Charlie Townsend Character Bio

Charlie Townsend CHARLIE TOWNSEND (The Boss)
Voiced by John Forsythe, 1976 – 1981

Essential Charlie Episodes:

Target: Angels
Angels in Paradise
Angel Hunt
Let Our Angel Live



From what little we can piece together from Charles Townsend’s mysterious life, we know that as a young man, he dabbled in the theatre, then during World War II, served in the OSS. Post-war, Townsend chose law enforcement as his career path and eventually became a beat cop. After years behind the badge, Charlie founded his own private investigation firm, the Townsend Agency, and due to his thick address book, his Agency was never at a loss for work.

A self-made man, Townsend is of notorious wealth and maintains important connections throughout the world in almost every field. Married only once (though we know nothing about the ex Mrs. Townsend), he’s quite the ladies’ man and enjoys entertaining multiple young women at once.


Described by his Angels as being a chauvinist pig, Charlie is a bit of a contradiction. He likes his women in their place (in his hot tub) yet he respectfully employs women in his Agency and seems to force himself to support women’s lib.


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