Charlie’s Angels 101

Are you a Charlie's Angels Rookie?

Here's what you've got to know.

Lesson 1. Who is Charlie?

Charles Townsend, a mysterious millionaire, who in younger days was heavily involved in the world of law enforcement, is now a seasoned professional, having opened a prestigious private investigative firm in Los Angeles. A cavorting womanizer, Townsend's business policies are curiously based on the womens' lib movement - he chooses to employ a team of three beautiful women, each with law enforcement backgrounds, training, and street experience, who act as the detectives in his agency.

Lesson 2. Why can't the Angels see Charlie?

Though it's never explained why Charlie calls them 'Angels', we think it's just an affectionate term for his employees. Interestingly, neither the audience nor the Angels ever get to see Charlie face-to-face. Townsend feels that he should remain unidentifiable to his employees as a measure of protection for their safety (though this concept's effectiveness is definitely arguable). Since he can't attend office meetings personally, he communicates with the Agency via telephone and high-tech desktop speaker box.

Lesson 3. Who are the Angels?

The three original team members (Sabrina, Kelly and Jill) attended the Los Angeles Police Academy together.


Original Townsend Agency article September 25, 2010


A graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy, Sabrina is known as “the smart one”, and the unofficial leader of the Angels. Her intelligent, brassy, no-nonsense manner is what makes her the most consistently effective private eye. She’s the only Angel who’s been married and divorced before we meet her, and wed again after she departs.


Kris is Jill Munroe’s kid sister. Also a former cop, Kris is a graduate of the San Francisco Police Academy. Like her sister, Kris is a fun, wholesomely sexy, all-rounder who quickly earns her wings as an Angel. She also has a gift for music – she sings, dances and plays the piano.


Also a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy, foxy Jill is a carefree and fun-loving California girl with a great flair for beguiling any male she encounters. She’s sporty and athletic, and even goes on to become a champion racecar driver. Jill is future Angel Kris Munroe’s big sister; she’s also the only Angel ever to be engaged on the show.


Tiffany is a pretty, refined, book-smart graduate of the Boston Police Academy and daughter of Charlie’s old friend. A former Kappa Omega Psi, she’s also a talented violinist. Though she’s likeable and a hard worker, she’s gone within a year.


“The pretty one”, Kelly is an expert driving and sharpshooting graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy. She comes from a difficult background hinged upon the fact that she was orphaned as a young child, which has helped to form her persona as the most streetwise, but also the most  sensitive and emotionally volatile Angel.


Julie is the only Angel with absolutely no law enforcement credentials - in fact, she came onto the scene as a suspect. Though she graduated from a "top school for models", she is a quick study and adapts to her role as a private investigator quickly.

Lesson 4: What does Bosley do?

Townsend Investigations also employs John Bosley, a kind-hearted man who performs managerial office duties while the girls go out to play - his chief purpose, however, is to connect the team to Charlie. Although the girls are able to phone Charlie themselves, it is Bosley who works directly with Townsend and is able to digest and distribute case information to the Angels, as well as working on the cases alongside them. As each year of the series progresses, Bosley becomes more and more a part of the team in the field, a dependable blend of secretary, male Angel and kindly uncle - and just as much a detective as the three Angels. Read Bosley's Character Bio >