Angel Hair and Makeup Redux

Bringing the Angels' Looks into the 21st Century

We spoke with well-known hair stylist and television image consultant Michele Rene of Salon Michele Rene in Glendale, Arizona to get some expert tips and tricks (with a side of laughter) for today's gals who want emulate the Angels' looks in 2010.

Townsend Agency: How can you achieve a Farrah look for 2010? Michele Rene: Check out Jessica Simpson's style for the correct cut (called an inverted layering system or a long-layered cut) and the loose waves. Jessica's look is basically a modern Farrah. Both are inverted layering system, which allows you to have the length, the flow, and the fullness.

In a long-layered cut, because all of the hair is raised to the vertical elevation during the cutting, the layers on top of the head will be shorter than the layers at the sides and neck area.

TA: How is Farrah's hair styled? MR: With the foundation of a good inverted layering cut, styling the Farrah is Farrah-ly easy. If you have standard or limp hair, use your standard rollers to boost the volume; if you have thicker hair, stick to a blow dryer and brush.

For a quick Angel on-the-go look, you can create Farrah's Feathers by grabbing your biggest roller brush and holding the brush vertically, just roll the hair away from your face.

After drying, turn your head upside down and give it a good shake. Then if you like, help the style hold with a light spritz from a product such as Prive Texture Spray. This will give your hair a day-old look so that it isn't completely silky and stiff.

TA: How is Jaclyn Smith's hair different from Farrah's? MR: Jaclyn's hair was actually cut in a similar way to Farrah's, but her face shape and hair length and texture simply allow it to fall differently.

TA: How does one avoid Kelly's heroin-addict perm? MR: If you live in a humid climate like Kelly did, try serums, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The idea is to essentially fill your hair with moisture, which sounds odd but it really works. After you wash, be sure to fully dry your hair before going out. Certain hair types (like curly hair) can react to that. If you're in a rush and stuck with limp, fine hair, use a Southern Belle's bonnet.

TA: What's your opinion of Sabrina's hairstyle? MR: The good old Sabrina is a cut can still be used today. To update it slightly, you might ask your stylist for a graduation on the bottom to lighten up the look.

 TA: How about early Kris?

MR: This is not working. Cheryl Ladd's style changed often throughout her four years on Charlie's Angels, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. To update the early Kris look (see photo at left), the show's stylists should have ditched the satellite dishes fanning out from the temples; this section of hair should have been angled gently around her face giving the illusion of fullness without having to add an intensive holding spray. These days, Cheryl's rocking a fabulous style that suits her to a T.

And furthermore - regarding that split down the center of her head, a middle part is great for someone with soft features (so in this case it definitely works for the gorgeous Cheryl); but for faces with larger features or a longer face in general, you'll want to offset the part, otherwise it points directly down at your nose like an arrow.

TA: What's up with Tiffany's frizzed out fringe? Poor Tiffany. If you want to repel lovers and friends, choose the early Tiffany, prevalent in the first half of Season 4. Shelley Hack's hair texture was not the best, and the cut she had early on just doesn't flatter that type of hair. She had potential. Drop the fan look. Thankfully, the stylists on the show gave the girl a break and her look continually improved as Season 4 wore on.

TA: How can you update the Tiffany?

MR: By the end of her tenure, the Tiffany had vastly improved to a very chic, elegant look. Today, her cut could be updated to a 1940's style using loose waves and bouncy curls, giving it a 21st century Veronica Lake effect.

TA: Any final thoughts? MR: Scrunchies. Use if you want to augment with terry cloth shorts and knee high socks. Welcome to the '80s. Add roller skates.


Townsend Agency original article by Holly May 7, 2010