Charlie’s Angels TV Reboot is Still Alive and Kickin’

Action-centric uberproducer McG says that the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot that originally was being developed for ABC’s 2010-11 slate – only to disappear off the grid – still has some fight left in it.

McG, having produced the big-screen ‘Angels’ movies starring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, is serving as a consultant on ABC’s potential reboot.

Asked for a status report on the conspicuously MIA pilot, McG told Fancast that Barrymore, her production partner Nancy Juvonen and Leonard Goldberg (who was an exec producer on the original ‘Angels’) “are working on it. They’re just waiting to see if the script comes together, and then we’ll talk about it.”

As for why a property as inherently hot as the ‘Angels’ pilot dropped off the radar not long into the development season, McG explained, “Everybody’s very protective of the idea. You just want to get it right.”

McG is currently an exec producer on TV series such as NBC’s ‘Chuck,’ Fox’s ‘Human Target‘ and The CW’s new ‘Nikita’ (premiering Thursday, September 9).

Taking this to mean that a new ‘Charlie’s Angels’ series will happen, who would you cast as the three leads? Who is your brain (aka Kate Jackson’s Sabrina), butt-kicker (Jaclyn Smith’s Kelly) and bombshell beauty (Farrah Fawcett’s Jill)?


By Matt Webb Mitovich July 29, 2010 Fancast