s hooker outfits, and then stuck Kris in as an afterthought. She basically just stares out different windows the whole hour.

Episode Rating: 4 stars
You cannot put a price on a father’s love and when Mr. Harkins’ daughter, Judy, is beaten for the second time he hires the Angels. So Kelly and Tiff go undercover to find out the who and the why. The Angels are again put into an un-Angelic situation. Although having the Angels in such a situation does not help the episode receive a full five stars. Regardless of how many times I see this episode I am confused to whether Judy is aware she and Rose are the same person. Still a great episode and a highlight of the fourth season and it receives four stars from me.

Episode Rating:
Hey, this is more like it. Despite Tiffany’s less than credible hooker stroll, the story of Judy and her clueless father dealing with pimps and hookers is both entertaining, cheesy, and strangely touching. Plus I dig the “If I Could See” song.

Episode Rating: 4 stars
Worth watching just to be amazed by Tiffany and Kelly’s takes on being high-priced streetwalkers. This is another one of those episodes that are a lot like Bonanza, in that a troubled guest-star is helped by the team and then bustled off onto the stagecoach . . . er, bus, and sent “back home.”

Greg, you like that song??

  • ’70s Chick

    I like this one, and I do find myself watching it, along with “Angels Go Truckin’”, the most of any season four episode, but have to admit that it is pretty far fetched in a lot of ways. First of all, I realize that Judy and her dad didn’t have much money, but who would open a serious music and dance studio in a nieghborhood peppered with hookers up and down every street, day and night? I mean, are parents really gonna bring little Susie to her violin lesson in this environment? And why didn’t anyone question why Kris, presumably a new student, hung around the studio all day long? Most lessons are half an hour long, maybe an hour, but eight hours? And with the instructors coming and going all day long and never actually teaching her anything? And nobody was suspicious? Then there was Nancy Fox as a hooker. Sorry, Anthony, but I gotta disagree with you here, that was just way out there casting. I did like Richard Lynch as Freddie, cuz that guy was born to play pimps and such unsavory characters. All in all, a decent episode for season four,

  • Anthonydeutsch

    A fun episode, while debutant Tiffany isn’t what you would expect to see walking the streets she does make it fun with her class and sass. I see good chemistry once again between all of them. A social issue that no other show attempted to address at the time. We even had a Ron Jeremy type guy in Larry. I also liked Nancy Fox (Sonny), she blended right in.Interesting alter ego of Judy. Tiffany appears to be hell of a good shot on moving cars, she blows out the tires on every car she shot at and did the same in loveboat angels in getting demargerins crew to surrender.I watch this episode almost every night, I just really love season 4 because of Tiffany Welles.

    • Suzy Su

      You watch charlies angels every night? Wow thats great :)haha my favorite is sabrina i seriously am in love with her shes just so hot and amazing omg. Tiffany also shot the bad guys tire in To Catch a Falling Angel

      • Anthonydeutsch

        hi suzy, yeah I do and I also loved Sabrina and I alo thought he was hot, at least as hot a farrah, but girl like bri and tiff are my style and I like brainy,classy, and smart chicks. I really have grown to love eaon four because of new angel tiffany. I guess he was so different from all the other angels, not quite what you would expect, and he was alot like bri in certain ways, they didn’t have to be another tit rack (sorry).Being o different made for an intereting character that was learning the ropes which made her unpredictable, and I liked watching her grow and find her way in the agency which I thinks she did fine.I alo love the time period and remember it well.She hit what she shot at (markwoman) I guess.

      • Anthonydeutsch

        yeah, they were posted on you tube for awhile until infringement rights were violated and they had to be taken down so i ordered the dvd set from here and glad i did, they are crystal clear with no interuptions, i liked catch a falling angel also, man the social issues tackled were interesting and different for the time period.

  • Jimbo

    Yeah, it’s not perfectly clear whether Judy knows about her alter ego. There is that scene where she looks at her purse quizzically, and her father says she was always the type to escape into fantasy. But she seems to know where her bruise came from and does NOT want to talk about it.

    • Jimbo

      Another thing: I like Tiffany’s hooker stroll! It fit her character well, as if she were thinking “Hmm, how do hookers act, anyway? Maybe they twirl their purse and…oh God what am I doing here?

      • Anthonydeutsch

        me too even though she doesn’t make a convincing hooker because she just doesn’t look and act cheap enough. But she does make it interesting and funny, she is so cool, i miss her

  • pnyc1969

    Brilliant! “Street” is a favorite of mine. Kelly and Tiffany are my favorite angels and this is the only episode that explicitly pairs them. But Kris still has a good scene giving Freddie a Kelly-style shakedown. The hooker togs are gorgeous, especially Tiff’s inspired narrow satin skirt and elaborate (though not trick-friendly) up-do and red camelia. The color quality and fit of these outfits is exquisite and makes the outsize $1000 fee plausible. Kelly, predictably, gets most of the lines but Tiff squeezes the maximum out of her “Well I was talking to YOU!” By season 4, stories wrapped up with little fanfare but it would have been interesting to learn something about Judy’s condition and, especially, her clueless father’s reaction to finding out that his daughter was working the streets.    

    • Anthonydeutsch

      hello pync 69. i love it too, i never get tired of it and some other season four episodes, man these girls looked hot but classy never trashy, these three couldn’t look bad if they tried, i enjoy talking to other unbiased season four fans. one of my biggest kicks is seeing after 35 plus years Tiffany/Shelley finally has gained in profile and acceptance, its a feel good story for me because i also grew up in greenwich, ct. at the same time ,i’m same age as Shelley and i remember seeing her for my first time when she was 14 years old in one of my moms magazines called show. have a wonderful day.i have read other posts you have written on you tube and have wanted to respond but can’t get an account or something i’m doing wrong in any event i enjoy your comments.

      • pnyc1969

        Thanks very much. I thought I was the only one reading my YT posts. Good eye for noticing the name connection! I have also posted to a good number of episode reviews here. Let me know if you agree with my comments. Yes, Tiffany’s stature has grown over the years. A lot of people now really appreciate the character. (For some reason, this has not happened for Julie, who I also like a lot.) One thing I enjoy about the reviews on this site is the pro-Tiff slant that you do not find on more casual CA fan sites that focus on the original cast. Those sites do not have a lot to offer me because altho I like all the angels, Sabrina and Jill are the ones I feel the least affinity for. I think you are onto something with your observation that the guest writers developed Tiff better that Ed Lakso. This type of comment really contributes to a greater understanding of the show. There seems to be a slow down among the editors. I hope to see some new posts soon. They do a wonderful job deconstructing my favorite show. Cheers!

        • Anthonydeutsch

          thanks pnyc1969,I agree with all your posts and i picked you and filomango69 as having the most in common with, i too have posted alot on this site and i hope you read them,like you i don’t get paid for anything i am just a super fan and maybe my sensitive side makes me feel bad for what they did to Shelley, i also feel a little bad for tanya also (she just didn’t i said earlier i have been trying to hook up with you and filomango on yt to share comments but i can’t figure out what i am doing wrong,obviously you don’t have this yt problem,maybe you can steer filomango to visit this site, he too is a big Tiff fan and pulls no punches about it.Please cruise this entire site and you will see i have posted throught out it. i am retired now and this is my full time hobby, look forward to talking to you, you made my day friend.

        • Anthonydeutsch

          I haven’t heard from you lately, you have cramps in your fingers? get typing, Ienjoy reading yor posts and take on things. Thanks for the nice and keen comments pertaining to Lakso vs. guest writers,I firmly believe that besides Lakso’s nasty comments to gossip tabloids against Tiff/Shelly, a huge problem with the fan base was rabid Kate Jackson fans and simply not knowing the whole and truthful story and poor Shelley suffered terribly from it and it also affected Tanya to some degree also.With the death of Farrah in 2009 and the opportunity for Sony to cash in and release season four, alot of old fans who had blown the season off by the midway point NEVER SAW THE SECOND HALF of the season so they never knew about the new writers and the dramatic turn around (what a shame), so they finally got to see what they missed out on and they had no idea what they missed out on with Shelley so they were pleasantly surprised with the release of season four in DVD set, and then as you are aware a few fans posted the complete season four on You Tube for free and that also made a huge differance. I also believe that the more people are made aware of the truth about Shelley/Tiffany the better they understand and realize facts they didn’t even know existed about the sabatage and meanness. Once you see Tiff in acting you say to yourself she is no worse than any other angel, so what are they talking about? And the more you look at her beautiful face you say I either didn’t remember or even realize how beautiful she was, Fred Blau did her make up and always had her looking beautiful.