The antique car rally, the amnesia hit-and-run, boring marathons and shoddy stuntwork - it's almost faster to list the episodes that weren't filmed here.


  • "I Will Be Remembered", Season 1
  • "To Kill An Angel", Season 1
  • "Pretty Angels All in a Row", Season 2
  • "Angels in the Wings", Season 2
  • "Mother Goose is Running for His Life", Season 2
  • "Angels on Horseback", Season 2
  • "Hours of Desperation", Season 2
  • "Angel On My Mind", Season 3
  • "Marathon Angels", Season 3
  • "Harrigan's Angel", Season 4
  • "Nips and Tucks", Season 4
  • "Stuntwomen Angels", Season 5 and more!


Everybody knows Charlie's Angels was filmed in Soundstage 8 at 20th Century Fox, but that doesn't just mean sets. For the sake of ease (laziness) many outdoor locations were filmed about 200 feet away, sometimes not even bothering to avoid getting the soundstage in the shot.

A handful of episodes feature the same yellow building that you'll remember best from Pretty Angels All in a Row, when the bad guys try to shoot Kris through her hotel room window - this is the Bochco Building (formerly known as the Executive Building) which is spitting distance from Stage 8.

Another spot that makes many appearances on the show is literally right outside of Soundstage 8. The grassy area (which you'll probably remember best from the car rally in Antique Angels) is surrounded by Soundstage 8, a frequently-seen building facade, and the restaurant you'll know best as the place where Kris got hit by the car in Angel On My Mind. Since it's difficult to recognize, this area is most easily understood with the bird's-eye view provided below. The grassy area is gone and a multi-story parking garage has been built on top, plus the facade is gone; if you look at the placement of doors and windows on the building front, it matches up with those fitted to the facade.

Closer still, Angels in the Wings and Stuntwomen Angels prominently feature Soundstage 8 on purpose, because they are supposed to be on movie sets. It's one way to save money! You may also recall a grassy knoll, fitted with elegant steps and black wrought iron work - this was first seen in To Kill An Angel, its where little Skip thumbs a ride with surfer girl, and is seen in the background with Jill and Bri pull up at Giovanni's Restaurant. In Mother Goose, these same steps were dressed to appear as a cemetery for the funeral scene.

Speaking of Giovanni's Restaurant, that business front is on Fox's New York Street on the backlot, and still looks vaguely similar today. Fascades on studio backlots are constantly dressed and redressed for thousands of productions and can't be expected to retain much similarity from one appearance to the next.

Unfortunately, although a number of these memorable locales on the backlot are still in use, these days Fox does not offer studio tours, although most of the other major Hollywood studios do.


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