Angels Belong in Heaven


We open at LAX where three men are having a silent dispute, and as the credits begin to roll, one suddenly bolts from the parking lot with the other two in tow. He takes refuge in a payphone and calls Charlie; too bad it's Sunday and nobody is there. Before long, he's found and shot dead by one of the other bad guys.

Bosley gets the message on the machine and calls the Angels into the office to warn them. With Charlie out fishing, the Angels take the tape to Sabrina's police forensics friend Eddie who is able to deduce in astonishingly short order that the call came from an LAX phone booth. With the case half solved by Sabrina's boyfriend, the Angels head out to LAX to tie up loose ends. Here begins this episode's tendency to have the Angels and Bos tailed/followed/stalked by the bad guys at very close range. While the bad guys stand ten feet away from the Angels discussing their demise in vague terms, the Angels find Tom's dead body in the phone booth.

Kelly reveals that she has a house guest whom she should move into a hotel to keep out of harm's way, and they all decide to go to Kelly's to get her friend. Once again the viewer is asked to check his brain at the door as bad guy #1 drives right up to Bosley, pops the hood of his bright red car, and pulls out a gun without anyone seeing anything. While Bosley sits in the car talking loudly to Charlie on the phone, we are introduced to Kelly's incredibly annoying friend Sally. Even Sabrina seems immediately irritated by Sally and Kelly's banal banter as she sits with her hand on her temple holding Sally's suitcase and rolling her eyes.

A call from Charlie gets everyone in gear and they walk out of Kelly's house, right past the creepy hit man, without batting an eye; he then resumes tailing them at extremely close range. Sally's questions and persona continue to grate on everyone's nerves; even Kelly talks to her as if she is a slightly annoying younger sister, and Bri and Bos finally ask Kelly to please join her in getting the hell out of the car.

Kelly and Sally go get the hotel room as the others drive to Norton's house and retrieve an address book. On their way back to the hotel, bad guy #1 follows them so close the bumpers were gonna lock. Sabrina finally notices the bright red car to which Kris says “Ya think he's tailing us?” Before you can say 'Is that a Z or a G” the bad guy makes his move and forces non-combat driver Bosley off the road, and the Angels deduce that it HAS to be Kris or Bri the killer was targeting.

The Angels go back to the office and Sabrina suggests that she and Kris split up. You just know she has been thinking this for the last 4 hours, but she explains and Charlie agrees that by splitting up whichever one of them doesn't get killed must not be the target. Kris looks less than thrilled with Sabrina's “every Angel for herself' strategy, but what's she gonna do?

Bad guy #2 shows up at Kelly and Sally's hotel and not only gets the front desk to confirm what room they are in, but actually asks if the room next to theirs is unoccupied! And they tell him! Up in the room, Sally babbles on and on about being an insecure little dingaling while the less creepy bad guy listens at the door. Sally tells Kelly she got herself a new man, a stockbroker so we know he's going to end up being evil.

Meanwhile a dejected and paranoid Kris is driving around and notices she is being followed. This turns out to be nothing but some guy trying to pick her up, and one can not help but wonder why she notices the harmless groupies but not the murderous hit men when they pull up to her bumper.

Minutes later Sabrina is shot at while getting out of her car, but isn't convinced that she is the target in that the guy only hit the tires of her car. Bosley picks the name Wilson Flicker out of Norton's address book as being suspicious for some reason.

Meanwhile Kelly has arrived home and been home-invaded by bad guy #1, who grills her about Sally and gets increasingly agitated. The others try to call Kelly, and she plays(?) dumb as her phone keeps ringing and sneaks a few bullets into her palm. Sabrina and Kris now all head to Kelly's as Bosley runs the plates of bad guy #2's car lurking outside Kelly's house (yet he didn't notice the bright red one) and realizes the car is registered to Wilson Flicker.

Bosley crashes his station wagon into Wilson's car to prevent his escape, and provides a distraction allowing Kelly to load 1 bullet into her gun and shoot his sweaty twitchy creepy ass out her window into her front yard. Apparently he doesn't know when he has lost, because even after being shot by Kelly he reaches for his gun only to be shot at by Kris. Sally arrives in a taxi and it is revealed that bad guy #2, Wilson Flicker, is Sally's fiance, a con man who Kelly helped send to prison 5 years ago. Sally tells Kelly this is just like old times, her getting into trouble and Kelly pumping someone full of lead, and all is well in the Angelverse.


Angels Belong in Heaven Episode #57 Season 3, Episode 11 Airdate: Dec 6, 1978 Writer: Ed Lakso Director: Paul Stanley


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• Charlie should have hired the forensics guy. Seriously - he could have been a Toni Boy.

• It's always a bad sign when a bad guy keeps describing himself through his dialogue, “I don't like loose ends”, “I'm a direct man, I like direct things,” if the storyline was doing its job, he would not have to describe his character traits, he would just kinda BE them.

• If a hit man is after you, is it really safer for you and your friends to all walk together, switching positions? Maybe safer for you, "target", but not your friends.

• When the three Angels are poking around the phone booth at the airport, notice the real-life crowds in the background staring at the actresses.

• The ringleader claims he doesn't like loose ends yet he leaves the dead guy's body in the phone booth, complete with his ID still in his wallet.

• After a 2 second examination of the body (without even rolling him over) Kris announces the victim was killed with "a clean shot right through the heart", yet there wasn't a single drop of blood? Impressive. And since when is Kris a medical examiner? It's not time for One West Waikiki yet.

• Kelly's car is parked in front of the office even though only Sabrina and Kris are there.

• Where's Albert? He pops up in episodes where he doesn't belong, yet we're inside Kelly's house for much of this episode, and he's nowhere to be seen. (Or any time we see her house, for that matter.)

• You would think that by Season 3 the Angels would start paying attention to their surroundings with all the shooting and blowing up going on, but alas, it's not until sundown that Sabrina finally notices the bad guy's car that has been following them since about around 7am.










Why Sabrina didn't wear her sailor gear in Angels Ahoy and Angels At Sea instead is never made clear. Bri also sports her necklace that looks like a mobile that hangs over a baby's crib again. Kelly wears a weird restaurant doily place mat vest thing over a puffy white jacket and Kris sports a bright read top and jeans. Nobody changes clothes.

Wardrobe Repeat Sabrina is sporting her Mother Angel blue and white nautical number again.

Kate Jackson Angels Belong in Heaven Kate Jackson Mother Angel


It becomes a bit tedious the way the Angels discuss with Bos the merits of safety in numbers while oblivious to the bad guy watching all their moves. The fact that the bad guys continue, even among themselves, to be coy as to which Angel they are targeting notches up the tedium to annoyance; instead of building suspense, this technique leaves you thinking more about what snack to go get from the kitchen while they get their act together.


The Angels never take much care in preserving crime scenes, but they absolutely ruined this one. Besides moving the body all around, rifling through his pockets, and touching every surface, Kelly actually steps over the corpse and uses THAT phone booth to call the police, when there are multiple other booths right there. Sigh.


Kelly blowing away Jellek marks the show’s 7th Angel shooting and Kelly’s second. None yet have been fatal.

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Despite Kelly being the target, Kris actually gets the most screen time. Go figure.

  • KRIS


Bosley shows why he came 403'rd at Le Mans when he gets owned in combat driving by hit man Jellek while Sabrina and Kris bitch and moan from the backseat instead of driving themselves. Kris gets run off the road by a "pretty gurl" groupie, and Sabrina gets shot at.

The main action occurs in the finale with Kelly shooting the bad guy out of her window, Bosley thwarting Wilson Flicker's escape and Kris backing up Kelly with a pistol.


Kelly's friend Sally is a definite contender for the title of Most Annoying Angel Friend, along with Sabrina's friend Angela (Angel Flight). She is head over heels in love with a liar/schemer/murderer and that's only an endearing quality when you're an Angel. She seems to have known Kelly for a while, calling her her 'best friend ever' and she seems to know that Kelly is a private detective but for some reason can't understand the terms “line of fire” “innocent bystander” “useless distraction “ or “irritating house guest”.

Later on, Sally's attempted phone calls to Kelly keep interrupting Kelly from grabbing the gun and ending her home invasion situation. See? Even on the other side of town in a hotel room Sally manages to be a huge pain in Kelly's ass without even knowing it.


Kelly's reaction to being thrown on the couch by Jellek is a bit melodramatic to say the least. Not really mellow - but more like wired-dramatic. Also, as the stressed-out hit man is questioning her in her home, you'd really like to think Kelly was just “acting” dumb and scared but you really can't be sure. Then again, just about every time we see Kelly's house at all, she gets held up on her lawn, taken inside, and shoved down melodramatically on her own couch. We just don't know because this is the first time.


Lloyd Bochner: The assassin also played the crazy bad guy Malcolm Case in Angel Hunt.

Buddy Lewis, billed only as "Man at Airport", is promoted to "Dealer" in Angel on a Roll.

Paul Stanley also directed Angel in Love, Angel Baby, Angel Come Home, and Angel Hunt.

Prolific writer Ed Lakso brought us roughly one third of the series, including Hellride, The Seance, Dirty Business, The Vegas Connection, I Will Be Remembered, The Blue Angels, Pretty Angels All in a Row, Angels in the Wings, Angels on Horseback, Angels in Vegas, Winning is for Losers, Pom Pom Angels, Counterfeit Angels, Disco Angels, Terror on Skis, Angel in a Box, Teen Angels, Marathon Angels, Angels in Waiting, Angels Remembered, Love Boat Angels, Avenging Angel, Angels on the Street, The Prince and the Angel, Angels Child, One of Our Angels is Missing, Catch a Falling Angel, Dancin Angels, Harrigans Angel, Three for the Money, To See an Angel Die, Angel in Hiding, He Married an Angel, Angel on the Line, Chorus Line Angels, Stuntwomen Angels, Angel on a Roll, and Let Our Angel Live.


Joshua's Rating: 3 stars If the writers of Season 1's Target: Angels and Season 4's Angels at the Altar had a baby it would run much like Angels Belong in Heaven. I give this a four it's a decent episode that can hold one's attention plus the audience receives more of a glimpse into an Angel’s private life.

Kelly's friend, Sally Miles, is getting married and that's the whole reason for this episode. She's marrying an embezzler Kelly helped put away during her police years. Lesson here: if you embezzle once, you'll embezzle again unless that Garrett girl fouls up the plan. The bad guys of the seventies are hilarious. Every one is always so temperamental. For instance watch the scene when, Jelleck (Special Guest Star, Lloyd Bochner) holds Kelly hostage and threatens to kill her, the phone keeps ringing: "Your phone rings a lot." Kelly replies:"I have a lot of friends." Next thing you know Jelleck is knocking stuff onto the floor and says: "Maybe too many friends." The crime business is not for this man, he's way too jumpy. Also here’s testament to Kate Jackson - watch her when Sally is being asked to stay at the Pacifica. Bri’s back is turned to the camera, but with her gestures, one can picture the peeved look on her face as Sally asks all these questions. To Sally’s defense her questions are warranted compared to the unwarranted Angela’s behavior in Angel Flight.

Anna's Rating: 3 stars The first time I saw it, I really didn't know which Angel was the target, so that's something to be said for the plot (or my stupidity). The scene with Kris pulling her gun on the camera guy is vaguely funny, and it was cool that Kelly got to shoot somebody out her window. Still, it's pretty stretched-out, repetitive, and not terribly memorable. But there have been a lot worse.