Charlie’s Angels Makeup & Hair Secrets

TA note: This article isn't anything groundbreaking, we just want you to experience these pictures. And remember that it's reporting on all three Angels equally . . Farrah Farrah Farrah Farrah Farrah Farrah.

Anyone can look like a Charlie's Angel, say beauty experts. All it takes is a bit of time and a bit of care. Despite the wave of Farrah mania, not everyone wants to look like her. So we’ve been investigating the beauty secrets of all three Angels.

KATE JACKSON, in keeping with her fresh outdoor look, washes her hair daily and blows it dry. Sometimes she pulls it back into a pony tail. On her days off, she wears no make-up, but a little Clinique moisturizer. When she does wear makeup, it’s the very simplest.

“This girl has gorgeous skin,” beauty specialist Mark Traynor told THE STAR. “To create her outdoor naturalness, a woman should use clear red cheek blush, a plumb-colored lipgloss, smoke-gray eye shadow and a little mascara.”

Fresh air and exercise are important to Kate. She skis, plays tennis, rides horseback and briskly walks her dog a couple of times a day to keep to a size 9/10 dress.

To get JACLYN SMITH’s tawny good looks, beauty specialist Traynor suggests a bronze gloss on the cheeks. “On the lips, wear a golden cinnamon tone, and for the eyes use Coppertone shadow and brown mascara.”

Jaclyn says her downfall is Mexican food. To make up for occasional binges on the stuff, she feasts on salads and steak the rest of the time. She eats a high-protein breakfast, so she has the energy to skip other meals. Dinner is always light and eaten early so she has time to burn up calories before going to bed.

FARRAH FAWCETT-MAJORS uses the “Laslo” treatment of special oil, cream and astringent to keep her flawless skin. Traynor says that dark contouring under the cheekbone is important to Farrah’s special look. “Contour in a crescent shape underneath the cheekbone,” he advised. “Then learn to smile toward your earlobes to get that special toothy smile.”

He also suggests using icy green eyeshadow, heavy black mascara, and a rosy beige lipgloss. “If your lips are too generous, block out the upper part with a little face foundation, then take a pencil and curve the lip downward toward the outside of the mouth.”

Farrah, who weighs 110 pounds and takes a size 5/6 dress, uses exercise to burn off her calories- tennis, skiing, and running on the beach. But it is her golden mane that really knocks everyone out. Women across the country are pouring into beauty parlors asking for the Farrah hairdo. To get close to Farrah’s hair color, you bring it to a medium ash blonde, then frost, said a representative for Wella, the hair-coloring company where the actress first came to fame as a model.

Now you're ready to follow Mark Traynor's guide to a Farrah hairstyle.

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