Angels Eternal

An article series looking at Charlie’s Angels’ longevity and cultural impact on so many different demographics over the years.

Angel in the Spotlight

How fairly was attention really divided up between the Angels? Which were the solo-est episodes? Here’s a complete breakdown on Angel screen time.

Top 10 Gayest Moments

Despite amazing leaps forward in pop culture during the 70’s, gay and lesbians still more often than not were depicted in (at best) stereotypical and (at worst) offensive manners on movies and television.

Charlie’s Bimbos

Your complete field guide to Charlie’s many bikini-clad, drink-serving bimbos.

Top 10 Self-Rescues

Lots of episodes end with two Angels rushing to rescue the third, but what really earns an Angel lots of points in our book is when she owns the bad guy(s) all by herself.

Spelling Lesson

A few helpful pointers on the spelling of the Angels’ names.

The Mustang Cobra II Revisited

It’s the sweetest set of wheels in the entire series, and one of television’s most recognizable vehicles – Jill and Kris’ ’76 Ford Mustang Cobra II.

Top 15 Black Folks

It’s Black History Month and we’ve been promised our first black Angel. So, we’re going back to have a look at our favorite black folks on the show.

Fighting Angels

A complete tally of Angel fights throughout the series. We’ve ranked all the Angels in terms of fighting ability – and the order may surprise you.


A complete tally of Angel killings, shootings, and character deaths throughout the series.

The Farrah Phenomenon

Our resident Farrah expert recalls the Phenomenon. Magazines, movies, and posters, oh my!

Having it Both Ways

Charlie’s Angels continues to be held up as an example of everything that is wrong – and right – with the portrayal of women in prime time.

Angel Knockoffs: Velvet

A closer look at the 1984 TV pilot Velvet, which puts 4 sexy female government agents undercover as aerobics instructors. (Really.)

Q&A with Actor Nicholas Beauvy

Remember the moody teen who guest-starred in the musical ‘Angels in the Wings’? Read more about his experience on the show.

Avenging Angels

Crime fighting Girl Scouts? Hardly. The Angels were often deadly – and indiscriminate – weapons.

To See an Angel (‘s Ratings) Die

A fond look back at how Charlie’s Angels changed TV’s landscape – when the girls made Wednesday nights TGIW… and when they stopped.

The Truth About Turtlenecks

Yes, Sabrina wore some turtlenecks, but she wasn’t the only one. You may be surprised by these stats for all 6 Angels.

Angel Hair and Makeup Redux

A professional hair stylist looks back at Angel styles and tells us how to bring the retro looks into the 21st century.

The Orange Pinto

Why Sabrina’s ride is recognized as one of the “Worst Cars of All Time.”