Angels Go Truckin’


Two Hee-Haw truckin' babes bust open the lock on their trailer only to discover they've been hauling sandbags. Charlie orders the team to get on location and find out how the cargo disappeared. Kelly flies to Oklahoma immediately while Kris and Tiff are enrolled in truck driving school. There are many popped collars and cute driving grimaces as they frustrate their male instructor. Then, thumbs up! Graduation!

Once inside Venus Trucking Co., Kelly introduces herself to owner Maggie Brill and lays out the facts, reading from an empty manila folder. After getting a job as a (Southern) truck stop waitress, she uses a deadly hand-grip to bring a 290 pound man named "Bingo" to his knees. After this stunt, she has apparently won his friendship.

Then, Tiff and Kris fly into Oklahoma, change into cuter driving togs, hop into their Venus rig and flirt with each other as "Angel Eyes" freshens up on her CB jargon seductively posed as though sprawling on a bed in the cab. As they round a steep curve, the brakes go out and Tiff has to back off the hammer and wrestle that 18 legged pogo stick onto the road shoulder. Angel Eyes wrangles a grease monkey to drive out and fix the rig. Maggie's mechanic claimed that he installed a whole new brake system in the truck days before, but THIS mechanic says the busted brakes are over five years old. Shocker.

Once up and runnin' again, Angel Eyes pulls over for a fairly attractive young man stranded at the side of the road who wants to stow his boxes of jarred peaches in their rig. Sammy hops in the cab with his boxes and gabs with the gals till they're hailed by a bearmobile's siren. Seems old Sam's not totin' peaches at all but gallons of white lightning (Corn-fused? See our CB-lingo dictionary further down the page.) Kris suggests that he obscure justice by hiding in the back of the truck while the cops interrogate her.

Kris hops out of the truck to flirt with the County Mounty, who's just tickled to meet Angel Eyes herself. They question her about the bootlegger's abandoned truck while Sammy huddles inside the cab and makes a to-do on the radio about throwin' a big old beer bust. Once the bears are safely outta sight, Kris kicks Shinin' Sam out of the truck.

The girls haul their bucket o' bolts into Kelly's truck stop, slide into a booth for lunch and serve Kelly with sexist waitress stereotypes. Kris eats like a pig as other diners in cowboy hats and boots loiter at the surrounding tables and feign conversation. Maggie phones Bingo and tells him to do his thang at the diner. Various vehicular diversions are set up on the highway surrounding the diner to seal off any drivers going in or out of the area. Outside the coffee shop, a staged fistfight takes place, starring Bingo, and in the background, the trailers of the Angel's semi and another identical rig are hurriedly swapped by experienced truckers.

After the hubbub dies down, Bingo explains that he was hired to stage the fight as a diversion. Two other diners tell Kelly about the setup on the highway, and she puts two and two together as only Kelly can. Banking on Bingo's obvious infatuation with her, she manages to sweet-talk him into letting her abuse his fancy new pickup and CB gear to track down Angel Eyes and Four Eyes to spread the news.

Once clued in, Kris yaks on the line, hoping to get word on what's happened to their original cargo. Mother Trucker reports that the stolen rig passed her just moments ago, so the Angels speed down the highway, find their cargo and wrangle the bad guys. All three haul in their trailer and smugly reveal their original cargo, plus the bad guys tied up and looking guilty, and Maggie knows she's been beaten at her own game. She and the Angels exchange feminist assertions while the sheriff comes to arrest her for stealing her own cargo.

Back at the office, Charlie reveals that he owns the Venus Trucking Co. Breaker, breaker - one final bit of fun - Charlie announces that Sam's gifted Tiffany with a box of booze, and Bingo misses Kelly.


Angels Go Truckin' Episode #70 Season 4, Episode 2 Airdate: Sep 19, 1979 Writer: Richard Carr Director: Lawrence Dobkin


The Townsend Agency Office


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• Is that mechanic deaf - Kelly's like five feet away, why does she have to call out "Hello?" so many times only for him to ask how long she's been standing there?

• All Venus Co. employees from the mechanic to the female boss hit on Kelly upon her arrival. When the boss lady assumes Kelly is Charlie's secretary, she replies that she's one of Charlie's operatives - "there are three of us, all female." What's Bosley, chopped liver?

• Maggie mentions to Kelly that she always knew Charlie was rich and handsome - why isn't Kelly curious to ask what Charlie looks like? She nearly soiled herself when she thought Tiffany might be able to describe Charlie in the previous episode, yet here she completely passes up an even better opportunity.

• If Kris and Tiff were in truckin' school for a week, why didn't anyone change clothes throughout the montage?

• What's with the way Tiffany smacks Kris's arm while they're talking to Maggie in her office? Seems like something got edited out there, or maybe Cheryl accidentally read a line that belonged to Shelley.

• On the walk from Maggie's office into the garage, Tiffany seems to walk through some sort of de-nerding portal; her hair suddenly de-frizzes and her glasses disappear.

• Kris looks out the window and then reports that she's passing mile marker 83, but there was no number anywhere in the footage shown.

• Why do Kris and Tiffany keep Sammy's moonshine when it's the reason they're kicking him out?

• Kris and Tiff, who are specifically watching for anything unusual to happen, don't notice their truck being parked in a different space than they left it?

• Footage of Kris and Tiff's rig passes a guy working under his hood on the side of the highway, despite one of the tenets of truckin' being that they must always stop to help each other.

• Kris scolds Maggie, saying that she could have proved once and for all that women can do anything men can do... merely by driving a truck?

• Tiff, honey, why are you waving to the speaker box...










Kris somehow gets away with her cowgirl outfit while Tiffany becomes a trailblazer in impractical trucker chic with her swanky high-heel boots, gardening gloves, bolo ties and tinted nerd glasses. Kelly's decked out in Hammerpants before being confined to her Alice-from-the-Brady-Bunch waitress outfit.


10-4 - OK 10-10 - Transmission complete 18 Legged Pogo Stick - 18 wheeler Bear - Cop Breaker - Request to use the channel Brownie - Unmarked police car/ radar unit Bucket of Bolts - 18 wheeler Candy Man - FCC (or Sammy Davis, Jr.) Catch you on the flip flop - I'll talk to you on my return trip Come back - Answer my call County Mountie - County police or Sheriff's Department Curly Locks - Coils in a CB rig Gear Jammer - Truck driver Good Buddy - Friend, as of this episode (but has since come to mean gay) Homeward bound 'n down - Signing off Pair of Nickles - Speed Limit of 55 Shaky Side - California Shotgun - Police radar scope Smokey report - Police locations Sneaky Snake - Hidden patrol car Twinkleland - Hollywood TNT - Moonshine


Inter-Angel banter is often needlessly flirty, but this one is ridiculous. Our veteran Angels certainly seem to be enjoying the trucker v. waitress mock-sexual-harassment quite a lot - good thing Kelly's reaction to having her butt pinched in a truckers' diner was laughter and not blind rage (like when that guy smacked Drew Barrymore's butt and got thrown into the jukebox). Maybe she recognizes Kris' pinch?

The endless quips between Tiff and Angel Eyes are eye-rollers, not to mention their tendency to hug whenever walking side by side. Even Bosley and Charlie have an uncomfortably playful moment at the end.


Kelly isn't ignored, but this one definitely belongs to the Tiff and Kris duo. No surprises there. This was one of Bosley's shortest visits with just 3 minutes on screen.

  • KRIS


angels-go-truckin-tiffanyIn her first real action moment, Tiffany gets to swing off the side of the truck and kick a miscellaneous bad guy in the face. She then pins the 200 pound man to the ground by modeling on his back while he whines helplessly. Aside from a non-Angel trucker fistfight, this is the only action to be seen in this hour.


Kelly and Kris break out their standard southern drawls, which both vary in intensity depending on their moods. They seem to forget which characters they're faking the accents for, since they sometimes forget while speaking in public, yet keep up the accents when they're alone...? This time it seems like more of a fashion accessory than anything. Tiffany wisely refrains from attempting any accent at all.


When Charlie introduces the case, he mentions the missing cargo originated in Harristown (the only real Harristown in the USA is in Illinois) yet Kris and Kelly excitedly start doing southern accents and talking about southern BBQ, and Charlie also says that Kelly will be "going down" immediately, so we are apparently to assume this is a fictional Harristown in the southern USA.

However, right after Kris and Tiff pick up their cargo, Kris announces their location as "westbound on Highway 4", which is in California (up nearer San Francisco). It's on this same day that Kris and Tiff visit Kelly's truck stop, which indicates that she's actually waitressing in California as well. So what's any of this southern business about? What route beginning and ending in California would take you through the southern United States? No wonder those girls were behind schedule.


Roseanne Covy: Annie, one of the truckin' babes, also played Suzy Lemson, the dead girl in Hellride.

Bill Zuckert: The sheriff also played Jake the airplane guy from Angel on High.

Lawrence Dobkin also directed Angels at the Altar.

Richard Carr also wrote Counterfeit Angels and Pom Pom Angels.


Anna's Rating: 4 stars Now here's one of your Season 4 highlights. This barrel of fun would've made a better premiere for Tiffany than Love Boat Angels did. I'm glad they allowed her some spotlight/bonding time by pairing her with Kris instead of making her the odd Angel out. Not that all the footage of it was exciting, but the rig-switching scam was pretty clever for this show. Finally, it has a few genuinely sort of funny inter-Angel moments that tend to be sorely lacking in the last couple years (Kris eating like a pig in the diner is reminiscent of something Season 1 Jill would've done).

Greg's Rating:   Not too bad. Tiffany started off kinda cool in this ep. Even got to kick a bad guy's teeth in. Enjoy her competent fighting while it lasts 'cause last it will not. Kris and Tiff made a good team and Charlie's old friend made a good nemesis.

Holly's Rating: 5 stars   Why doesn't anyone seem to love this as much as I do? Truckin' is a real change of pace and is just a hoot n' a holler. I love Kris and Tiffany teamed up here, it was a nice way for the audience to feel comfortable around the new Angel. You just can't come away from this ep without talkin' bout bears n' moonshinin'.