Attack Angels

By Greg and Anna | January 15, 2011

A lot people who grew up watching Charlie’s Angels tend to reference 3 things when asked about the show: Farrah Fawcett, sexy girls with guns, and sexy girls kicking ass. Let’s talk about the latter.

Sure, the Angels solved mysteries; yeah, they traveled to exotic places and helped people; and okay, they fell in love with the wrong guys. But what sticks in my mind, and apparently the minds of many other fans, is the Angels beating the bad guys down. From a dramatic point of view it is simply more interesting and exciting to me to see a seemingly helpless female take on and defeat a bigger stronger man than it is to see Starsky and Hutch resort to fisticuffs. Not that Charlie’s Angels were the first women on television who knew how to handle themselves in a fight – Mrs. Peel over on The Avengers had been karate-chopping double agents since the mid 60′s and Christie Love and Police Woman both both debuted before the Angels, but while those lovely ladies relied on their male co-stars to get them out of jams, only the Angels were their own cavalry, often riding to the rescue of their sisters in midriffs and pumps . Even ABC’s Wonder and Bionic women relied on technology and magic to deal with aggressive criminals. Charlie’s Angels only had their police academy training, their wits and experience, and the handy dandy Angel-chop to help them out of sticky situations. Rarely, if ever, had women who were both feminine and smart been able to take care of themselves and each other in fights with men.

The first season started out pretty light on action – in fact the first couple of episodes continued the annoying trend seen in the pilot of police or FBI agents having to assist the Angels in the main takedown (Hellride, The Mexican Connection, The Killing Kind). The 10PM time slot also seemed to cause producers to focus more on mystery and sex than action. When an Angel did fight, it was usually breif and a one-on-one affair.

The show’s shift to a 9PM time slot in season 2 meant the kiddies were watching – the same kiddies who were watching The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman. The Angels needed to be able to compete with both of those superheroes’ rather impressive feats, so in seasons 2 and 3 not only did the Angels kick more ass, they started to fight as a group (Angels on the Run, Angels on Ice, Angels on Vacation) and individual Angels started to be able to take on multiple oponents (Angel on my Mind, Pom Pom Angels).

By the time seasons 4 and 5 came around, some of the excitement and novelty of seeing an Angel take down a criminal was gone, and it showed in the direction of the fight scenes. The final years contain many awkward (Hula Angels, Island Angels) and a few shameful (Angels at the Altar, Angel on the Line) Angel fights. A few highlights in this dark peroid were Tiffany kicking bad guys in the face (Angels on Campus, Angels Go Truckin’), Jill karate fighting James Bond on a rooftop (Fallen Angel), and of course this article’s namesake, Attack Angels, wherein Julie kicked everyone’s ass except for Kris – who then, in turn, proceeded to kick Julie’s ass.

“I think I can handle one wicked witch.”

Any show in the 70′s (and let’s face it, today) written and produced by men, and starring female leads who fight, is gonna contain some chick fights. It’s Aaron Spelling for crying out loud. Have you ever watched an episode of Dynasty with Krystal and Alexis by the pool? Charlie’s Angels was not immune to the cat fight, and like most other shows, when the Angels fought other women their fighting style and sometimes ability was radicially altered for some reason. When faced with a female opponent, Angels typically resorted to grabbing and shoving (Night of the Strangler, Magic Fire, Disco Angels) or even hair-pulling (Lady Killer) instead of their standard aresenal of pseudo-kung fu or a good old-fashioned punch in the face.

It’s interesting to note that most of the few episodes written by women, including Angels on the Run, Teen Angels and Fallen Angel, gave the Angels verbal confrontations with other women or even other Angels, but not the catfights they whet our appetites for. Only 1 of the Angels’ 34 female fights was penned by a woman (Sue Milburn’s Lady Killer).

It’s the male writers we have to thank for our best fighters’ paradoxical abilities: Kris can beat up men and women, but is terrorized by women who look like men. Of course it was always she (as the most petite Angel) whom the writers liked to assign big butch lesbian adversaries, and making her uncharacteristically losing her nerve (Caged Angel) and even skill (Angels in Springtime) in their presence. Likewise, Kelly can beat up men and women, but the only time we’ve ever seen her look truly terrified during a fight was when she faced a drag queen (Angel on the Line). This was the only time any Angel was left sobbing and deeply shaken even after the others arrived, or had to be driven home while the others wrapped up the case. It was just a guy in a dress, Kelly.


“Hey lady, where’d you lean to fight like that?”

Fights on the show ran the gambit of pretty cool (Jill in The Seance, Kris in Angel on my Mind) to the campy (Julie vs. everyone in Attack Angels) to ludicrous (Island Angels, Kelly’s stuntman karate fights a 85-year-old Asian shopkeeper  for no other reason than the writers forgot to fill up the episode with.. y’know, writing). One of the more consistent themes of the show was that these former policewomen – like many women in real life – while maybe smaller and less physically powerful, were just as fast, agile, skilled, and resourceful as any man. In fact, they were helped in a lot of fights by the opponents’ tendency to underestimate them simply for being beautiful women. When attempting to capture TJ Hooker or the Duke Boys, bad guys would be on their guard. When attempting to capture Cheryl Ladd? Maybe not so much.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna share you with her.”

While at times the actress themselves seemed to do their own fighting (particularly Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Tanya Roberts) in other instances it is painfully apparent stunt doubles are used (see Island Angels, Little Angels of the Night, Angels On Vacation). Some of the more frequent stunt women included Jean Coulter (Farrah’s), Darlene Tompkins (Cheryl’s), and Hilary Thompson (Kate’s, who you’ll know best as the faux-Sabrina in Counterfeit Angels).

In the 5 years the show aired, all 6 Angels had an opportunity to kick some ass (and in some cases get their asses kicked). The first recorded instance of an Angel using hand-to-hand combat on a bad guy can be found in the pilot episode when Kelly (of course) rather ignobly kicks a bad guy from behind. As the season and series progressed, each Angel not only developed her own individual fighting skills, but the Agency even developed some specialized martial arts moves often used by the Angels. Because we here at TA have no lives or cable, we have attempted to document not only each Angel’s individual fight history, but also to document each fight in each season.

So when it’s time for a fight, which Angel would you want in your corner? Proceed to the next page and find out how your favorite really stacks up – we promise you’ll be surprised.


Stats Sheet

Here’s the entire team, ranked in order of statistical fighting prowess. Remember that the statistics here were judged strictly on an objective win/lose/draw basis, and no points were adjusted for coolness/shame.

Click the arrows to expand/collapse stats for each Angel.

#7 – Julie Rogers

You have to give the sexy Julie Rogers credit: she started and finished her Angel career as a serious ass kicker. In her debut episode, Julie rode on the hood of the bad guy’s car, waited till he crashed, then picked up a board lying on the ground and smacked him with it. That’s ass kicking – no wonder they hired her. She kept on fighting throughout her tenure, culminating in a merciless performance in the series’ most impressive combat episode, Attack Angels. Be it client, bad guy, or fellow Angel, nobody was off-limits from an evil, aggressive hypnotized Ms Rogers. She beat Kelly Garrett down and no one can take that away from her. (This made her the only Angel to use the Angel Chop on another Angel!)

But, after considering the impression left by Attack Angels, it’s hard to believe that Julie actually has the worst fighting record of all, having failed in a solid half of her altercations. However, she still deserves kudos even in that, because she never backed down from a fight, and never got owned plain and simple. Every time she lost, she went down fighting – even when greatly outnumbered (Married), hypnotized (Attack), or underwater (Deep).

Julie’s the only Angel who’s been in trouble with the law for fighting, and you can tell from her style that this ain’t her first time to the rodeo. A battle with Julie is a free-for-all – kicks, punches, slaps, stomps, chops, props, anything goes, and we have a funny feeling some of those pre-Angel street fights may have been dirty.

Win Ratio: 50%
Total Altercations: 10 (5 Wins, 5 Losses)
Frequency: .63 fights per episode (2nd place)
Chick Fights: 3

 Beat Down a Fellow Angel

 Beat Down by a Fellow Angel 

 Worst Fighter of Season 5 

 Worst Fighter 

#6 – John Bosley

We never realized the whole “Bosley’s a teddy bear” thing was meant quite this literally. Okay, he’s not supposed to take center stage over the Angels, but that shouldn’t mean he has to be a wimp, either. Consider the fact that he was given only 11 action moments over 5 years (and we’re being generous about a couple of those), many of which left him immediately incapacitated on the floor, and we can all agree that Bos was truly robbed in the combat department. 

There are really only two true and good fights which he was allowed to win. In Angels on Ice, he smashed a henchman in the face with his hot dog tray and then punched him down to the ground – people tend to miss this due to watching Sabrina’s simultaneous fight instead. He also secured the honor of the series’ final ass-kicking in Let Our Angel Live, when he took down Kelly’s shooter with a slow-motion kick and a slam in his car door. I guess he just needs to get really mad, like the Incredible Hulk?

Win Rate: 50%
Total Altercations: 11 (5 Wins, 5 Losses, 1 Draw)
Frequency: .09 fights per episode (7th place)
Kickingest Season: 3 – won 2 of 2
Most Shameful Season: 2 – lost 2 of 2
Chick Fights: 1


 Teddy Bear

 Won Every Fight in Season 3

 Won Every Fight in Season 4

 Least Frequent Fighter

 Lost Every Fight in Season 1

 Series’ Final Asskick

Lose List: Angels at Sea, The Jade Trap, Angels on the RunMoonshinin’ Angels
Draw List: Pretty Angels All in a Row

#5 – Sabrina Duncan

While not the most skilled or prolific, Sabrina was a versatile, resourceful, strong, and smart fighter, whose low ranking belies her usually-impressive fighting capabilities. She did not flail into a fight willy-nilly; there was thought and technique behind every blow. Even if she lost the battle overall, Sabrina was likely to do you some damage in the process.

The smart one favored mixing classic Angel fighting technique with a more scrappy street fist-fighting style. A typical opponent needed to look out for right hooks to the face (Strangler) and flurries of impressive punch combinations which would do well in the boxing ring (RunStretch). As with Jill, prop improv was another distinct possibility, as the henchman in Vacation learned while getting beaten down with a cane, and as the bad guy realized after being set on fire in Strangler.

Curiously, Sabrina looks the most tense in a fight, as if her fullest concentration is being put to use, but mostly due to it being out of her comfort zone. It’s simply not her category of expertise. This is live action, and her brain is her most often used muscle. She’s the only Angel to lose 2 fights in the same episode. Twice! And Sabrina is also the first Angel to be seen on the losing end of an ass-kicking, getting suckerpunched by Sweetcakes herself in Angels in Chains. But her effort is worthy, even plucky, since she may not even be sure what the outcome will be. She acquits herself bravely and you can almost watch and feel her brain working to maneuver and outmaneuver her opponent.

Win Rate: 69%
Total Altercations: 29 (18 Wins, 8 Losses, 3 Draws)
Frequency: .42 fights per episode (6th place)
Kickingest Season: 3 – had 8 altercations, won 6
Most Shameful Season: 2 – had 13 altercations, lost 6
Chick Fights: 3


Combo Master    

 Worst Fighter of Season 2

 Worst Fighter of Season 3

First to Get Her Ass Kicked

Draw List: Night of the Strangler, Terror on Ward One, Angels in the Stretch

#4 – Kelly Garrett

While Kelly is often cited in fandom (and the show itself) as the toughest Angel when it comes to physical confrontations, the numbers prove this was not actually the case. To be fair, a lot of times when Kelly got owned in a fight it was due more to lazy writing than any real consideration of her character or skills. We were as surprised as you are to learn that the longest-standing Angel only had the second-most fights.

Still, despite her relatively low ranking, the lovely Ms Garrett still managed to kick some serious bad guy (and gal) booty during her years working for Charlie. Unlike most other Angels, she tended to perform better when fighting women than men, taking down much larger female adversaries (KillingBackfield) and specializing in starting fights with chicks backstage in Vegas (The Vegas ConnectionAngels in Vegas) for no other reason than she could. Though everyone used the standardized fight moves (Elbow, Chop, and Flip) at some point, Kelly was the one who relied most heavily upon Angel pseudo-kung fu throughout her tenure, making it her fighting specialty. We’ll even go so far as to name her the founder of the classic Angels fighting style, as she can even be seen performing an Angel Flip at the Police Academy at the beginning of every episode.

Perhaps due to inconsistent writing, Kelly seemed to have an every-other-year pattern of effectiveness. The show’s final season gave her a major comeback in ass-kicking ability, then in an illogical twist, ended things on a low note with a disappointing performance in Attack Angels; the series’ only inter-Angel fight seemed to clearly label Kelly as the least capable of the final trio. Huh?

Win Rate: 70%
Total Altercations: 44 (30 Wins, 13 Losses, 1 Draw)
Frequency: .40 per episode (5th place)
Kickingest Season: 3 – won 4 of 4
Most Shameful Season: 4 – lost 4 of 7
Chick Fights: 9


 First to Kick Ass

 Best Fighter of Season 2 

 Best Fighter of Season 3

 Most Total Fights Lost

 Worst Fighter of Season 1

 Won Every Fight in Season 3

 Beat Down by a Fellow Angel

 Founder of Angel Pseudo Kung Fu


#3 – Tiffany Welles

Although the refined Tiffany Welles is probably the Angel least likely to be remembered for her fighting ability, she did eventually grow and become quite capable of defending herself in physical confrontations. Brace yourself for these surprising facts: 

1. Statistically, Tiff was a better fighter than Kelly, Sabrina, and Julie. Really.

2. She holds a title you thought belonged to Julie: most asses kicked in a single episode. Tiff fought efficiently, owning multiple opponents at a time and kicking a conservative count of 5 asses in Campus.

3. Tiff’s rather demure scuffle in Ghosts resulted in the bad guy falling down the stairs, thus securing her the honor of being the only Angel to (kind of) kill anyone in hand-to-hand combat.

4. She was the only Angel never to lose a fight with a woman. (Although to be fair, she only fought 2, and neither questioned their gender roles, no ma’am. We have a feeling she might not do so well against Zora or Big Aggie.)

Shelley Hack’s usual posing-based action style was far from intimidating, but those Charlie Girl wide-stride skills were put to good use: Tiffany’s secret weapon was a high kick to the bad guy’s face (Truckin’Campus) which effectively ended and won the confrontation just about every time it was used. With the exception of a single Angel Elbow, Tiff avoided the signature set of Angel pseudo-kung fu moves used so reliably by her predecessors.

Early in her tenure Tiffany was totally owned twice – once tipping over at a wedding for no good reason (Altar) and more famously being gun butted to the jaw (Hunt). Epic fail. Much like Samson before her, her fighting ability and all-around usefulness seemed to depend on her hair. A straight long-haired Tiffany is not being tipped over while playing the violin at a wedding, I can tell you that right now.

Win Rate: 73%
Total Altercations: 11 (8 Wins, 3 Losses)
Frequency: .46 fights per episode (4th place)
Chick Fights: 2

 Most Asses Kicked in a Single Episode


 Never Lost a Chick Fight

Win List: Angels Go Truckin’, Angels on Campus (X5), Of Ghosts and AngelsNips and Tucks
Lose List: Angels at the Altar, Angels on Campus, Angel Hunt

#2 – Jill Munroe

As “The Athletic Angel” the lovely Jill Munroe had an added responsibility to be an ass kicker, and she did not disappoint. Like Kelly, Jill’s physical capabilities are emphasized in her opening credits as she conquers the Police Academy monkey bars and is later seen showing off her tennis skills. She preferred to charm or talk her way out of any potential tough spots, but when the chips were down, she fought hard and fought well. Odds are when you think of Angels in combat, she’s just not the first one that comes to mind, but actually, she’s a very close second in success - and, with 19 fights in 29 episodes, she’s the most frequent fighter of any Angel.

Jill double-majors (sorry) in two ass kicking specialties. She was the Angel most likely to implement props from her surroundings into her fights, with a sporty twist – using everything from hubcap Frisbees to rowboat oars to bowling balls in subduing the bad guys. She was also adept at very technical martial arts combinations – though she began with standard Angel pseudo kung fu moves (Seance), she was the only one who seemed to seriously hone her skills and eventually take the karate thing to a level beyond the others. Her battle with future James Bond, Timothy Dalton, on the opera house rooftop during the finale of Fallen Angel is truly the only proper karate fight between Angel and bad guy and, even though we had to call it a draw, should be noted as one of the series’ most awesome and respectable fights.

Win Rate: 81%
Total Altercations: 19 (13 Wins, 3 Losses, 3 Draws)
Frequency: .66 fights per episode (1st place)
Kickingest Season: 1 – had 12 altercations, won 10
Most Shameful Season: 4 – of 3 altercations, 1 loss and 2 draws
Chick Fights: 3

 Karate Master

 Prop Master

 Most Frequent Fighter

 Worst Fighter of Season 4

 Best Fighter of Season 1

#1 – Kris Munroe

Yep. She’s not the strongest, she’s not the meanest, she hasn’t even got the most time on the job, but don’t be fooled: Charlie’s littlest and cutest Angel will mess you the #$^% up.

She has fought the most and won the most fights of any Angel, both total and statistically. For these achievements, we wish to officially put Kris on record as Charlie’s Angels’ best fighter.

Kris is the most improved fighter, going from rookie failure to flip a henchman in her first episode (Paradise) to taking on multiple opponents at the same time (Mind). Her fighting kryptonite seemed to be butch henchwomen (BackfieldSpringtime) whom she seemed unwilling to engage in combat. To be fair she did eventually overcome this handicap taking on 2 butch bad girls and defeating them in Caged Angel.

The petite Miss Munroe made every ounce count in her takedowns, capturing many a foe with her signature full-body tackle, and was not choosy about when or where. Whether knocking down assassins on ice in front of a full audience (Ice), jumping a sniper at the circus in high heels (Circus), crashing an armed henchman through a glass window (Vegas), leaping from a speeding motorcycle (Teen), or bringing down a terrorist in the middle of a crowded airport terminal (Island), not many bad guys escaped while Kris was on top of her game.

Beyond that, Kris has done it all and done it well, combining the fighting specialties of all the other Angels:

• Like Kelly, she made excellent use of classic Angel pseudo kung fu combinations throughout her career, from a stomp & chop in her 3rd episode Pretty Angels to an elbow & chop all the way in her 85th episode Mr. Galaxy (which, incidentally, was the last Angel ass kicking of the series).

• Like Jill she used environmental props to her advantage (crushing a henchman with a row of lockers in Game or slamming a bad guy across the face with a piece of driftwood in Mind).

• Like Tiffany, she had a strong kick that brought down larger foes (kicking Big Aggie on her ass in Caged, or ending a hypnotized Julie’s violent rampage with a kick to the gut in Attack).

• Like Sabrina she had no problem getting scrappy in a fight, anything from wrestling a bad guy in the mud (Blues) to headbutting her enemy into fire (Pom Pom Angels).

• Add Julie’s ballsiness (wrestling an alligator in Winning) and ability to kick major ass even when not in her right mind (Angel on my Mind) and you’re up against a feisty 5′ 4″ Cheryl Ladd-shaped tornado full of barbed wire.

Show me anything better on TV.

Win Rate: 83%
Total Altercations: 50 (38 Wins, 8 Losses, 4 Draws) (1st place)
Frequency: .58 per episode (3rd place)
Kickingest Season: 3 – had 16 altercations, won 13
Most Shameful Season: 2 – had 15 altercations, won 9
Chick Fights: 11 (1st place)

 Best Fighter 

 Most Total Fights      

 Best Fighter of Season 4 

 Best Fighter of Season 5

 Most Total Fights Won

Multiple-Opponent Brawler  

 Most Improved     

 Most Chick Fights

 Beat Down a Fellow Angel    

Win List: Angels in Paradise, Angels on Ice (X2), Pretty Angels All in a Row, Angel FlightGame, Set, Death, Hours of Desperation, Angel Blues, Angels on the Run, Angels in Vegas, Angel on HighWinning is for LosersPom Pom Angels (X2), Angels Ahoy, Angel on my Mind (X3), Disco Angels, Angel in a BoxTeen AngelsRosemary, For RemembranceLove Boat Angels (X2), Caged Angel, (X2), Angel Hunt, One of Our Angels is MissingHarrigan’s AngelHomes $weet Homes, One Love… Two Angels, Angel in HidingIsland AngelsWaikiki AngelsHula AngelsAttack Angels (X2), Mr. Galaxy
Lose List: Angels in ParadiseCircus of Terror, Angel in Love, Little Angels of the Night, Angels in Springtime, Angels at the Altar, To See an Angel Die (X2)
Draw List: Magic Fire, The Sandcastle MurdersDisco Angels, Angel on my Mind


Total Altercations: 174 (72% won)
Bad Guys Beat Down: 117
Times Owned: 45
Chick Fights:  34 (won 69%, vs 74% of fights with men)
Kickingest Season: 3 (90% won)
Most Shameful Season: 2 (63% won)






Episode Checklist

Note that this is only a count of physical confrontations, not a list of every time the Angels got the drop on somebody. Also note that Bosley is actually the worst of most seasons, but that’s no fun to list.

Season 1


Total Altercations: 36 

(25 Wins – 8 Losses – 3 Draws)

Win Ratio: 76%

Best: Jill (92%)

Worst: Kelly (69%)

Season 1 fights

Pilot – 2

Kelly literally kicks henchman’s ass (Win)

Jill shoves Beau Creel (Win)

Hellride - none

The Mexican Connection – 2

Sabrina disarms, knocks Escobar over (Win)

Jill beats Escobar with an oar (Win)

Night of the Strangler – 5

Kelly vs Michelle catfight (Win)

Jill knocks bad guy down with giant inflatable bottle (Win)

Sabrina vs Alec Witt “defile away” (Draw – fight broken up)

Sabrina sets henchman on fire (Win)

Sabrina punches St. Clair in the face (Win)

Angels in Chains – 2

Sabrina gets kidney punched by Sweetcakes (Lose)

Sabrina and Kelly choke guards with their chains (Win)

Target: Angels - none

The Killing Kind – 1

Kelly denies Inga a full massage (Win)

To Kill an Angel – 1

Kelly gets owned by bad guys at the merry go round (Lose)

Lady Killer – 3

Kelly strangled over side of building (Draw, points decision against Kelly)

Jill fights off chloroform creeper (Win)

Sabrina pulls Paula’s wig off (Win)

Bullseye - none

Consenting Adults – 1

Jill knocks henchman over with garbage can (Win)

The Seance – 1

Jill pseudo-kung-fu’s Terrance (Draw – fight broken up)

Angels on Wheels – 2

Jill beats down Bad Betty (Win)

Jill punches henchman in the face (Win)

Angel Trap - none

The Big Tap-Out - none

Angels on a String - none

Dirty Business – 1

Jill kicks blonde man off the stairs (Win)

The Vegas Connection – 1

Kelly beats the attitude out of rival showgirl (Win)

Terror on Ward One – 3

Jill gets owned in the medical supply room (Lose)

Kelly beats up her attacker (Win)

Sabrina vs Ted basement scrap (Draw – fight broken up)

Dancing in the Dark – 3

Kelly knocks Schaeffer Goodhew over with a bowling ball (Win)

Kelly knocks Dennis Cole out with a bowling pin (Win)

Jill bowls a strike on Dennis Cole’s foot (Win)

I Will Be Remembered – 2

Kelly gets her gun slapped out of her hand (Lose)

Jill lands a flying kick on henchman’s face (Win)

Angels at Sea – 3

Bosley gets rifle-butted (Lose)

Kelly’s face slammed into a wall (Lose)

Bosley felled by a single punch (Lose)

The Blue Angels - 2

Jill hubcap frisbee to bad guy’s face (Win)

Kelly drops a tire on, Angel Chops bad guy (Win)


Season 2


Total Altercations: 44

(26 Wins – 15 Losses – 3 Draws)

Win Ratio: 63%

Best: Kelly (73%)

Worst: Sabrina (54%)

Season 2 fights

Angels in Paradise – 6

Sabrina trips henchman (Win)

Kelly’s Angel Elbow fails against attacking henchman (Lose)

Kris Angel Flip fails against attacking henchman (Lose)

Sabrina fails trying to escape from Mr. Blue (Lose)

Sabrina elbows and chops henchman (Win)

Kris fire extinguishers / pushes bad guy overboard (Win)

Angels on Ice – 6

Sabrina vs gorilla fight (Lose)

Sabrina vs henchman failed takedown (Lose)

Bosley hotdog cart to the face/fistfight (Win)

Kris knocks over robo-skaters (Win X2)

Kelly hits robo-skater with bowling pin (Win)

Pretty Angels All in a Row – 3

Bosley gets strangled (Draw – fight broken up)

Kris piggyback Angel Chops bad guy (Win)

Kelly hits henchman with a footstool (Win)

Angel Flight - 1

Kris steps on bad guy and takes his gun away (Win)

Circus of Terror – 1

Kris tackles sniper but gets knocked down (Lose)

Angel in Love – 2

Kris gets owned trying to fight closet creeper (Lose)

Kelly gets owned trying to fight closet creeper (Lose)

Unidentified Flying Angels – 2

Sabrina gets roughed up by UFO thugs (Lose)

Sabrina kicks bad guy with her hands tied (Win)

Angels on the Air – 1

Kelly kinda gets evil professor to fall down some steps (Win)

Angel Baby - none

Angels in the Wings - none

Magic Fire – 2

Kris vs. magic assistant chick prop fight (Draw – fight usurped by Kelly)

Kelly throws magic assistant chick down onstage during her own act (Win)

The Sammy Davis Jr. Kidnap Caper – 1

Sabrina vs. henchman and big empty cardboard box (Lose)

Angels on Horseback - none

Game, Set, Death – 1

Kris smashes bad guy with lockers (Win)

Hours of Desperation – 3

Kris tree branch to the face, Kelly knocks bad guy over (Win)

Sabrina slams bad guy’s face into dashboard (Win)

Diamond in the Rough - none

Angels in the Backfield – 1

Kelly beats Grinelda down in the locker room (Win)

The Sandcastle Murders – 1

Kris beach house wicker fight (Draw – fight broken up)

Angel Blues – 2

Sabrina holds bad guy by the hair while kicking him in the stomach (Win)

Kris wrestles / Angel Chops Lenny (Win)

Mother Goose Is Running For His Life – 1

Sabrina disarmed & defeated via thrown briefcase (Lose)

Little Angels of the Night – 1

Kris vs Vail stranglethon (Draw, points decision against Kris)

The Jade Trap – 2

Bosley gets knocked out with a board (Lose)

Sabrina kicks Dirk Benedict off his own boat (Win)

Angels on the Run – 7

Sabrina and Kelly vs. bad guys trying to push the door in (Win)

Bosley gets knocked over the head (Lose)

Kelly gets chloroformed (Lose)

Kelly and Kris pseuo-kung-fu afro bad guy (Win)

Sabrina punches and wrestles Asian henchman (Win)

Antique Angels - none


Season 3


Total Altercations: 33

(27 Wins – 3 Losses – 3 Draws)

Win Ratio: 90%

Best: Kelly (100%)

Worst: Sabrina (86%)

Season 3 fights

Angels in Vegas – 1

Kris tackles henchman through the window (Win)

Angel Come Home - none

Angel on High – 3

Kris, Kelly and Bosley triple-wrestle bad guy (Win)

Angels in Springtime – 2

Kelly owns Dr. Slavin in non-hypnosis (Win)

Kris gets knocked cold by Zora (Lose)

Winning is for Losers – 2

Kris vs. alligator (Win)

Sabrina roundhouses henchman (Win)

Haunted Angels – 1

Sabrina de-hostages herself and chases Peter Russell into the night (Win)

Pom Pom Angels – 2

Kris beats down Good One and Margo (Win X2)

Sabrina kicks Margo (Win)

Angels Ahoy – 2

Kris knocks bad guy into pool with trashcan (Win)

Bosley tackles Joan (Win)

Mother Angel – 3

Jill vs henchmen beach house wicker fight (Lose)

Sabrina kicks henchman into the ocean (Win)

Jill tackles Victor “All of me” (Win)

Angel on my Mind – 4

Kris beats down beach thugs (Win X3)

Kris owns Barton playing hide-and-seek (Draw – Barton was about to kill her but got shot)

Angels Belong in Heaven - none

Angels in the Stretch – 2

Sabrina vs drunk Gates (Draw – Gates was about to kill her but had a heart attack)

Sabrina vs Kevin Ryan dirt fight (Lose)

Angels on Vacation – 2

Kelly defeats henchman with dirt to the eyes, kick to the face (Win)

Sabrina beats henchman down with her cane (Win)

Counterfeit Angels - none

Disco Angels – 2

Kris vs. Connie catfight (Draw – fight broken up)

Kris and Kelly double-tackle Harry (Win)

Terror on Skis - none

Angel in a Box – 3

Sabrina knocks bad guy out (Win)

Kris bops Karazna in the face (Win)

Jill elbows henchman in the neck (Win)

Teen Angels – 1

Kris tackles Victor (Win)

Marathon Angels - none

Angels in Waiting - none

Rosemary, For Remembrance – 1

Kris hits Renaldi with “the past” (a metal box) (Win)

Angels Remembered - none

Season 4


Total Altercations: 32

(21 Wins – 9 Losses – 2 Draws)

Win Ratio: 70%

Best: Kris (90%)

Worst: Jill (0%)

Season 4 fights

Love Boat Angels – 3

Kris knocks out a goon with her purse (Win)

Kris kicks a henchman (Win)

Kelly vs goons in her hotel room (Lose)

Angels Go Truckin’ – 2

Kelly twists Bingo’s arm (Win)

Tiffany kicks trucker in the face (Win)

Avenging Angel – 2

Kelly vs goons in her living room (Lose)

Kelly topples henchman with cardboard boxes (Win)

Angels at the Altar – 3

Kris gets a blanket over the head and locked in a closet (Lose)

Kelly tries to take Scott down and gets shoved into bushes (Lose)

Tiffany gets nudged and tips over for no good reason (Lose)

Fallen Angel – 1

Jill vs. Damien Roth rooftop karate fight (Draw – fight broken up)

Caged Angel – 2

Kris vs Lonnie chase ending in the prison pool (Win)

Kris kicks Big Aggie into pile of buckets (Win)

Angels on the Street - none

The Prince and the Angel - none

Angels on Skates - none

Angels on Campus – 6

Tiff likes men, not boys thumb-twist (Win)

Tiff gets chloroformed (Lose)

Tiff kicks Miss Kay’s and henchman’s asses (Win X2)

Tiff kicks both their asses again after an upset (Win X2)

Angel Hunt – 2

Tiffany gets rifle-butted into a river (Lose)

Kris Tarzan-kicks bad guy (Win)

Cruising Angels - none

Of Ghosts and Angels – 1

Tiff causes Cliff to fall down the stairs to his death (Win)

Angel’s Child - none

One of Our Angels is Missing – 1

Kris knocks Devlin down (Win)

Catch a Falling Angel - none

Homes $weet Homes – 1

Kris throws bad guy in hot tub (Win)

Dancing Angels – 1

Kelly knocks over Cesar Romero (Win)

Harrigan’s Angel - 1

Kris knocks henchman over Harrigan’s balcony (Win)

An Angel’s Trail - 2

Jill kicks ass and tries to escape but gets recaptured (Lose)

Jill vs Sam Mason tree branch to the gut scuffle (Draw – fight broken up)

Nips and Tucks – 2

Bosley smashes henchman with a gurney (Win)

Tiffany gives Barbara an Angel Elbow (Win)

Three for the Money - none

Toni’s Boys - none

One Love… Two Angels – 2

Kelly gets caught in a chokehold by Mike Brady (Lose)

Kris kicks Mike Brady “for Bill” (Win)


Season 5


Total Altercations: 30

(19 Wins – 10 Losses – 1 Draw)

Win Ratio: 66%

Best: Kris (78%)

Worst: Julie (50%) 

Season 5 fights

Angel in Hiding - 2

Julie knocks bad guy with a board (Win)

Kris shoots old guy and chases him into traffic (Win)

To See an Angel Die – 2

Kris gets tackled by hillbilly sister (Lose)

Kris gets tackled by hillbilly sister again (Lose)

Angels of the Deep – 3

Julie vs. henchman scuba fight (Lose)

Kelly beats henchman with empty purse (Win)

Julie foot-stomps and shin-kicks henchman (Win)

Island Angels – 4

Julie gets stuffed in her own closet by a burglar (Lose)

Kelly pseudo-fung-fu’s elderly shopkeeper (Win)

Kelly gets shoved trying to take away Lisa Gallo’s purse (Lose)

Kris tackles Lisa (Win)

Waikiki Angels - 3

Kelly twists Dan Haggerty’s arm (Win)

Kelly kicks Dan Haggerty’s lackey (Win)

Kris knocks down Dan Haggerty’s lackey(Win)

Hula Angels – 3

Julie tries to take down a henchman and gets shoved (Lose)

Kelly pseudo kung fu’s henchman at hotel pool (Win)

Kris kicks Stacy into boxes (Win)

Moonshinin’ Angels – 1

Bosley gets wall-slammed by thugs (Lose)

He Married an Angel – 1

Julie vs meat factory mob guys (Lose)

Taxi Angels – 1

Kelly bops Jake in the face (Win)

Angel on the Line – 1

Kelly vs. Margo knife fight (Draw – fight broken up)

Chorus Line Angels - none

Stuntwomen Angels - none

Attack Angels – 7

Julie vs Steve Briggs (Win)

Julie (Win) punches Kelly (Lose)

Kris (Win) beats down Julie (Lose)

Kris kicks lab guy in the neck (Win)

Julie vs Victor final throwdown (Win)

Angel on a Roll - none

Mr. Galaxy – 1

Kris does Angel Elbow & Chop on henchman (Win)

Let Our Angel Live – 1

Bosley owns Danworth for shooting Kelly (Win)

Kelly vs. Death (Honorary win)

Any disputes or additions are welcome in the interest of ensuring a complete and accurate list.

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