Angels of the Deep


Julie goes scuba diving with her new friend Bianca to check out a sunken boat. As soon as they dive beneath the water you already start wanting to fast-forward this scuba footage - buckle up, folks, it's gonna be that kind of episode.

Two stoners, Claude (Sonny Bono) and Marvin, lurk in a boat nearby, concerned that the girls are getting too close to something. Marvin dives under to attack the Julie and Bianca with a knife while Sonny sets their boat on fire. Two other random thugs monitor the situation from yet another boat, but flee when the Coast Guard shows up to rescue the stranded girls.

After giving her a bogus address, Bianca ditches Julie while she's reporting the incident to the police. Back at the office, Julie tells her tale to the other Angels and Lt. Torres.

The thugs report back to their boss, Tony. It seems he had $2 million worth of weed stashed on that sunken boat, and he's worried the stoners have stolen it. He orders the thugs to find Julie and Bianca in case they know anything.

Kelly and Julie go looking for Bianca at the hotel where they met, but nobody can find her. The thugs try to nab the Angels in the parking lot, but prove no match for their foot-stomping and purse-hitting skills! Terrified, they flee the scene, one going so far as to dive into the window of his partner's moving car - and they screech away. The girls note their license number.

Meanwhile, Sonny Bono and sidekick arrange to sell weed to Anne Francis. Bianca overhears this, follows them back to their warehouse, and forces herself into the deal as a new partner.

Julie goes up to her hotel room with Kelly, where the thugs are rifling through her stuff! The guys climb out the window to try to avoid being seen, but the Angels still spot them. Mid-chase, Julie runs into the elusive Bianca and drags her along. Bosley and Kris join the chase as well, but all five are foiled when the thugs run momentarily behind a passing truck. Game over!

Back at the office, Bianca tells the Angels about the weed, but promises that it's all cleared up. Julie doesn't buy it. I don't buy it either, but that's more because I only very loosely understand what's even going on.

Another thug meeting explains that Sonny Bono and friend have stolen boss Tony's weed and his buyer (Anne Francis). Tony wants them dead.

The Angels and Bosley return to the dive spot to see if there's any weed left on that boat. Julie and Bianca are again attacked underwater by the stoners, who've come to blow up the wreck. Kris strips down to her bikini and dives to the rescue; a big underwater scuffle ensues right by the stick of dynamite that the stoners have lit. Up at sea level, Kelly and Bosley witness a gigantic explosion from underwater right where Julie and Kris are swimming!

After some concerned expressions and a commercial break, we are all relieved to find that everybody survived; the Bosley Boat picks up Kris, Julie and Bianca who are floating nearby.

Finally, it's time for the deal, and Anne Francis shows up at the pier to pick up her boatload of weed from the stoners. They show her the stuff in broad daylight in front of anyone who happened to be at the dock to see, marveling at their cleverness for having packaged it in potato chip bags. (Sour cream and chives?)

All at once, the Angels, Bianca, and Tony's angry henchmen crash the party. Kelly fires a warning shot in the air, striking a fearsome pose in her hot pink 80's pleated pants, and the fleeing stoners are halted in their tracks ("Aw man, what a bummer," surrenders Sonny). Julie frightens the henchmen by aiming her gun at them thus forcing them to drive their car into the ocean.

During the wrap-up scene, Bianca offers her assistance in setting up Charlie so the Angels can finally see him, and they very uncharacteristically act like they don't really care to learn his identity. "Bian-caaa!" Sigh.


Angels of the Deep Episode #96 Season 5, Episode 3 Airdate: Dec 7, 1980 Writer: Robert George Director: Kim Manners Guest stars: Sonny BonoAnne Francis


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• Why does Bosley call her "little Julie" to Charlie? Yeah, she's new, and a few years younger than the others, but seems an unusual term of endearment for Julie considering he never said anything of the kind about Kris even when they were trying to play up the "little sister" thing. • Watch Thug #1 flip down his shades as if to hide his identity from the Coast Guard helicopter a quarter mile away. • Why do Julie and Bianca continue waving and screaming for help even after the helicopter pilots have established contact with them? • Watch pedestrians not react at all to a group of people shouting and running down the street/through a hotel lobby with guns in their hands. Is this just a normal Wednesday in Hawaii?

• Why are Bianca, Bosley, and all three Angels utterly baffled when the thugs they're chasing run behind that truck? There are more than enough of them to split up and continue in multiple directions and still be only a few steps behind.

• How wasn't anyone killed or even hurt in that huge explosion?

• When Julie aims her gun at the bad guys' car, why do they all scream and swerve into the ocean instead of just running her over?

• Why on earth do the Angels agree to vouch for Bianca's character after she spent the last hour proving over and over that she cannot even remotely be trusted?

• And again, why are the Angels (Kelly and Kris, anyway) all dismissive of Bianca's scheme to let them see Charlie, after spending 3-4 years freaking out at any chance of getting so much as a verbal description of his appearance?










Kelly looks out of place wearing a ugly lilac polka dot blouse with what looks like a lilac polka dot bib? Her polka dot theme continues for some reason as she switches to a similar blue polka dot number a few minutes later.

Both Kris and Julie get to wear bikinis and scuba suits and everyone starts to settle into wearing Hawaiian print shirts (especially Kris). Julie manages to sex up every outfit she wears and as a special treat, all three appear in bikinis for the only time in Angel history.



In a series first, Charlie blatantly hits on a... client?, or whatever Bianca is, during an office call. He demands she give him a call if she's ever in Los Angeles, and says that he's "never met anyone quite like her". Even Bianca isn't sure how offensive the compliment is. Apparently he's also not taking the secrecy thing too seriously anymore, asking to meet the Angels' new pathologically-lying friend who, as he should have suspected, immediately offered to betray his identity to the Angels.


As far as Angel content, this is the worst episode of the series, with the cast absent for over half the time. Julie gets more time than the others, but it's still not much.

  • KRIS


This episode opens with an underwater battle involving Julie and Bianca which was a welcome departure from the normal formula where the Angels don't get any real action until the 30 minute mark.

angels-of-the-deep-kelly-garrett angels-of-the-deep-julie-rogers

Kelly and Julie fight off two thugs in a very un-Angel like though entertaining fight. Kelly Angel Chops her adversary and then proceeds to beat him with her empty purse while Julie steps on (or at least near) the other guy's toes and kicks him in his shins! It's not so much a cool victory for the Angels as it is the most easily dissuaded kidnap attempt we've ever seen. Who decided on that almost slasher-flick sort of music they started playing over the scene? It only got your hopes up for a suspenseful battle that was not happening.

Another long, vague underwater fight featuring Kris and Julie follows, but there are too many people to easily keep track of who's who (or whose stunt doubles are who), so it's ultimately more tedious than exciting. Finally, after all this a rather weak confrontation on the pier wraps up this boring-action-filled episode.


Why the Angels need the police inspector as their Hawaiian contact remains unexplained. He basically hands out exposition lines normally assigned to Bosley and he seems to be there for the express purpose of having a Hawaiian native as recurring character. We preferred Kona.


Soon-Teck Oh: Recurring character Lt. Torres also appeared in Island Angels, Waikiki Angels, and Hula Angels.

Anne Francis: Weedy Cindy also played the robed cult weirdo, Margo, in Pom Pom Angels.

Kim Manners also directed Angels Remembered, Catch a Falling Angel, Hula Angels, Moonshinin' Angels, Angel on the Line, Attack Angels, and Let Our Angel Live.

Robert George also wrote Island Angels, Hula Angels, and Taxi Angels.


Greg's Rating: 4 stars I like Tanya Roberts and her Julie certainly put some energy back into the show. I also like the Hawaiian location change which, especially in these early Season 5 episodes when the producers used the ocean and locations to great advantage. That being said, all of these Season 5 episodes, even an above average one like this still feel like faux Charlie's Angels episodes. It's not necessarily Tanya Roberts' fault, she does the best with what she is given, but the dialogue the Angels are provided is horrible, boring and tedious. This occurs in every Season 5 episode with maybe the exception of Angel in Hiding so the rest of the “story” becomes sorta irrelevant.

I will give this episode points for forgoing the usual formula by having the case revolve around someone Julie happened to meet on the street and for taking advantage of the ocean by featuring two underwater sequences.

Anna's Rating: 1 star It's exactly the 5-minute mark where my brain stops being willing to try to follow the plot. There are already too many strangers talking about things I already don't understand, and we haven't even seen Kelly and Kris yet. I'll tell you who I have seen - Bosley, shirtless.

I will say that Bianca is one of their more interesting original characters; I like that she's mischievous but not villainous, and even though I'd categorize her mainly as annoying, there's still something likeable about her. With stronger writing and a longer stay in Hawaii, she could've made a decent recurring character. As it is, she served her real purpose well - namely, making the brand new Angel with the shady resumé look professional and responsible by comparison.

A missed opportunity here was the chase scene at the hotel when the bad guys climb out Julie's window. What do the Angels do? Run down and take the stairs/elevator. Of course that's what we'd do, but this is TV and these are Charlie's Angels. It would've been a tad more exciting if at least one Angel had followed them out the window and given us a more unique action/suspense moment than simply hurrying down a hallway and pressing an elevator button.